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Days Since Tennocon: 73 Days. Days left in 2018: 104.

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It would be nice if plague star has its own event trigger ingame like invasions' fomorian or razorback.

perhaps make it come after certain number of planets having infestation outbreak? like after an outbreak cleared from a planet it adds like 1% progression on the fomorian/razorback progress thingy but for plague star.

that aside, i wish archwing defense can come back 😞
the problems with archwing is that it lacks proper tutorial stages and starting mods, but due to that lots of people completely avoiding it and with low amount of enthusiast it lacks improvements too 😞

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On 2018-09-18 at 11:30 AM, SenatraAthena said:

And it has been over 1887 days (over 5 years) since Primed Chamber was promised to come back. Are the majority of the playerbase going to get their hands on it soon?

Maybe the next time Baro comes.  I think that will be his 100th visit.

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