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The Summer Prime Vault Closes Sept 25th!


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On 2018-09-19 at 4:15 AM, Gerty_Gert said:

Well DE I would like for you to stop making these prime vaults because i feel like i really got screwed out of my money. I bought thousands of platinum just so i could pay 400p-600p for rhino prime, loki prime, ember prime,, and vaulted prime weapons and not just a few months after that you sell them all in a package with thousands of platinumand cosmmetics and weapons way cheaper then what i spent for my platinum not just a few monthhs before you started doing this. All im saying is i woul like to be reimmbursed for every penny i put into this game or im just not putting another penny into this game at all. i work very hard for my money and i got screwed royally by your prime vaults.

You can only blame yourself for your poor choice of purchase. Your acting like a 9year old fortnite player who bought something and then a better deal came out. If you bought a new computer then a month later the place you brought it from sold it for even less in a sale you wouldn’t be able to say this refund bull S#&$. 

Grow up

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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