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Mask of the Revenant: Chroma Prime 23.9.0 +

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10 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

And the list goes on! Check out the official public PC drop tables here.

The drop tables from this link has not been updated yet.

Edit: There are no new relics in the Codex neither.

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Just now, moonfallen said:

well luncher dosen't update

same, no update coming through, login says updated launcher needed...

edit, ignore launcher update caught up literally as I typed it obviously.


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9 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:



  • Removed Titania’s Razorwing collision damage. Bonk those walls to your heart’s content!

Hi, who is responsible for this patch note and what kind of baked goods do they like because you just made my week.

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No chroma twiks ? 😞

Holly mother... Gram prime has 1* disposition...
edit : sorry my mistake - saw an stream few hour ago from a streamer on consoles with gram having 1*. on PC it actually have 5*

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