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Coming Soon: Devstream #117!

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- Can [DE] George be changed to [DJ] George?

- Will we be able to pause the game when in solo in Orbs Vallis?

- Pets 2.0 is it in works?

- OST 2 when?

- Will we ever get the option to de-rank mods instead of hoarding duplicates at various ranks?

- Will Focus get a touch up and or reduction in over all cost since it still kinda expensive?

- Can we get Dead Space style missions sequence? (restrict Tenno to match Dead Space), why? this game is lacking in Horror aspect! 

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Any thoughts on allowing founders to use Excal Prime's helmet and skin on Excal Umbra. Many of us that are still around would really appreciate this. Also, any chance we can get a glyph that matches the Founder badges and sigil. I really like the star, would be nice to have it as a glyph option.

Will we ever get an alternative method to get the PVP exclusive skins. I know they are supposed to be a notoriety thing but it is hard to get standing when you are faced with constantly empty lobbies and you did let us buy the Riv Elite armor. Would be nice to have a similar option for the weapon skins.

Can we get information on the Helmynth system?

Whatever happened to the other Proto weapon skins you showed off quite a while ago?

Anything new on Vaubaun or Chroma rework ideas. Most of the community is in agreement that they are not in a good spot.

Can we get additional appearance slots for frames. 6 would be nice.

Can we get more loadout slots as well.

Is there any intentions to look into the Riven system and address some of the longstanding issues with it like the extreme RNG and seemingly constantly out of date dispositions that rarely get updated.

Can we please get Plague Star as a standard reoccuring mission, possibly tied to infested invasions also get some diversity added to the mission. Perhaps adding some of the other infested bosses and changing up the missions so we aren't running the same fetch, defend,fetch,defend, kill boss 4 times mission over and over.

Are there any plans to do a review of armor and skin color channels or allow us to color armor pieces/helmets separately? Several have metallics not in the auxiliary slot or mismatched channels between armor pieces in the same set.

Can we get a way to remove duplicate syandanas/helmets from our inventory? They clutter up your inventory and don't serve a function since arcanes were moved to their own slots.

Can we get the scripts from the Prime trailers added to the codex for the related frames?

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The Corpus design variety in Orb Vallis is so refreshing to see after years of seeing the same old Crewman, Moa, and Osprey models making up 99% of the Corpus faction, with nothing but colours to separate them.

With the release of Fortuna (or later?), could we also get this design variety added to the rest of the game?

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Since this is for the Sound team, two questions for George and the crew!

  • How has the sound elaboration for Warframe changed over time? What have you done for Fortuna and the Vallis you couldn't have done a few years ago when Warframe was smaller?
  • This is more of a personal grief of mine... Lua currently uses the Derelict music tracks -- is it possible the ultimate symbol of power of the Orokin Empire can get its proper track? 😛

Thanks Rebb! I hope I can catch the devstream in time 😄

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I realize it's possibly pointless to ask about these things, but I feel that I should anyway.

  1. Are you ever going to give people a reason to stay in an endless mission other than bragging rights?
  2. Can you comment about the whole platinum debacle? Where innocent people are getting caught up in negative platinum due to trades when they had no prior knowledge of the fraudulent plat being obtained. I think we as a community need, and deserve an official response on that.
  3. Is it possible, on harder missions, like T4 Survival in the Void, to get the junk removed from the drop tables? (ex. Vitality, Ammo Mutation, etc.)
  4. Can we get reworks for Warframes that desperately need one? Such as Nyx, Wukong, Vauban, and please do something about Ember, she's still in a horrible place, there really isn't much of a reason to leave her in this state.

That's all I can think of atm, but I feel like more important questions need to be asked other than questions about upcoming stuff. Thanks, and I love this game with all my heart, just wanted to say that.

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  • Any info on Deluxe Nyx skin? Or, perhaps, her possible rework. It's not like I'm eager for it, but maybe there's something being worked on you could share with us.
  • Archwing, K-Drive, Dargyn (speaking of which, can we please buy a reusable Steel Meridian Dargyn for 100k-132k Standing?). So many alternatives, but still no vehicles. Did the vehicle system work out or it was scrapped in the end? Would make a good alternative.
  • Is there any chance for Sentinels being looked at? Mods, stats and weapons-wise. Maybe Sentinel Reinforcements with new sentinel weapons.
  • Landing Craft. Will those be reworked/tweaked? Currently only the Mantis and Liset worth it to use while the Xiphos's turret is capped at Lv.30 and Scimitar's carpet bombing is just a joke since 2015:
  • You mentioned Archwing rework when the Railjack will be released. Were you thinking of modular system for Archwing?


15 minutes ago, (XB1)Skippy575 said:

It has been over 5 years since @[DE]Rebecca has confirmed that Primed Chamber will return in future events. And it has been 100 devstreams since the first time @[DE]Steve brought up this topic during Devstream #17. When will be the "right time" to release this mod to the public like you said you would eventually do 1,880 days ago? To put things into perspective, the price for 1 Primed Chamber is now over 150,000 platinum. Will you allow this to continue?


To everyone who is keen to know DE's stance on this, consider asking the same question in this thread. The more people asking Primed Chamber related questions, the more likelihood the devs will mention it during the Devstream and hopefully we'll get some answers.

Pretty sure we'll hear the very same answer:


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Now that Umbra has been out a  while, when can you share what ideas you have around the theme and what we can expect in the future?

Most importantaly, what and how many frames can be released as Umbra?

Can you hint at anything?

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  • Any plans on finally upping the room count for dojos?
    • Repeatedly adding new rooms without increasing the cap is not good.
  • Any changes for the kickbot?
    • Especially since the current over-sensitive bot's rules would even ban behavior that you guys repeatedly display.
    • You should lead by example; if you can't follow your own rules then why should anyone else?
  • Any plans on fixing longstanding UI issues in regards to controllers?
  • Any plans on creating a new event and carrying "Operation Rewards" to the new events?
    • Instead of just repeating Plague Star forever.
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Q: Currently the Plains has a lot of geography blocked off by magic Unum walls, and ostensibly this is done for technical reasons (among others). Fortuna is going to be several times larger than the Plains, so my question is - is it possible that any of the work that's gone into Fortuna could be used to physically expand the play area of the Plains? Stemming from that, will any of the gameplay mechanics (alert levels, taking bounties from captured outposts) find their way to the Plains?

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How are the FOV adjustments going? I'd love to finally crank it beyond 78 vFOV.

Anything about increased range/granularity for aiming sensitivity? Even the lowest sensitivity is way too high.

  • On a similar note, could Aimed and Scoped sensitivity settings be adjusted to instead be 0-200% of hipfire sensitivity instead of just global sensitivity? Current implementation is not much of a problem for people firmly stuck around the 50 zone (good luck on your surgeon careers), but when it comes to lowsens people like me stuck at 2 (at 600DPI to that) there isn't enough control to get the setting just right.

What do you think about these shenanigans?



Anything about addressing the issue of projectile weapons breaking at random, making the projectile go anywhere but the target?

  • It's obviously caused by the "let's actually shoot from the barrel" approach, which could easily be resolved by casting the projectile from the camera and hiding this, why hasn't that been done?

Increased HUD bounds range? The current adjustment barely achieves anything.

  • Similarly, letting each HUD element to be moved and scaled individually would be a great QoL for certain people.


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