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Coming Soon: Devstream #117!

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Q1: At this point, why not just make Plague Star a system-recurring thing like the Razorback armada and Fomorian fleet of the Invasions? 


Q2: On that note, what do you guys think of returning old events in a similar manner - periodically system-recurring once various meters fill? Of course the exclusivity of the rewards is short for activity longevity purposes, so you could encourage participation by making the missions worthwhile farms of their own, such as more/better reward rotations. Of the numerous times Plague Star has returned, I've had zero incentive to re-partake in it: having no further need/desire for the same exclusive rewards. If the activity acted like a more general/traditional loot cave on the other hand, I - and I'm sure many - would be much more inclined to participate every time it swings back around.


Q3: Will Fortuna's resource economy be a closed one like PoE? 


Q4: Do you have any plans to spruce PoE up with the lessons you said you'd learned from it and would be plugging into Fortuna? 


Q5: Any plans to allow for landscape-based materials to act as substitutes for some star chart materials or for alternate-recipe blueprints of already-existing items? IE: thistlepods, maprico fruit, grokdul batches usable in crafting pizzas in place of some of the traditional polymer bundles? To give recurring function to those resources past one-time exclusives. 


Q6: Helminth is not a 'system'. When will it actually become one?

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I know it has been a long time since things are like this but i have a few questions tyat started bugging me:

Why Vor is the only boss ingame that does not drop a WF parts?, thematically vor uses shields and electricity from the Janus Key, i mean that screams Volt, also Volt is the only Starter frame that doesn't drop in the starchart.

On the same topic of Vor, him being a miniboss on the void, why does he drop poison/status mods since he uses electricity? Elec/status would make more sense on Vor and Poison/status would make more sense on Eris Hive Sabotages.

Also why  are the electricity/ status mods the only ones that dont drop ingame since you can farm all the other variants except jolt and voltaic strike?

Why when changing the drop places of excal and trini didnt change the corresponding rail specters? When the convergences system dropped you could know what warframe would drop in the next planet because of the convergence encounter, it made sense, now it just bugs me 😣

Now taking into consideration that you changed drop places  on excal and trin, why is it that the actual watery and almost pirate-like tileset boss Tyl Regor, does not drop Hydroid and the literal Day/night Warframe does not drop on the only tileset ingame that has Day and night cycles is beyond me, but if you changed those 2 drop places would make a lot of sense and in equinox case it would make  the grind more bearable.

Not that i need any of these because i have em all already but damn just recalling all the grind made me feel sorry for all the people that has not gotten equinox yet also made me shudder with the thought of Equinox prime and the grind to come.

Would love some or all of these questions answered.

Thank you for a great game so far, its been almost 3 years of grindy love.


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About companions;

Is there any general update on the companions 2.0 rework? Last thing I recall us hearing about is that it'll come out in segments instead of all at once.

For a specific change, will the current shared modding issue be looked at? Currently, mods cannot be shared between sentinals and a players weapons, will that be changed or addressed at all?

About Kit-guns:

With the release of Zaws, two major issues came up; power creep, with nearly all Zaws outperforming the vast majority of melee weapons, and over saturation of Rivens, with each strike having its own riven associated with it.

With Kit guns, will these issues be addressed before hand? Will the power of Kit guns still be good to being Sortie viable without hurting the rest of the secondary class, and will rivens still be per gun (I suppose in this case, per unique barrel) or will there just be a single Kit gun riven?

About Fortunas resources;

We already know Fortuna is bringing in a whole slew of new fish and ores/gems, but will our progress from Cetus affect our ability to gather them? Will the fishing spears and mining tool from Cetus allow us to gain Fortunas fish/ores or will a new set be needed to do so? 

What about the hunting system? Is the rewards for it just standing or will there be resources tied to it?

About Cetus/PoE

Will Cetus and the Plains still get content after Fortunas launch? Stuff like the new eidolon or grineer mining machine shown awhile ago, as well as content outside those two?

Will Master Teasonai get any more content added to him? Currently he's the only Cetus resident that lacks any real importance [Naka being the other outside of Plague star]


How are the reworks for Nyx and Vauban coming along?

Any new syndicate items in the works (outside of augments)?

Will the Red Veils leader in Relays be changed to Palladino instead of unnamed red boy? As well as any new content added to Iron Wake?

Riven disposition update soon?


Thanks for reading, I cannot wait for this dev streaam ❤️ 

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After Fortuna, will you all take a break from Open-World spaces and visit some planets instead to give us new tilesets? Because right now, I still play planet missions ALOT more than PoE. Is the new AA coming with Fortuna? Looks at Steve patiently...

So after Fortuna maybe we'll get prime trailers for the last few primes that released WITHOUT trailers? Also can we see more of the melee rework as opposed to spamming Fortuna stuff constantly? I still feel that the Fortuna update is way out yet you all are constantly talking about it, which is in stark contrast to how tight-lipped you all usually are with cinematic quests. What about that movement update you all talked about with the return of wall-running and the ninja-esque stuff? Looks at Geoff and Steve patiently...


Will you ever give Ember an entire new kit? The many reworks of the past have just altogether destroyed the frame's focus, purpose and performance and while I'd love to be able to use that frame, her abilities leave way too much to be desired, especially when compared to other frames that recently received reworks. What's the word on Garuda? Is she going to be a dps frame? Is she going to be thicc? These are important questions. Looks at Scott patiently...


When will Primed Chamber be available for everyone to have? Will kubrows ever get a rework? Their AI needs a serious look at and their abilities could also do with some reworks to make them the strong, viable companions they were supposed to be. Tenno's best friends all just stay in stasis at the moment. Looks at Sheldon patiently...

I need more Vent kids' theme music. Looks at George longingly...

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Would it be possible to add a few systems to make grinding kuva, and using kuva, more efficient? 

a simple system for kuva survival being just, with each kuva harvester used, you would receive (200*x)*1.01^n

200 is the kuva base value, x being the resource muliplier applied to this base value, and the 1.01 would be the new extra thing added to make kuva farming more efficient, where you would gain a compacting 1% more kuva for each harvester successfully completed. 

the other thing to make kuva usage more efficient, time and time again, i, and so have many many people, rolled a riven only to get stats on one roll that are desirable, and stats on another roll that are desirable, but both stats having incredibly undesirable pieces to them. Why not possibly add a system to be able to lock in certain stats, and roll away the undesirable stats, for an extra 500 kuva per locked stat?  and then locking all the stats on the riven to be able to roll for the same exact stat set, but with different values, and choosing between the two? 


these are changes i personally want for the riven and kuva systems just to alleviate some of the pain. 

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I'm new to the game and I love it. I have a few friends who've been playing since day one and have mods that are vaulted. I was wondering will any of those mods be released again either on a special event or a store sale. A lot of these mods are crazy expensive when being sold for platinum. 

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First about Kit Guns:
Can you possibly give the kit guns weak stats but then give them powerful arcanes that will give them a place in the game? I don't want kit guns to get into a position in a game like zaws where they get slowly buffed at base until they become basically the best in class weapon for every weapon type statistically speaking. Like at base, the top ten melee weapons right now are like the atterax and then nine zaws. I would like kit guns to be powerful because they have arcanes that make them powerful, not because they have higher stats than every other weapon they are similar to. This would be much better for the health of the game balance.


Also one more question: When are you planning on adjusting riven dispositions (for primaries and secondaries). I have not seen a single mention of riven disposition adjustment since prior to update 22 in the patch notes yet with new meta changes, weapon balance changes, and so forth that have made certain weapons either more or less consistently used. I.E. I have failed to find someone who has used the synoid simulor in the past few months yet it currently has a 1 star disposition. Like that makes sense to me. I could say the same about older used-to-be-popular weapons like the tonkor and the Spira Prime who still has a one star disposition yet currently doesn't see enough play to justify such a weak riven disposition. This is really frustrating to see riven changes not being visibly communicated to us, if they are happening at all. I understand that you may not want to touch melee rivens given how close melee 3.0 is but at least be vocal about changing the primary and secondary riven disposition changes.

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Uh, is that a Prisma kitgun part in the picture?

In any case, I hope one of the barrels will have innate silence like the Baza.

One odd thought that comes to mind is will there ever be zaw and/or kitgun parts that can be dropped from enemies, rare crates, or perhaps hidden caches?

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I'm hoping we get an in-depth look at the whole modding aspect of the K-drives, and please tell us you increased the base speed, it was painfully slow in the last devstream. If the K-drive can't go as fast as a bullet jump -> double jump -> roll -> repeat combo then something has already gone terribly wrong. Please make K-drives fast.

Also, with a look at kitguns can we expect a look at the resource economy of the Orb Vallis and Fortuna? Will the mining tools from Cetus be usable to mine in Fortuna as well or will we need exclusive Fortuna equipment?

Lastly I know it's still in development and there've been changes but when can we expect a more detailed look into melee 3.0? I'm not saying release dates or even polished footage, but rather a list of ideas, systems, how it'll work, what major changes there'll be. I think it'd be smarter to let the community know what direction things are heading in and having some feedback, like you did with damage 2.5 and we managed to avoid the potential backlash from that.


2 hours ago, Sarge_Tarmus said:

Bannerlord when?

[T R I G G E R E D]

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Is there any intention to change the effectiveness of abilities on warframes below level 30?

As it stands now, unranked abilities and first rank abilities are almost useless. They have almost no strength, almost no range, and very little duration. Many abilities are almost not even functional until their final rank. As a result, the only mods worth putting on new frames to level are just health and shields. They almost all feel equally lacking in ability with weapons being the only thing you can rely on.

I suggest changing it so that rather than abilities being awful in every category and increasing the stats a bit in every category each rank of the ability, abilities should improve to max parameter in only 1 category for each rank of the ability. By max ability rank all parameters can be maxed. Meanwhile, the steps along the way would feel more significant.

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When is the switch from consumables to infinite charges getting implemented for archwings on plains? Are we going to have to wait for Fortuna for this?

Can the alt fire of weapons be switched to a toggle instead of another button? On controller it's pretty inconvenient to shoot with R3.

Is the Lanka ever going to get its own model, or is it always gonna be a snipetron clone?

With Corpus Gas City getting a visual restyle and focusing more on parkour, will ziplines FINALLY get textures?

We were shown some concepts of Archwing enemies being remodeled to adress some scaling problems, that was years ago, did work ever start on that?

Is the event to get those Dark Sector gun skins still planned?

Could the past events come back Plague Star syle, or if that goes against lore, use Symaris to "simulate" these past events?

Why can't we have the comics stories (not talking about the comics being sold, talking about Rell, Hek and Suda ones) in the codex? Having some parts of lore being scattered all over outside the game (youtube prime trailers, comics on the official site, comics being sold) isn't that pleasant. We can get fanart in the game, surely we can get official stuff in 🙂
About that, can we just have a lore section in the codex? Past events lore, quest recaps, some of the prime frames' lore notes, stalker scanning, simaris scanning, comics, prime trailers, kuria, Lotus mails etc. once unlocked/published it should all go in one section intead of being spread all over the place.

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I am personally curious about the future of Operators.

Opinions below, shielded from those who may not care.



I really like the "umbra" mechanic and operators in general, but I am of the opinion that the amount time needed to actually make the whole thing useful is rather silly and they still end up being rather weak. Focus gain itself, Amps, Arcanes... Only to have a disproportionate amount of users go for Zenurik and the same amp? I have not once seen anyone else use the Vazarin school for anything other than the way-bound passives even though Protective Dash is really powerful. 

Yes, I know that the operators are not supposed to replace the warframes, but the introduction of Umbra adds in a lot of possibilities for the future.

And yes, I know that there is probably no good way to make the players that have already done the farming to not feel shafted if things were to change in drastic way. 


I suppose its just that the whole farming as a core mechanic thing is starting to grate on me. Yet I still play and give them money =/



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2 things I would like to point out:

-Now with the new hair styles, can we have also facial hair?! (I know... the operators  are kids... but I want at least a trimed beard...)

-Umbra Nidus!!!!???? When!???????!!!!?? Could a parallel "umbra prime access" be created next to the normal prime access? Frames like nidus or revenant could take up to 3 years to be primed.... it would be amazing if next to "equinox prime access" existed a "nidus umbra access".....(?)

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цвета в Додзе, на Розовый нужно 1 мышь на Серый 400 кондоров, Нормально ли ТАКАЯ разница? для клана в 10 человек еще и не с Каждого моба падает, а с очень маленьким шансом, и к примеру этих Кондоров летает по всей карте очень мало (буквально единицы, это не тот моб которых сотни или хотя бы десятки).

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