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Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

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- Clan name      :  Warframe Asia
- Clan tier          :  Ghost Clan
- Clan platform  :  PC
- My Clan role   :  Founding Warlord

Good luck to everyone! 😃


1. Intro
My aim was to create a dojo which visually looks like what an actual functioning space base would look like. From where Tennos will conduct their missions and live when they are not.

2. Reactor Farm
Being the lowest floor, this floor serves as "the engine room of the ship", where all "under the hood" stuff is going on. As you can see in minimap this floor is filled to brim with reactors, providing energy to entire dojo and the floor hall consists of all the supplies tenno need as well as huge power cable which transfers the energy generated by reactors to upper floors.

3. Command Center
This floor is depicted as command center where all operational stuff is going on like managing the course of dojo in space and monitoring systems. All the labs can be accessed from this floor. It has an array of computer panels, a tesla coil thingy and a GIANT MOA

4. Clan Plaza
This hall serves as the spawn point for all those, clan members and guests alike, and serves as the place to chill and trade. The first thing you can notice is the statue which is supposed to be just a statue and not a giant robot, hence its frail design. Then we have some sitting arrangement, a bar, and a home theatre with a ludoplex.

5. Sanctuary
A hall dedicated to operators to roam about. Designed to emulate pure earth environment, provides tenno with a place to relax and meditate.

6. Arena
Build right next to Sanctuary, reflects true nature of Tenno. Their goal is system-wide peace but they slaughter thousands of enemies everyday to achieve it. This room gives access to two dueling rooms and an obstacle course.

7. Temple
A nothing much, just a loki statue prime and a place to store clan trophies (If I had one). Connects battlestation and court room to lower floors.

8. Battlestation
The place where all tennos gather when S#&$ gets real. Has a series of space guns and a BFG to defend dojo from space attacks. This was our railjack before railjack was an actual thing.

9. Court
Any warlord's dream room. This is designed to be a throne room with heavy orokin design. A place where I come time to time to take cool screenshots and contemplate about world domination in my power trip.



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  • Clan name: Cephalon Shy
  • Clan tier: Mountain
  • Clan platform: PC
  • Your Clan role Wise(Architect) 

    Video 1

    Video 2
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- Clan name      :   PARALLEL LINE
- Clan tier          :  Storm
- Clan platform  :  PC
- Your Clan role :  Clan Leader / Dojo Builder
This is my pride. I hope everyone can see her.


















































Because I accidentally wrote something wrong
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Hello, clan Lords of Rage provides to your attention our dojo.     

 1.This is our Loki is a warrior. file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Steam/userdata/893340356/760/remote/230410/screenshots/20181007222056_1.jpg

2.This is our spider. file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Steam/userdata/893340356/760/remote/230410/screenshots/20181007222034_1.jpg

3.Our UFO. file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Steam/userdata/893340356/760/remote/230410/screenshots/20181007222008_1.jpg

4.Robot. file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Steam/userdata/893340356/760/remote/230410/screenshots/20181007221936_1.jpg

5.Submarine. file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Steam/userdata/893340356/760/remote/230410/screenshots/20181007221814_1.jpg

6.Arsenal. file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Steam/userdata/893340356/760/remote/230410/screenshots/20181007221803_1.jpg

7.Cemetery. file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Steam/userdata/893340356/760/remote/230410/screenshots/20181007221715_1.jpg

This is all in our clan too many different decorations and unique decorations.If you have time,visit our dojo is always happy to see new people.


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19 hours ago, (XB1)PRaDiUSxUCM said:

Clan Name: Jolan Tru

Clan Tier: Mountain Clan

Clan Platform: Xbox One

Clan Rank: Founding Warlord (Tal Shiar)

Gamertag: PRaDiUSxUCM

Video Tour of Dojo:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9x2-XxelY4

Hello! My name is Jeffrey (Gamertag, PRaDiUSxUCM) and I would like to enter my clan's Dojo into this contest. Decorating and designing in the Dojo is my absolute most favorite thing to do and I'm always looking to make things as good as I possibly can for my clan members. I've been hoping a Dojo contest like this would pop up for a while now and I'm super glad that it's here! I've poured my blood, sweat, and hundreds of hours over the last few years into this project and it would be an absolute honor to have the trophy from this contest to display in my Dojo. So, thank you so much for the opportunity! The video above is a complete walkthrough/tour of our Dojo in it's current state, and below are some written descriptions and choice screenshots of my favorite scenes and landmarks. I hope you all enjoy viewing it as much as I have enjoyed building it!

This is the central hub of our Dojo, featuring a teleporter by spawn that can take our members anywhere they want to go, along with two trading posts on either side above spawn. There are a number of totems and objects placed both strategically and symmetrically throughout the spawn room for random parkouring and to give the spawn room a real "jungle gym" effect, for members to just run and play around while waiting for friendly to join in or navigating trade chat. To that same end, the Music Maker Balcony is toward the back of the room, featuring two rows of drums and bells of all sizes. The door immediately behind spawn takes our members into our Cafe/Marketplace area, where all our main research labs (Tenno, Bio, Chem, & Energy) are located for quick and easy access. The hall immediately to the right, will take players to our dueling arena, which features 2 unique/different dueling rooms. The hall to the left, takes the player to our Custom Obstacle Course and the Orokin Lab, with an empty slot reserved for the upcoming War Room/Kingpins! Straight ahead to the far north door, is our Observatory for quick and easy access to Navigation/the Star Chart and the Arsenal post, for members to play around with Fashion Frames and change up their loadouts. I have a thing for symmetry in art, which is something you will notice throughout our Dojo.


The Cafe & Marketplace Hall is directly behind the Main Hall. Since this is the hall the houses our main labs where our members go to pick up blueprints and research for credits, I wanted it to have a real social but fun business aspect to it. So, to that end, I felt like a Cafe/Marketplace theme fit perfectly for the hall that houses those labs. In the center/floor of the hall, are two adjacent Cafe stations. Each is underneath a summer tree with a fruit basket and tea set for maximum relaxation. Our twin Dax/Teshin shrines are down here on the floor as well. Up the stairs to the left is our Drink Bar, complete with shelves of drinks, a stove, a fridge, and surrounding bar stools. There are also two private booths on either side of the Drink Bar. Opposite of the Drink Bar, up on the right side of the hall, is our Food Bar. This bar is quite distinct from the one the serves drinks, featuring multiple fruit baskets and plates of various fish on display for Tenno who are looking to score a nice dinner. Two private booths are on either side of the Food Bar as well, to give the hall an overall organized feel. Above everything is a catwalk that surrounds all the pillars in this hall. At the center of those pillars, is our "Midway Arcade", which feature 4 Ludoplex Arcade Machines. I felt like having the Arcade here in the Cafe area with the bars, kinda gives the area a real "Dave & Busters" feel. Haha.


Directly to the north of the spawn room is our Observatory, which features lookout/kneeling posts, the navigation console for accessing the Star Map, the Arsenal post for changing up loadouts and Fashion Framing, and a single Ludoplex Arcade Machine. Since the Observatory is about navigating, I felt like the ability to navigate to other mini-games like Frame Fighter, Wyrmius, & Happy Zephyr was important to include here as well. Out of the glass window from inside the Observatory, players can view our giant Orokin themed dragon, which wraps around our "Front Porch" - where our clan holds Ascension Ceremonies. He is a very large/full size dragon, and features a good amount of detail (Arms with wings and claws, a very long body featuring scales and spikes, a thrashing tail, and most of all - a menacing head, which features horns, eyes/brows, and a gaping mouth of fire with a full set of teeth and fangs). On the roof of the Observatory is our Spacewalk. From here, our members can take screenshots of their frames completely surrounded by space and strange plants that thrive without oxygen in the vacuum atmosphere. Two large pipes that go down into the structure help filter the oxygen inside the dojo, and steam can be seen escaping from connection points on the piping. This area also provides a beautiful birds eye view of our dragon on the Front Porch.


This hall took a lot of time and work, but I wanted a natural/nature themed room on the main level of the Dojo - separate from our Nature Trail. The recent addition of all the great nature decorations provided me the perfect excuse to make this! I decided to call it the "Batcave", but it is actually more inspired from settings that I have witnessed while playing various Tomb Raider games. The room is made entirely of Lua and Asteroid rock, and the floor is completely blanketed with brownish grass that felt appropriate to the cave setting. There are two large waterfalls on either side that flow down into rock ponds of coy fish. I went to great lengths to make sure each looked unique from the other, to help give the cave a more natural feel. Dark trees and various plants can be seen around the room, growing particularly near the areas of the waterfalls. A large fireplace with a roaring bonfire, surrounded by benches sits in the middle of the cave, where clan members and visiting Tenno can gather around and congregate or just roast marshmellows. There are two giant stone/cave hangars or openings on either side of the cave, featuring two giant Bombermen that I made. I've been a huge fan of Bomberman since I was younger, and the Grineer decorations were perfect for creating them. These two fellas guard the Batcave and watch over the Tenno that hang out around the bonfire.


As a HUGE fan of Stargate and Star Trek (and pretty much anything with the word "Star" in the name. Haha) - I just had to make a Stargate! This particular Stargate is Orokin themed, but modeled after the Stargate from the SG1 TV Series, and features clamps the hold the gate in place and expell steam (just like in the TV show!). There is also an Orokin themed DHD (Dial Home Device) directly in front of the Stargate, to the left. I made the overall theme of this room a Terminal, as this is where Tenno would embark to other planets, space gates, and various parts of the galaxy (Tau System, perhaps? xD). There is a futuristic episode of SG1 where the Stargate is made public knowledge and instead of Airport terminals, there are Stargate terminals where everyday citizens come to embark on their on vacations, trips, and adventures across the Milky Way - and that is why I decided to do a Stargate terminal! There are waiting benches across from the Stargate, and railing that blocks off the areas directly to the left and right of the stargate, as huge pipes and both sides run to the Stargate and fuel it's massive power needs! A single staircase by the entrance to the room leads upstairs into the Attic, which is our clan Donations Room. Our members come here to donate resources, credits, and various decorations.


As stated above, the entrance to our dueling area is directly to the right in our spawn room! We have 3 different Dueling Rooms that are designed for different forms of combat. One is a "Boxing Ring", with the arena being mostly clear, and featuring a large bell in the background that can be run to start/end the match, and between rounds. The second room is our "Double Decker" arena, featuring a sizeable second/disc-shaped level with ramps leading up to it on either side. A little higher up in each corner are Death From Above perches, where combatants clan slam downward on opponents below. The third and final room, is our "Totem Arena", which features a custom totem that I made out of Tenno decorations. A catwalk also circles the area above to provide either a quick escape or a quick death.


I'm a big fan of the garden rooms that are available for Dojos, even though they don't have much of a purpose beyond aesthetics. To that end, I just had to use them and spruce them up to look as awesome as possible. I also wanted to give clan members a serene place where they could come an sit, meditate, or just take a quiet nature walk! And so, the Nature Trail was born. There is an elevator leading to it as well as a teleporter, as the Nature Trail resides on its own level of the Dojo. There are 6 main garden rooms that make up the trail, along with outlying halls that are filled with nature as well to ensure that no doors on the trail are dead ends. The main/first garden room of the trail features a Gazebo, with a teleporter inside for those who wish to bypass the elevator. It has a giant cherry tree on top, which felt appropriate for the night theme of this room as it is one of only two garden rooms that features a view of outspace on the ceiling instead of giant light fixtures. Glowing lamps line the surrounding ponds, with small waterfalls, and glowing mushrooms that grow up in the darkness of the Gazebo garden. Also along the Nature Trail is a sort of back-woods themed Garden room that I put together with a campsite that features a camp fire, benches, small table with tea cups, and even a tent with two sleeping bags and pillows inside! Other rooms along the Nature Trail have a jungle theme, and off-beach theme, and a night/dark forest theme. One of my favorite places in the Dojo!


While, it is true that I built this entire Dojo on my own, I definitely owe a shout out to my son, Solomon, who does not play the game - but loves watching me play and giving me ideas for my Dojo! He originally gave me the ideas for both the Batcave room, plus our giant Dragon that I made as well! He's the best! He's a recent picture I took of us chillin. ❤️


Also, thanks to my clan members for all their love and support, and thanks to DE for holding this contest! 🙂

 Great job pradius good luck to our clan

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Please - PLEASE!!! - stop quoting full posts with images, video and large walls of text just to reply with ONE SHORT PHRASE! Overquoting makes this topic almost unreadable.

Really, you can press "like" button under the post to show your opinion or quote clan info without any other content to reply...

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Clan name : - Reborn From The Ashes -

Clan tier: Shadow 

Clan Platform: PC

Your Clan role: General (I have Architect permissions) 

Featuring: The Italian Restaurant "Da Saiderz", The Abandoned Mine, The Cemetery of Banned, The 4 elemental rooms and Crew Quarters (where every important member in the clan can build their own room).

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I would like to submit our clan's dojo for this contest:

Clan name: Horsemen of the Void

Clan tier: Shadow 

Clan platform: PC 

Clan role: Founding Warlord.

Credits to results, who created this fantastic video.


Thanks for your considerations!

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Clan Name: Scourge of Mugen

Clan Tier: Rank 10 Mountain Clan

Clan Platform: PSN

Clan Role: House Master (admin with architect perms) posting for Warlord Gorudensukaji

Welcome! Today I'm going to take you on a guided tour. Please do not deviate from the tour and please, no photography.

This is the image you'll be greeted with when you first enter, welcome to the Upper Grand Hall!


A bit further back you'll see our Thrones:


View from the thrones:


Let me take you to the Tenno Bazaar. Here we have some curiosities on display:


For closer inspection:



We even have a runway, because fashion frame IS endgame:



If you follow me we'll take a look at our statue gallery:





Let me show you a room that I worked on, this is my Great Dragon:


He has a friend, too:


You can see him all around the room:


This is LizzieBordem's room, our other admin. This is Muffin! 


He's based on a true story:


Uh, I think he sprung a leak:


Ok, so you want to see what there is to do? Okay. Let's go to Club Scourge:


The stage:


Plenty of seating too:


Need to relax? Come check out the Space Beach!


And of course, obligatory evil robits: 



Hi mom!


Thank you all for taking the tour with us! I might add a video tour in a bit. Special thanks to all our members who contributed time and resources to our dojo!

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On 2018-09-29 at 4:48 AM, TX52 said:
  • Clan Name: Arondight
  • Clan Tier: Ghost Clan rank 10
  • Clan Platform: PC
  • Your Clan role: Founding Warlord (contributed almost all decorations alone)




just some updates with my dojo entry a few days ago
orchestra hall




Grand Piano


New throne room




Most of the dojo pics are in the first imgur album, i'd take probably two forum pages for the 100+ images to load, check it out guys (´・ω・`)ノ

Special Thanks to @dreadgame for some of his resource donations, saved my already withered farming spirit

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add something
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8 hours ago, TX52 said:

are we allowed to update our dojo or is it a one time submit thing?

Posts are editable and I doubt they will look at any of the entries until October 18th.  So, as long as you re-edit your post with any new information I would think that would be fine.  Just keep in mind that the rules say that only one member of a clan may enter the contest at any given point so re-submitting in a new comment is unwise.  

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15 hours ago, (XB1)Sync Verhx said:

Clan Name- Oro Remanents

Clan Tier- Shadow

Platform- Xbox One

My Gamertag- (Sync Verhx)

Executor Gamertag- (RabidGoldfish J)

My Clan Role- Sectarus with all rights including architect

Description- We aim to have a orokin themed dojo (Dojo Prime) 


We aim to have our own personal version of the void, but alot more technical, a place we love to come to and to keep ourselves occupied, we have put in countless hours to the designing of this dojo and plan to put in many more, we have a deep love for warframe and as MR25 players we always use alot of our spare time assisting other low players with there journey to the deep end of warframe, help them understand the game more and we offer opportunities to anyone that is in need, we help players open there eyes to see the vast, huge world of warframe in hope to have more players like ourselves to keep our community as strong as we can, we are truly warframe enthusiasts and will remain as tenno until the end, developers we bow to you and congratulate you on crafting such an amazing game with a great community, thank you

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Clan Ashen Rebirth

Shadow Tier Clan


my role is the Glorious Leader(Founding Warlord) of our beautiful clan

The theme I decided to go to with is a hybrid spaceship, built from all the current factions(except infested cause... no infested decoration... Soontm), symbolizing unity.

Main Hall




Spaceship Bridge and Control Center




Main Armament of our Spaceship, the Glorious Cannon




the Plaza




Where we store all of our Spoil of war, The Cargo Deck




The Reactors control Station




and here are (my own) the Founding warlord's Quarters




and a little Bar




then we move on to the Gardens where some sculptures can be found,




and I will wrap this up with some Easter eggs from our clan




I thank you for your visit of Ashen Rebirth. and Hope to see you soon aboard ❤️

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Clan tier: Shadow clan

Clan platform: PS4

Clan role: Founding Warlord

hi tennos, we are the shadows immortals.

This is our dojo 



 and we go around the universe to find new worlds, new civilizations and our history's traces. we found, in our explorations, an ancient temple.




and we have brought to the light not just a simple "star door", but a real stargate.

Here you see a short video 


Tennos, we invite all of you to see and to prove our discovery .









And even more to show


Come and spoil the beauty

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  • Clan name: Renegade Legacy
  • Clan tier: Mountain
  • Clan platform: PC
  • Your Clan role: Architect 


Hello everyone,

Welcome to our clan dojo :)

At the beginning I would like to thank all those clanmates who have helped me and contributed resources (especially polymer bundle >.> ) so now we can show our humble headquarters.

We are lucky to have a well established clan with a lengthy history and a dojo with a lot of potential. I have recently got appointed as an architect of the this place and still in the middle of my task of decorating every room. 

In my work I am trying to organize each room around one theme and find differnet concepts. I also like to keep the feel of the size and massiveness of the dojo halls. However, I'm trying to not make them look empty by building a construction that is easy to catch the eye.

Main hall:

The main hall, as our place of gathering (the spawning point) and a place where clanmates trade with other players needed a proper grand feel. Orokin theme was the most appropriate, though slightly amended to meet our own unique style (with a giant golden bird statue to overlook anyone entering the dojo.

Lower section of the room has been arranged into undreground gardens with kindred spirits: a stone face and a sleeping robot (because every dojo needs a robot)



The dragons room

The second massive hall has been turned into a dragon playground. The room has enormous size and needed something of similar magnitude to fill the space. 

A little castle-like fortification (code-name The Pillow Fort) is an entrance to further sections of our dojo



Angelic hall

Speaking about spaces, even the smallest hall has extremely high ceiling and presents a great potential to construct something impressive.  Here is my take on the smallest hall in our dojo. 



Ascention Hall

Now this one is darker in tone. The inspiration for this was a certain movie (cough cough Prometheus) which I'm not a fan of, but still felt an obligation to at least try to recreate that scene.

The giant head was made of one type of triangular tiles and took me three days to arrange (and much more time to fund construction)



Apartament complex 

Now let's move on to a less spooky place. This is one of our dojo gardens turned into a downtown street at night.

Ech house can be entered (to rent the apartament please contact our warlord....)



The edgy end

Our dojo could not miss on an edgy side. Here is one of our gardens turned into a red cave with a burning bird totem



Fish room

Now I have to admit, I enjoy sculpting fish. Here is one of the gardens turned into underwater haven. 



Upside down room

aaand another room with fish... well, a whale to be exact. A whale upside down.

I've got the idea for this room when arranging decorations and realising the waterfall can be placed upside down and therefore the water flows upwards. This creates this abstract contept of playing with the mind and having the whole room upside down. 




A Budda market

One of the leader from our clan has asked to arrange a market place in one of the rooms.

I've taken the concept from boat markets in Thailand. To create this I've used one of water gradens. As we don't have NPCs I've employed a little army of budda's who now sell from their boats fresh fruits and flowers.

New stock regularly....



A Space Garden

Finally, at least one room had to serve the purpose of being a garden! 

For this I've used the beautiful skybox of observatory and turned into a space garden with sakura trees floating on asteroids.



Please feel free to take a look at the full album 


Thank you for watching :)

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Clan Name: Exotic Tenno

Clan Rank: 10

Clan Tier: Ghost

Clan Console: PS4

Clan Role: Founding Warlord, Architect, Sole Contributor


Thank you and i hope you enjoy the solo built dojo.  I apologize if the video quality is off. Thats the way the ps4 recorded it.  Its much more colorful in person.


I wanted to make something that did not look remotely close to the original structure without loosing the ceiling height.  I wanted it to be full but not cluttered. Above all tho, i wanted it so that no matter how many times you look, its still eye-catching.  The dojo itself has a very simple and user friendly design.  There are no crazy mazes to get lost in.  The video shows the main floor. This is where everything a dojo is used for, is located. Including 7 traders, 6 of which are located in the trading room.

The grass, walls, ceilings, and columns were the first to go in. Once they were fully completed, I planted the flora. The final steps were the colors. I wanted to make it appear as tho its was heavily natural on one end and heavily man made on the other. I also wanted to show the flora in daylight and night., which is why the first 2 rooms are similar. In the trophy hall, i wanted the appearence of the fire illuminating the ceiling. And in the trading hall, i went for an appearence of sunset.  It is also the only room on the main floor with the original illuminated skylights.  The dueling hall has recently been finished and it is the 2nd video.  I just wasnt sure if i was going to make it in time.  But in there i wanted to make it more man made than natural. I also tried to have it appear as the statue was being carved out of rock. 

The lighting was a trick all its own.  I wanted it to be colorful as well as not flashing the previous room color while going from one room to the next.  That flash, just kinda kills the setting when it happens.

There are two more floors not included in the video. The basement which is entirely energy rooms, and the top floor which has all the gardens and are generically decorated.  I did however enter the elvators rooms for those floors.  The elevators are located in the solar rail hall.  I have also started the re-visit of the research rooms.  I wont have pics in time, but I wanted to make it known that they are now coming up to par with the rest of the main floor.

The rooms are named for their purpose. Starting from the beginning of the video they are called:

Research Hall

Solar Rail Hall

Trophy Hall

Advanced Course

Beginner Course

Trading Hall

Dueling Hall


Dueling Room Names:

Stalker Room

Tenno Room

Orokin Room

Off subject a bit..  as a sugestion, could warlords and founding warlords have a “lock room” feature?  I would love the chance to lock specific rooms from further decoration and let the other future members run wild in “unlocked” rooms. If that idea does become reality, allow us to lock and unlock as we see fit, and please try to incorporate not adding rooms to empty doors in the same “locked” rooms.  And possibly allow us to name the rooms to our choosing.  So when you enter the room, it displays what we named it. Thank you for the game. 😁

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