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Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

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- Clan name      :  star drop pack
- Clan tier          :  Ghost
- Clan platform  :  Xbox One
- Your Clan role :  Founding Warlord
- Architecte : Asael chamma, Woodou

Clan members and myself jump on this occasion and want to thank you for your interest in this aspect of the game that some may consider as a detail.

Our Dojo echoes the RPG mindset of our clan. We are building a place so that our tennos can live in.

Here are some of the rooms we hope you will enjoy visiting as much as we enjoyed building.

Dojo contest : star drop pack vol1

Dojo contest : star drop pack vol2

If you want to learn more about the rooms visited:


Dojo contest star drop pack vol 1

Crépuscule: One of our three major concerns for survival in a space station was air recycling. Crepuscule is the lumb of our dojo but also a place where you can rest.

Aile agro alimentaire: Another concern was food. We solved the problem with a farm and "hydroponique culture".

Retraitement des eaux : The last concern was water. A tank and a two-leveled water treatment plant was created.

Chaine de montage: This small factory has a real role in our clan. The members come here to contribute to pièces that will serve fulfilling the clan vault and give some flexibility to the architects and their projects.

Térasse du crépuscule : A lounge where you can drink tea above the first room visited.

Dojo contest star drop pack vol 2

Quartier des officiers: Appartments, terraces, relaxing spots and a jazz bar.

Origine: It' s a mystical cave perfect for meditation and a complex area with a lot of secrets to discover...

Jardin Doh: Another relaxing place. This hanging garden contains medical herbs. The lounge is usable when needed as a greeting room for VIPs.

Le Jordas: Finding a path through Origine we arrive to the last room: our night club The Jordas.

Thank you for watching.


This work would not have been possible without the implication of all clan members. Thank you for them.

Special thanks : We want to thank our alliance [Prime Scavengers] and the members who contributed to the video: star drop pack vol2

[army of two] : DemzTroYs
[entropie céleste] : Kanku5634, Psychochop, SrT BrOoKeRs, XxSpiritVoltxX
[xx sword art online xx] : Mael Strom Deus

The [star drop pack] are : Asael Chamma, Bamboo Diniz, Cluz131, Damon Dazura, Pamclegros, Pang64, Yoshimura73, Woodou


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  • Clan name ArtistsLair
  • Clan tier Ghost
  • Clan platform PC
  • Your Clan role Founding Warlord

full gallery :



I want to thank all the Warframe community and devs for this opportunity. I had so much fun with this. New decorations are AMAZING. I couldn't believe that you added even more recently!!! Decorating is one of the most fun activities to me. Speaking of challenge , since the beginning of this contest i decided to challenge myself and decorate something unique for my quite fresh clan. I named that hall "The Mountain" ( don't need guidance , it will be obvious , in the gallery pictures ) . Not only i created a "mini Mountain" but i also added a building , looking like a base. First floor of that building is pretty simple. Transporters , doors to future rooms (i already have few good ideas ). Second floor is simple yet modern. I didn't want to overcrowd that one. Third floor is a mini bar made from mainly Corpus decorations.


Thank you for your time and good luck to everyone! 🙂

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  • Clan Name: Division Destruction
  • Clan Tier: Shadow
  • Clan Platform: PS4
  • Clan Role: Founding Warlord

Hey people,

our dojo is still working, but here are our first advances and ideas.

Enjoy and good luck 🤞





















Tower of Honor:





Path of Honor:



Something else:





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Clan name: Lock N Load

Clan tier: Moon

Clan platform: XB1

Clan Role: Warlord

Theme: Lock N Load Community, the dojo is changed to suit the needs and ideas of clan members, many of these room are used/altered for fashonframe contests, clan events, etc. A few of the screenshots show syndicate colors, due to a recent syndicate based fashonframe contest.

Contributions have been made in both design and resources by many Lock N Load members.















Orokin room(work in progress)





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Clan Name: -DarkWatch-
Tier: Ghost Clan
Platform: PC
Clan Role: Founding Warlord/Clan owner


I made a video showing off my clan. I hope you guys will like it :)



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16 hours ago, 000l000 said:

- Clan Name: Shoot first Think never

- Clan Tier Ghost clan (rank 0)

- Clan Platform: PC

- Clan Role Founding warlord

Here's what my wife and I achieved with this small clan of ours. I wish i could have built more rooms but lack of time and ressources is real for such a young clan.

Thanks for watching ! 

@000l000 Really liked the feel of your Dojo, would love to see what you could achieve with more time and resources. Well done!!


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  • Clan Name: Demons Black
  • Clan Tier: Moom
  • Clan Platform: Ps4
  • Your Clan Role: Warlord
  • Decorator: netross_rialfuu


our clan has worked on this project related to the very original Nordic mythology based on and occupying every setting thought by the decorator. Thanks to all the clan members for making this possible.



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- Clan name      :  Jade Dragon
- Clan tier          :  Shadow Clan
- Clan platform  :  PC
- Your Clan role :  Founding Warlord

-Theme Haunted

It's good you were able to meet me here on such short notice... I know you usually deal with Maroo, so I'm willing to make you a great deal. Four years ago, while scouting for derelicts, I discovered a most unusual dojo. Even seeing its exterior for the first time still haunts me.




What appeared to be abandon from the outside was near pristine inside, with a strange mechanical beauty.


 The plant life was captivating.



But then I noticed these plants were "alive" and seemingly over taking the structure itself.


I accessed a data panel which was still functioning. and was able to get a map from the default display...



It is 100 rooms divided into 7 sectors spanning 4 decks..brimming with treasures and technology worth billions of credits.


all for the taking if you get there in time.. 


Who knows what can be found.


I even seen the Vault, which words can not describe what it may hide.



with transportation vehicles you can explore every corner taking what you want..


some of the areas have been undisturbed for centuries.



is it Dangerous? 





i'm sure it's nothing you can't handle.


I'm sure if you stick with your crew, everything will be fine...



as long as you keep your head, above water.



The fact is I have taken many on this tour over the years.


and I know there is someone always watching.


Looks like a Solar storm is moving in. I have an orbiter near by with supplies and equipment, If we leave now????


Other than the eye candy The Jade Dragon is fully decorated it contains several puzzles, codes, quotes, and a small origin story. I want to thank all the members past and present for their time and help in the creation of our dojo and community. We celebrated our 4th year with warframe this month and looking forward to the future. if you have been to our dojo and won, then you know the generosity of our group and community over the years. the truth is we don't want a trophy to prove we are a great dojo, this we already know,. we want the map location so we can share our creation with others.

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most likely to not win, but  feel i might as well toss mine up as it's getting to be a bit spooky this time of year.

music for the mood

Funeral March

Ghost ...WoOoOoOo


Founding Warlord



spooky how a certain holiday seems to creep further and further back, I'd have 'A Nightmare Before...' such a holiday Dc74bUp.jpg The girl was never there It's always the same I'm running towards nothing Again and again and again... I think I need to find "The Cure" tY6ylvA.jpg


and now for some less spooky stuff


ETOmNyR.jpgThat is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die.

khzGfZ2.jpg7cXvAaV.jpgalso, dojo captura when?

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- Clan Name : Upon Pale Wings

- Clan Tier : Ghost

- Clan Platform : PS4

- Clan Role : Founding Warlord

- Video participators in order of appearance : wolfbrother113, JetBlackJak, revol_dizst, skynyrd77, Gladiator439.

Notes : We begin our video in our trade hub, wolfbrother113 is giving the tour and is the main designer of this room. The trade hub being the center of commerce is representative of the four seasons, beginning with fall into winter then spring and summer. The stone in the center representing the ever turning cycle of these seasons. Proceeding onward we enter The Hall of the Departed, design by revol_dizst, in order to honor those who are no longer with us. From there we enter The Chamber of Reflection, also design by revol_dizst, a place for Tenno to meditate and look inward. Finally we enter The Grand Hall, design by wolfbrother113; the dojo is reborn in a naturalistic take on a Tenno meeting hall. From calming gardens to stoic stone formations The Grand Hall represents all members of Upon Pale Wings and culminates in a nexus where we can all meet as a Clan.



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Clan: Fetus of Cetus

Tier: Ghost Clan

Platform: Xbox 1

Role: Warlord Architect

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXGCkxmxh2c

Our dojo is worth a chance. Only 3 of us in the clan. We went into building rooms only to faction type with themes for each room. Not as colorful as some dojos but more technical placement and using all the pieces from that faction in a room. The video will explain a lot more and we plan to do more decorative rooms with themes. Happy Building Warframers!!!


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Clan: Synowie Szatana

Tier: Shadow

Platform: PC

Role: Warlord with Architect permissions




My second attempt at editing anything so its still a bit rough in places, but i know what is not rough in places...                  this dojo...


yeah that didn't have any sense.


Thanks to my clanmates who put up with my bullcrap resource demands for over a month.

This dojo was build by me and TargonV3, your stair putting skills are to be respected.

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 Clan Name: NEWerakilleraKING

- Clan Tier Storm clan 

- Clan Platform: PS4

- Clan Role Founding Warlord 

- Clan Level: 10

Here is a video instead of images going thru the dojo, my inspiration comes from many things but, most on the characters, bosses, animals, beasts from the game itself, colors were taken from combinations of many characters and designs I used to play. 



Youtube link to the video and warframe dedicated channel:



PD to the judges from DigitalXtreme: the Espada's Clan dojo has 4 sculptures inspired on mine, if needed I can prove it thru screenshots and texts in which they admitted using inspiration from mine. Just in case mine were obviated because of them submitting them first. **I do not intend to harm or defame their work and presentation of the dojo nor their submittion being desqualified, just an aclaration.**

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Clan Name:Gunzerkers

Clan Tier:Ghost




  Thanks for all contributions for this project and to DE for letting us enter

     Warlord: C14U2NV                                                                                                            

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