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Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

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Clan Name- Scions of the Old War

Clan Tier- Storm

Platform- PC

Clan Role- Warlord/ Architect

Help from: Nezergy, Minatosaki, RedIIIXIII

Here are some of the rooms in the Dojo with a short description of each room and screen shots. Many hours have been spent on the Dojo and I would like to thank everyone who has helped with ideas, feedback and decorating. Especially those who went out of  their way to gather resources such as Polymer Bundles, almost 1 million were used building the rooms! At the bottom there is a Youtube video where you can see the Dojo in more detail. Sorry for the low quality and FPS drops at a couple points. 


The Spawn Room


Here is the spawn room for the Dojo, here members can gather to trade and relax. You are initially spawned into one room which you can trade in, then you can explore through the cave into the second larger room which features the same design


The Floating Islands


Here members can come to relax and listen to the sound of water falls and look out into the abyss. The player can also enter the hidden cave below where they can prepare and join their next mission.


The Alter Room


Here clan members can upgrade the clan and discuss the next step. This room has been used for many years and has been untouched.


The Club


Here members can gather after hours and buy drinks and dance on the dance floor. There are two DJ booths, one in each room.


Orokin Hallway


Here is an old Orokin hallway, word has it that the parts were stolen while members were farming primes in the void while using the old key system (RIP).


The Trading Room 


This cave has been carved out from the depths below the Dojo, players come here to bargain their next trade deal


Corpus Head Quarters


Here is a Corpus mining head quarters where they plan their next excavation target.


 Ice Cave


Here is a Corpus excavation site where they are gathering resources to build their army.


The Dragons Cave


The Corpus have captured an ancient Orokin dragon and are performing tests on it. Trying to calculate where it gets its power from. One day they hope to be able to use it themselves.


The Vault


Here is the underground vault where some of our vehicles are stored. There are an array of mechs, ships and vehicles. A control room is located at the top of the room where there is a hatch to outside.


Challenge Room Floor


Here members can gather to battle out for the fastest time on our obstacle courses or battle to death in the 1v1 rooms.



The Research Centre


Here new weapons are collected off of the enemies and researched for everyone's use. We have a dragon named Frank to protect the area and scare enemies away!


The Trophy Room


Here our achievements as a clan are showcased, displaying our trophies, sculptures and items collected from out time in The Plains of Eidolon.



Here is a Video of the Dojo where you can see it in more detail.

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Clan Name - Angels of the Zariman

Clan Tier - Ghost

Clan Platform - PC

Contributors Clan Roles:

SneakyLittleHobbit - Founding Warlord & Architect

Garden_Heart_98 - Warlord & Architect


Having both acquired almost everything in game, my girlfriend and I started our own clan very recently. This is a project with the goal to create a friendly (and beautiful) space to invite new WF players into and guide them through the fun and often confusing (sooooo much content) first stages of Warframe. We both had enough time and resources to fully complete the following two rooms in time to enter the Dojo contest.

All Nature themed! Enjoy 😄

Moonlight Dragonlily Caves (Trading Hall):


Eidolon Pass: 


Surface of Lua (Ascension Hall):

coming very soon

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Clan name - Cancer V

Clan tier - Shadow Clan

Clan platform - PC

Your Clan role - Architect


Grineer Room - https://imgur.com/a/kFT6Ik1

Corpus Room - https://imgur.com/a/qd3WYeF

Personal Quarters (the second floor of the corpus room) - https://imgur.com/a/53UuHGN

Cave - https://imgur.com/a/kmh9Vz0

Other rooms - https://imgur.com/a/0k4aIxy


Maybe it's not amazing and we don't have any robo-girl sculptures, but we like our dojo anyway. 😄

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Komuna Clan Dojo Theme:

"Traditional Space Ninja"


  • Clan Name:  Komuna
  • Clan Tier:  Ghost Clan
  • Clan Platform:  PC
  • Clan Role:  Founding Warlord




HrM2AdB.jpg FhJhJYf.jpg EbNzoZl.jpg

Training Grounds (Labs):


w3VL9y2.jpg G52IqZl.jpg lP2NiFn.jpg

Social Hub:


Q59HacI.jpg pdR0Fjc.jpg fKCi9t0.jpg

Gardens - Obstacle course entrance:


TVGs1eD.jpg Nw47kvI.jpg jdZ8EEa.jpg



yplJtHv.jpg Oyp6BLs.jpg gP8i8c3.jpg

Gardens - Obsticle course entrance 2:


8sm0Cvu.jpg qrmQRZo.jpg vfVUXjN.jpg

Armory / Medbay / Control Room:


KqIv8Hh.jpg CfE8TBt.jpg JK6CHNX.jpg 11OYRn4.jpg


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  • Clan name:     Armed Force
  • Clan tier:         Shadow Clan
  • Clan platform: PC
  • Clan role:        Clan Leader

Note: Many thanks to all ARMED FORCE Clan menbers for their donations. All of you are fantastic and have a special place in my heart - keep up the good work! Special thanks to the design and architecture assistants (mentioned as dojo builders in the video) - without your cooperation, we would not have made it:

  • Terrorbug - Admiral
  • Fam0uz - Admiral
  • TheRealFroschlaich - Ambassador
  • Noobsidebot11 - Ambassador
  • Dragon_Sneak - Ambassador
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details for entry as follows

-Clan name: Fencing Dragon
-Clan tier: Storm Rank 10
-Clan platform: Xbox One
-Your Clan role (Must be the Founding Warlord or have Architect permissions): Founding Warlord (Elder Dragon)


Link for screenshots=    OneDrive

Youtube video link for clan tour=  Youtube


For the Most part, I am interested in participating to share the designs of our giant sculptures and ideas (like our very own WORKING CHESS BOARD made with noggles!!)

To truly experience the dojo it is best to see it in person since it is more of a scenery than a picture, and believe that being featured on the Star chart is the coolest thing to happen to dojos since Solar rails where a thing.



Truly appreciate multi-platform events like these and best of luck to all  !







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Clan name: Yub Nub

Clan tier: Ghost

Clan platform: PC

Clan role: Founding Warlord

I built the dojo and my friends and I all helped contribute resources for the construction.

The Forest Moon of Endor




Captured Imperial AT-ST Walker



Captured Imperial 74-Z Speeder Bikes


Hidden Ewok cave/Teleport room


Hidden Ewok Treasure/Treasury


BONUS! My brother built this a while back. A T-65B X-wing starfighter.


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Clan Name: 71st Scout Regiment

Clan Tier: Storm Clan

Clan Platform: PC

Clan Role: Architect


Hello everyone!

I will try to keep this post as short as possible (and i already know that i will fail ^^) but i feel like adding a little information to each of them. To keep this post more or less short with a clear structure i will add 1 picture of each room that is embedded here, while below there will be a link to a small gallery with only pictures of that room. That way you can open pictures only of the room you wanna see more of.


Thx alot to all clammembers who donated tons of ressources and especially to lightblub who helped me to fund the Temple Room, without him it would have taken much longer than 1 hour 😄


Entrance Hall:



This is the first place you see when entering the Dojo. I wanted this room to look like a Lobby, with a few nice places to wait for your trading partners. In this room we also have all the Trophys from the Events we took part in, the Trading Post and a Treasury (good luck spotting them^^)


Temple of Titania:



This is our temple where we make sacrificial offerings for the RNG-God (you can see various ressources and treasures on the altar) so fortune might be in our favours (i think it actually works, the 2nd drop from the Arbitrations dropped for me yesterday!). But we believe the God only takes gifts from Tennos, so you are not allowed to go up there with your Warframe, you gotta take the long walk up 🙂





This is the Tennoversion of an ancient colloseum. Either we fight each other for training purposes with our Warframes, but recently we managed to capture the 4th Eidolon - the Plantolyst. He is now fighting against the Venusian Golem while the Tennos can watch from the tribunes. Note: Since it was really really hard for me to decide which lightning i want to use, i uploaded a few pictures with an alternative lightning, feel free to tell me which one you like the most 🙂


The Fountain:



In this Hall we got a large fountain that partially carrys the weight of the structure above.





In the summertime, you can take a rest on this deck in the Grass or on the bench and watch the asteroids fly by. On this deck we also got some sort of a power generator (the large structure)





In the cold time of the year you can rest here and watch TV (TennoVision) or watch the Emboss on the Solarrailstation. There is a little outside garden aswell, but you cant go there.


Orokin garden:



Our indoor garden with some orokin sculptures and lots of plants 🙂


Pumping Station:



This room was supposed to supply our dojo with fresh water. Unfortunatly, we hired Clem for this Job because he got recommended to us. Design and execution by him....and now we got a room that is completly not functional, but at least it looks nice so we kept it.


The Canyon:



The grineer tried to get into our Dojo. The already brought some machines and started to build structures, but luckily we noticed them and could fight them back. The remains are still there.


Argon Cave:



While everything is covered in rocks and argon crystals, this room got many small corridors and caves. Not a place for you if you claustrophobic, but you could rest here on a bench on the top if you like to.


The Glacier Cave:



Just like the Argon Cave, its comepletly covered in rocks, but since air conditioner is broken here it slowly began to freeze. Its not completly frozen yet, so you can still see some Trophys.


The Bar:



The place to meet other Clanmembers and hang out. You can either take a seat in the large group areas or in the more isolated (floating) islands. This room also got a large terrarium on each side.


Navigation Room / Arsenal:



Some Aquariums in the bottom and some places on top to wait for your clanmembers that have to change every single item of their gear before each mission.




Just a little bonus because i found it funny that a clanmember managed to get here ^^

We store some ressources here that last longer in a cold environment like gallium or argon 😉


If you made it so far, i hope you enjoyed our Dojo Tour 🙂


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Clan Name: Feral Felines

Clan Tier: Storm

Clan Platform: PC

Creators: -FF-Smoke (Warlord Founder), -FF-Drakulon (Architect), -FF-TylRegor (Architect), -FF-Natah (Architect), -FF-Buzka (Architect)

Movie Creators: -FF-Smoke and Clan Mates



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Clan name: Court of Rosalind

Tier: Ghost Clan

Platform: PS4

Role: Soul of Rosalind(Founding Warlord)-This Dojo is my solo project, my one active member TwoNutty encouraged me to enter

Pics@: https://imgur.com/a/5ciQ5iw



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Clan name : smashmode TTG Tenno 

Clan tier: storm clan 

Clan platform : xbox1

Clan Role: Clan leader aka warlord


The dojo was designed by me GB HiDef and resource was done by clan members. 

I hope everyone enjoy and wish everyone good luck on the hard work and efford on designing their dojo an winner this contest. I like to give thanks to DE for making it a wonderful game also our other clan leader who help me with ideals for final touches to the dojo. Yamumsbabydaddy for Shenron Dragon, BADRUSH for Mortal Kombat room, solarXeclipses for Naruto theme settings, BeaconOfLight67 & FatedDeaTH69 for the Syndicate rooms, ilazyee for Loki/Sasunoo, and last but not least the the older member that in the clan at age 61 with 104 Excalibur all "MAX OUT" EmeraldPaladinz. I like to personally thank you so much for your love and passion for the game with your blessing on gifting and suppling any clan member for any thing they desire in the game which makes Warframe experience that more enjoyful playing with others people. Thank You.

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-Clan: Deadbeat Gang Of Thor

- Tier: Storm Clan

- Platform: PC

- My Role: Warlord With all Rights and Builder of the dojo

- This is a cooperation around some ideas, so i will  say thank you to the guys that spent hours in here with me to help out the aiming of certain elements!

A special thanks to: Undeath, KazeNoKoe, ShamsZnXX for outstanding patience and ideas! And a special thanks to PICTIN for making the video!

And a HUGE thanks to all that contributed with resourses to make this happen!



I hope you will enjoy, we are not fans of overfilled rooms, so i hope that it wont kill our chances!

Good luck to all!



Deadbeat Gang of Thor

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Clan name      : Via Lactea Piligrims

Clan tier          : storm

Clan platform : PC

Clan role         : General with Architect permissions

Creators          : --VLP--__AxoN, --VLP--Mizantrrop, --VLP--ALIGATOR, -VLP-SibkaZ, --VLP--INQUISITOR_ALEXX, __VLP__Artihrist

We are the pilgrims. Wanderers who traveled across the stars for a long time in our search for place to name it "home". So we build our dojo, our home and fortress - where everyone can find his place: brave warriors, curious explorers, clever engineers or cool bikers and even fishers etc. Hope you will enjoy it too!





Bar Tenno





Small lake5xoZu07.jpg


Tech lab




Fairy place


Cetus-styled market


Ice room


Mechanical workshop


Grineer-styled space military base


You can see more in the video below.




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Clan Name: YASHA

Clan Tier: Shadow rank 10

Clan Platform: PS4

Clan Role: General

Main Architects are: E3MANU,Hobbit_85,marcomorana91

Theme: Grineer,Corpus,Tenno,Nature

Main Resources Donations: E3MANU,Hobbit_85,marcomorana91,mastromix,kingofkings88,TheBlackDigital,Minder_00



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On 2018-10-06 at 10:04 PM, (XB1)PRaDiUSxUCM said:

Clan Name: Jolan Tru

Clan Tier: Mountain Clan

Clan Platform: Xbox One

Clan Rank: Founding Warlord (Tal Shiar)

Gamertag: PRaDiUSxUCM

Video Tour of Dojo:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9x2-XxelY4

Hello! My name is Jeffrey (Gamertag, PRaDiUSxUCM) and I would like to enter my clan's Dojo into this contest. Decorating and designing in the Dojo is my absolute most favorite thing to do and I'm always looking to make things as good as I possibly can for my clan members. I've been hoping a Dojo contest like this would pop up for a while now and I'm super glad that it's here! I've poured my blood, sweat, and hundreds of hours over the last few years into this project and it would be an absolute honor to have the trophy from this contest to display in my Dojo. So, thank you so much for the opportunity! The video above is a complete walkthrough/tour of our Dojo in it's current state, and below are some written descriptions and choice screenshots of my favorite scenes and landmarks. I hope you all enjoy viewing it as much as I have enjoyed building it!

This is the central hub of our Dojo, featuring a teleporter by spawn that can take our members anywhere they want to go, along with two trading posts on either side above spawn. There are a number of totems and objects placed both strategically and symmetrically throughout the spawn room for random parkouring and to give the spawn room a real "jungle gym" effect, for members to just run and play around while waiting for friendly to join in or navigating trade chat. To that same end, the Music Maker Balcony is toward the back of the room, featuring two rows of drums and bells of all sizes. The door immediately behind spawn takes our members into our Cafe/Marketplace area, where all our main research labs (Tenno, Bio, Chem, & Energy) are located for quick and easy access. The hall immediately to the right, will take players to our dueling arena, which features 2 unique/different dueling rooms. The hall to the left, takes the player to our Custom Obstacle Course and the Orokin Lab, with an empty slot reserved for the upcoming War Room/Kingpins! Straight ahead to the far north door, is our Observatory for quick and easy access to Navigation/the Star Chart and the Arsenal post, for members to play around with Fashion Frames and change up their loadouts. I have a thing for symmetry in art, which is something you will notice throughout our Dojo.


The Cafe & Marketplace Hall is directly behind the Main Hall. Since this is the hall the houses our main labs where our members go to pick up blueprints and research for credits, I wanted it to have a real social but fun business aspect to it. So, to that end, I felt like a Cafe/Marketplace theme fit perfectly for the hall that houses those labs. In the center/floor of the hall, are two adjacent Cafe stations. Each is underneath a summer tree with a fruit basket and tea set for maximum relaxation. Our twin Dax/Teshin shrines are down here on the floor as well. Up the stairs to the left is our Drink Bar, complete with shelves of drinks, a stove, a fridge, and surrounding bar stools. There are also two private booths on either side of the Drink Bar. Opposite of the Drink Bar, up on the right side of the hall, is our Food Bar. This bar is quite distinct from the one the serves drinks, featuring multiple fruit baskets and plates of various fish on display for Tenno who are looking to score a nice dinner. Two private booths are on either side of the Food Bar as well, to give the hall an overall organized feel. Above everything is a catwalk that surrounds all the pillars in this hall. At the center of those pillars, is our "Midway Arcade", which feature 4 Ludoplex Arcade Machines. I felt like having the Arcade here in the Cafe area with the bars, kinda gives the area a real "Dave & Busters" feel. Haha.


Directly to the north of the spawn room is our Observatory, which features lookout/kneeling posts, the navigation console for accessing the Star Map, the Arsenal post for changing up loadouts and Fashion Framing, and a single Ludoplex Arcade Machine. Since the Observatory is about navigating, I felt like the ability to navigate to other mini-games like Frame Fighter, Wyrmius, & Happy Zephyr was important to include here as well. Out of the glass window from inside the Observatory, players can view our giant Orokin themed dragon, which wraps around our "Front Porch" - where our clan holds Ascension Ceremonies. He is a very large/full size dragon, and features a good amount of detail (Arms with wings and claws, a very long body featuring scales and spikes, a thrashing tail, and most of all - a menacing head, which features horns, eyes/brows, and a gaping mouth of fire with a full set of teeth and fangs). On the roof of the Observatory is our Spacewalk. From here, our members can take screenshots of their frames completely surrounded by space and strange plants that thrive without oxygen in the vacuum atmosphere. Two large pipes that go down into the structure help filter the oxygen inside the dojo, and steam can be seen escaping from connection points on the piping. This area also provides a beautiful birds eye view of our dragon on the Front Porch.


This hall took a lot of time and work, but I wanted a natural/nature themed room on the main level of the Dojo - separate from our Nature Trail. The recent addition of all the great nature decorations provided me the perfect excuse to make this! I decided to call it the "Batcave", but it is actually more inspired from settings that I have witnessed while playing various Tomb Raider games. The room is made entirely of Lua and Asteroid rock, and the floor is completely blanketed with brownish grass that felt appropriate to the cave setting. There are two large waterfalls on either side that flow down into rock ponds of coy fish. I went to great lengths to make sure each looked unique from the other, to help give the cave a more natural feel. Dark trees and various plants can be seen around the room, growing particularly near the areas of the waterfalls. A large fireplace with a roaring bonfire, surrounded by benches sits in the middle of the cave, where clan members and visiting Tenno can gather around and congregate or just roast marshmellows. There are two giant stone/cave hangars or openings on either side of the cave, featuring two giant Bombermen that I made. I've been a huge fan of Bomberman since I was younger, and the Grineer decorations were perfect for creating them. These two fellas guard the Batcave and watch over the Tenno that hang out around the bonfire.


As a HUGE fan of Stargate and Star Trek (and pretty much anything with the word "Star" in the name. Haha) - I just had to make a Stargate! This particular Stargate is Orokin themed, but modeled after the Stargate from the SG1 TV Series, and features clamps the hold the gate in place and expell steam (just like in the TV show!). There is also an Orokin themed DHD (Dial Home Device) directly in front of the Stargate, to the left. I made the overall theme of this room a Terminal, as this is where Tenno would embark to other planets, space gates, and various parts of the galaxy (Tau System, perhaps? xD). There is a futuristic episode of SG1 where the Stargate is made public knowledge and instead of Airport terminals, there are Stargate terminals where everyday citizens come to embark on their on vacations, trips, and adventures across the Milky Way - and that is why I decided to do a Stargate terminal! There are waiting benches across from the Stargate, and railing that blocks off the areas directly to the left and right of the stargate, as huge pipes and both sides run to the Stargate and fuel it's massive power needs! A single staircase by the entrance to the room leads upstairs into the Attic, which is our clan Donations Room. Our members come here to donate resources, credits, and various decorations.


As stated above, the entrance to our dueling area is directly to the right in our spawn room! We have 3 different Dueling Rooms that are designed for different forms of combat. One is a "Boxing Ring", with the arena being mostly clear, and featuring a large bell in the background that can be run to start/end the match, and between rounds. The second room is our "Double Decker" arena, featuring a sizeable second/disc-shaped level with ramps leading up to it on either side. A little higher up in each corner are Death From Above perches, where combatants clan slam downward on opponents below. The third and final room, is our "Totem Arena", which features a custom totem that I made out of Tenno decorations. A catwalk also circles the area above to provide either a quick escape or a quick death.


I'm a big fan of the garden rooms that are available for Dojos, even though they don't have much of a purpose beyond aesthetics. To that end, I just had to use them and spruce them up to look as awesome as possible. I also wanted to give clan members a serene place where they could come an sit, meditate, or just take a quiet nature walk! And so, the Nature Trail was born. There is an elevator leading to it as well as a teleporter, as the Nature Trail resides on its own level of the Dojo. There are 6 main garden rooms that make up the trail, along with outlying halls that are filled with nature as well to ensure that no doors on the trail are dead ends. The main/first garden room of the trail features a Gazebo, with a teleporter inside for those who wish to bypass the elevator. It has a giant cherry tree on top, which felt appropriate for the night theme of this room as it is one of only two garden rooms that features a view of outspace on the ceiling instead of giant light fixtures. Glowing lamps line the surrounding ponds, with small waterfalls, and glowing mushrooms that grow up in the darkness of the Gazebo garden. Also along the Nature Trail is a sort of back-woods themed Garden room that I put together with a campsite that features a camp fire, benches, small table with tea cups, and even a tent with two sleeping bags and pillows inside! Other rooms along the Nature Trail have a jungle theme, and off-beach theme, and a night/dark forest theme. One of my favorite places in the Dojo!


While, it is true that I built this entire Dojo on my own, I definitely owe a shout out to my son, Solomon, who does not play the game - but loves watching me play and giving me ideas for my Dojo! He originally gave me the ideas for both the Batcave room, plus our giant Dragon that I made as well! He's the best! He's a recent picture I took of us chillin. ❤️


Also, thanks to my clan members for all their love and support, and thanks to DE for holding this contest! 🙂

I love everything about this dojo! Fave part is probably the cafe. 😀

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