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Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]


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Clan Name: ButtButlers

Clan Role: Founding Warlord

Clan Tier: Storm

Clan Platform: PS4

A Tour of our dojo on PS4. Special thanks to ErenLalonde and Surferkid94 for helping get what we could done within a week. Many rooms are still unfinished or not started but we got done what we could 🙂

Our overall theme is Orokin/Nature.

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- Clan Name: Reapers of Veles

- Clan Tier: Shadow (rank 9)

- Clan Platform: PC

- Clan Role: Architect

The Reapers of Veles would like to show you their home.
In our dojo you will see gardens and magical sanctuaries inspired by fantasy art and myths.
We mixed many styles, but the most important element is nature and the elements.

We hope you will enjoy our work.

See u in game Tenno!



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18 hours ago, (PS4)jademsladecogley said:

 Clan Name: NEWerakilleraKING

- Clan Tier Storm clan 

- Clan Platform: PS4

- Clan Role Founding Warlord 

Here is a video instead of images going thru the dojo, my inspiration comes from many things but, most on the characters, bosses, animals, beats from the game itself. 


Youtube link to the video and warframe dedicated channel:


There seems to be a lot of copying from Espada's entry as well. https://youtu.be/0rqDZ9blsjs

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Clan Name: Neo Legends

Clan Tier: Moon

Clan Platform: Xbox One

Clan Role: Founding Warlord

The Dojo was designed and constructed by me and my Legends!

Thank you all for helping me and making this Dojo awesome! Thank you Legends and alliance for making this clan a family! 

Dojo Pictures/Video Below 

Hopefully you enjoy it 🙂

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Clan name: Grumpy Cat Company

Clan tier: Ghost 

Clan platform:  PC
Clan role: Founding Warlord

Premise: If I'll win the ''1st'' place I will finally make an emblem and i'll replace every banner. 

Here we are!!! Tenno, get ready for the adventure. You're going to become involved with Engineering... Kingdoms... Piracy... Sorcery... Mysticism... Mythology... Mayan civilization... Ancient astronaut... Occultism... Faith... Native americans and last but not least: ''Darvo's rivalry'' !!!  <_______<

And please do not forget to load all images and to see them on fullscreen !!! 


Thank you for watching !!! 

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52 minutes ago, (PS4)ApplesInPants said:

There seems to be a lot of copying from Espada's entry as well. https://youtu.be/0rqDZ9blsjs

Espada copy my dojo  .  Please is problem  . Hola espada copio de mi dojo ellos lo saben tengo capturas de conversation Titanus19 es el arquitecto el sabe q a copiado de mi dojo . Los lideres lo saben. 

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Clan Name: Void VoiderZ 

Tier: Ghost

Platform: PS4

Role: Co-Founder\Main Architect

I had an epiphany last spring and decided to scrap the entire dojo and start from the beginning believing we can make it look much better then it was previously.  There's still a lot of work to be done, but I'm happy with what we accomplished so far.

To begin with, the main hall was the most important room for us.  It's the one we appear in and the one we spend most of our time, so we built it with a practical use in mind.  It's the room we appear in, the room where we trade, and all 4 important labs are directly connected to this room.  In fact, we created visual queues in the main hall to show what kind of lab lies beyond the door.  Since it's our main room, we gave a theme of a command center for our operations.  Filled with computers, monitors and a Jumbotron.  Everyone should have a Jumbotron 🙂  We added a (unfortunately) fixed clock indicating the clan's base time for the daily reset at 8pm.



We also created a room that was themed around the ascension altar and created a ritualistic room.  It's a place of worship and relaxation with a guardian Orokin based Eidolon.


We also decided to play around with the new nature tiles and created two rooms so far with them.  A main room that is a cave filled with plant life of all sorts.  We chose a darker lighting for this room to simulate the ambiance of being underground.  The second room is more of a Halloween theme with a giant spider in a swamp.  The types of plants, lighting, and effect were chosen to create a bleak swampy feel.


Another room we liked to out some focus on was a place where we could show our success as a clan.  We setup a room with all our trophies and everything we could get our hands on as decorations we could put on display.


Lastly, the lowest part of our dojo.  This is where we hold all of the reactors for the dojo.  We invested a lot on electricity effects for this level to give out the sensation of power flowing throughout the floor, maintaining the themes that we establish on every floor of our dojo.


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I am the Founding Warlord of our Shadow Clan on PC, Flux Virtus.

I do not have a video but from the posted rules, I am using Images! The images are unaltered, save for a reference map in the corner.

I will organize the images by main rooms we would like to show off.

Main Grand Hall, Restaurant and Lobby









Featuring a lobby-type decor, with a lounge, bar/restaurant, and garden detailing


Hanging Gardens Lounge


Hanging gardens lounge and restaurant!










Barracks Night Club



The Shadow Barracks turned into a night club, with a bar and dance stance.




Laboratory Entryways: Tropics and Ice Gardens


Two mirroring entryway gardens that lead into the four laboratories respectively. Take a seat around the fireplace in the snow and ice covered sand gardens, or splash around the tropical waterfall.








Tea Garden


Want a quiet place to just sit and be? Take your favorite cup of tea down to the tea gardens lounge.




Trading Hall and Entryway


Every Dojo needs a place to do business, take an elevator down to the Trading hall!





Warlord Office and Waiting Room


The Warlord has to work somewhere, and why not a refurbished oracles room? Hope that a misbehaving clans-mate doesn't end up at the door.







P.S. Please DE, consider adding more domestic decorations to the dojo. Things that would transform these large alien rooms into actual livable spaces. Please consider adding furniture, clutter, domestic detailing like rugs, intractable items, even sitting emotes so that we can interact with our interior surroundings. Please consider the vast amount of people I am sure would enjoy investing into their own virtual homes, there is an audience for design, crafting, building in the industry. (Just look at the housing community in FFXIV for just a single example!)

Perhaps to engage the clan, why not have decor that is donated to the dojo unlock blueprints that can be funded much like weapons in laboratories, that can then be built as decor endlessly? Grinding 50,000 Cetus reputation to purchase a single basket of fruit or cup seems impossible if an Interior Decorator is trying to stock their built restaurants in their dojo. So is purchasing endless groups of market decor for platinum to then donate one by one.


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Name: The Underdragons

Tier: Shadow Clan

Platform: Playstation 4

Role: Pontifex (Founding Warlord)

Lore: The Underdragons are regarded as a cult, even by the Corpus, as a commune of zealots, pirates, and thieves, by the Grineer and Tenno. But it is much more than that, much more than petty crimes and religious fervor. The Underdragons are the warriors of the end times, the servants of the Underdragon itself, the great god-beast that will end the Origin System, and remake it in its own favor, as prophesied over four hundred cycles ago. We are the Underdragons, and we serve only the end.

Vessel: The SSR3 Endgame, built out a scavenged Grineer Galleon, and merged with the twisting tunnels of an asteroid, providing it with more than just Alloy Armor for its defense.


Dojo Intro Video

Image Portfolio: https://imgur.com/a/6Ism0e4





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Clan Name : TENNO HOOD

Clan Tier : Storm Clan

Clan Platform : PS4

Clan Role : Founding Warlord

My PS4 Account : GameHood82

I started decorating the dojo since I created the clan last April 2018 . Working on expansions here and there so the work still in progress . Thanks for the opportunity . Best wishes for everyone .



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https://youtu.be/CQXpuPlovf4 (I don't see the option to embedd the video like I see other people have, the insert other media option doesn't allow me to do it, so sorry for the link instead)


Ghost Clan



Founding Warlord

At the beginning of the contest I only just finished the construction of the dragon, So a majority of the stuff built is within the last couple weeks. Its not alot, my clan mates are all relatively new so I asked them not to worry about helping, but I feel pretty proud of what I have done. 

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Our clan is pretty small and only has a few active members but I lost my mind a little bit after all the new decorations appeared, and I figured I'd show off our work.

  • Clan: Companions of the Yambag
  • Rank: Ghost Clan (Rank 10)
  • Platform: PC
  • Clan role: Junior Architect/Gardener

Video below. The most interesting room is at around 6 minutes.


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Clan:- SpiderPrime

Rank:- Storm

Role:- Founding Warlord

Platform:- PC

Theme:- Forest/Garden

The new decorations such as spider webs and stuff are perfect for our theme and clan's name. Unfortunately We didn't have enough resources to add them to the dojo in time.

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