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Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

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-Clan Name: The Dark Warlords

-Clan tier: Ghost Clan

-Clan Platform: PC

-Clan role: Founding Warlord

please note that most of the dojo is still under construction, and as I am the only one currently working on it and i have irl stuff to do, it is taking me a while. none the less here some of the more finished rooms:



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Here is our Submission!

We are a Ghost Clan, known as the Agents of the Grey!  We reside on Warframe PC.  I, ATTLISS, am the Founding Warlord.  My clan mates were the best in supporting my vision!  I aimed to create a posh, extravagant scene worthy of my loyal subordinates, we hope you like it!


 Sorry for the funny video quality, my faithful Alienware laptop is almost 6 years old.

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 Clan Name: Tenno Mafia Clique

Clan Tier: Shadow Clan

Clan Platform: PS4 

Clan Role: Founding warlord

I first want to say most of my decorations are inspirations from clan NEWerakillerKING gotta give credit when it’s due, second I want to thank my wonderful clan members present and past both for all the contributions and research. I am forever grateful to you all. On another note DE I would really love some infestation decorations. I’m working on a special project on a floor in my clan. Anyway hope you guys enjoy what I have done so far.https://youtu.be/Bkotrmfa98k

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Clan Name: Damage Phase

Clan Tier: Shadow Clan

Clan Platform: PlayStation 4

Clan Role: Clan Architect

Assistance/Donations: Justin1771(Warlord), SpeedGuyRi(Clan Architect), Guywithgames279(Clan Member)

Submission URL: https://youtu.be/1YQ8rQGuf80

On behalf of my clan, we thank you for this chance to show you all our stuff. Hopefully you like it!

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Clan Rank: Rank 10, Storm Clan

Platform: PS4

Clan Role: Founding Warlord

Thank you for taking the time to look at our dojo! The dojo has always been a space that my clan mates and I enjoyed decorating. With the new update we could build even more, coming up with more ideas. I've included a video, sorry if it's only a link and not a page playable video, along with some photos of the AESTHETICS clan dojo. A high ranking long-term member of our clan, Y_O_Key, has put in a lot of time and effort into the dojo. The Guardian, Lion, Gauntlet, Dragon and Loki Samurai were all his creations. Majority of other decorations have been my doing along with help from other clan members with amazing ideas. Credit to King_Ngaga, W8N_2_kill_U, FollyPop, as well as many others for contributions. A lot of us in the clan have been around since void keys were the only way to get prime parts. Admiring the void so much that it's a key focal point in our clans decor. 

God Hall is the spawn room of our dojo, using mostly Orokin decorations for aesthetic purposes. 

The Arcade room features two giant video coin-ops along with the Guardian and the Lion. It has a small shop and a water feature as well as a small spacecraft in the center near the ceiling. 

The Dragon in our dojo took days to build and the most amount of resources than any other room in our dojo. Meticulously placing each portion forming his winding body and each scale. Detailing him as much as we can to make him look as fierce as a real dragon. 

The transporter labeled Gardens were built using each different garden node available. Each room unique from the other but still retaining a sense of tranquility.

The Gauntlet was inspired by a very popular movie, it even includes stones on its knuckles. The room colors and lighting were chosen to bring upon a sense of power. 

The Third-floor consists of four obstacle courses. Two of them being default courses and the other two were made by members of the clan.

An elevator is already set up at the end of the third-floor awaiting the new arrival of even more exciting decorations and layouts! 

For our clan, the dojo is a fun place and we absolutely adore decorating and creating new things! We appreciate everything you guys have provided us and can't wait for what the future holds. 


Video Tour


Loki Samurai - Gardens, Second Floor (Center)


Guardian - Arcade, Above the entrance


Lion - Arcade Opposite Entrance


Gauntlet - Keys Guanlet room


Dragon - Dragons Den


Lightning Ball - God Hall


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Clan Name - Izanami no mikoto

Clan Rank - (Storm Clan)

Platform - Xboxone

Role - Owner & Warlord (2nd Leader)

Here The Link of the Dojo:



Turbosprite2 (Me) I am a Warlord to my clan but not a founder as that belongs to Zenit115 but we both share the clan he even told me that this clan is now my clan so basically i own the clan and i am also the one that designs majority of the dojo I do get requests from other members to design sculptures for the dojo.

Our Dojo is heavily inspired by Asian Culture since our clan's name is based on a Japanese Goddess of death

The Dojo Design: we tried to preventing on using less orokin more Tenno & Others but with a few exceptions like the sculptures & Main hall because we wanted the dojo to be different I'm not criticising on orokin it just personally it been the most used in other clan dojos i've seen so many using the orokin decorations so i decided to use other decorations and overall i personally love the way i designed my dojo and i hope someone who see our dojo gets some inspiration and ideas for their future dojo designs.

The Dojo Progress:

Some of the Dojo is in a Working in progress we got lots of farming to do for the clan but once everything is done i upload the clan on Youtube but for now i'll just post my dojo and show off what we got unfortunately we can't show all so i'll just show you bits of the dojo. 





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  • Clan Name: UnicornKitten from SPACE
  • Clan Tier: Ghost
  • Platform: PC
  • Clanrole: Architect
  • Founder: Daihashiel

Join us on a tour through our Clan-Dojo. Meet the mysterious Void Creature called "Unicorn Kitten" and other creatures.

Relax in our exquisite R&R areas. Maybe start a game of Frame Fighter? 

Find the secret little hiding spots for sneaky kittens...

Imgur Album showing you a sneak peek

More rooms are planned or WiP. Biggest cat litter box up next.

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Clan name: The Exiled PH

Clan tier: Mountain Clan

Clan platform: PC

Clan role: Founding Warlord

The Dojo started to look like this when we got inspired into making it look more beautiful. We visualized a concept in where the dojo could be a relaxing place to stay

so we ended up creating a dojo with the given themes and settings. We also included Custom Obstacle Courses created by EinsZweiDrei. 

Design, Decorating and Donations:

REKTsanity - Founding Warlord
CommanderCharli - Warlord
EinsZweiDrei - Warlord

And the Donators !

And everyone else that donated for the Decorations

This creation of the dojo would not be complete without the help of all the people involved in this project ! And for that, I greatly give thanks to the The Exiled PH Family for letting this happen ❤️ 

The Exiled PH's Dojo consists of different themes of rooms and custom obstacle courses that a player can try and stay and for that here are the entries for the Dojo Remaster:

This is the link for the Screenshot Preview of our Dojo

This is the link for the Video Preview of our Dojo
Room Previews

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moiPhn9O8TA (This one is the newly updated Inspirational Hall)

Custom Obstacle Courses

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBuN__fMXoM (Our First Version of the Custom Obstacle Course)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHuHDlICJqg (V1 Walkthrough)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bv8rxSgmYgA (Our Second Version of the Custom Obstacle Course)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwUtZPLGWHs (V2 Walkthrough)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JeRvJxw-hw (Our Third Version of the Custom Obstacle Course)
We didn't include a V3 Walkthrough because of the simple mechanics seen for the preview

That should be all ! Thank You 🙂


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Clan Name: New Bunny Order

Clan Tier: Shadow Clan  

Console: PS4

Clan Role: Architect

Participants: Daystroyerkun (Myself)

Description: Focused on making a Dojo that is designed to look more articulated as opposed to being a barrage of giant robots.

(Please set Quality on Youtube to 720p)



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Greetings everyone!

It´s been awesome taking a look around this thread, and see the many amazing ideas around the templates. Don´t mind me if I remember a few for later...
Without spending too many fancy words (Since it's all about the sights today) the PC Storm Clan : Cast of Crows happily shares a look within their Dojo: 

Our main hall (Spawn): 


The Orokin Fort to prevent anomalies from entering, its rooms stowed away by lantern lit paths. 
Search-lights always maintained & ever vigilant.
The balcony, perfect for a birds eye.
The watch post, occupied by spoopy kids. 

Duel rooms:


The Lit Pit. Wether its Tarzan, Star-wars or Mad Max, drench those squabbles as by(up)-standers cheer & make bets. 
Rumble in the jungle. When the shimmering of blades is the only light provided, a true ninja fight is ensured. 
The Orokin Dispute Settlement Centre™ © All rights reserved, here at your service when needed. 
Feel free to challenge our manager, though he seems rarely interested.

Our bar:


A fine selection of beverages for each and every taste...and some fabled Kokori-wares on the hush. 
The two on the sides; the bouncers of the place, ready to check for ID at the teleport. Behind them the gates towards the picnic area. 
With drink & snack (possibly some extra arrows) in hand, enjoy this little park to sit back & relax before heading on to the next mission. 



A walk through Cherry Blossom Lane will soothe the weariest soul. 
Her holiday houses available at your earliest whim. 
The red lush of the Summer garden. Perhaps a Khal-Drogo-styled tent on the left? Or our Khaleesi-styled tent next to it?
A wild fishing expedition available in the nearest garden near you!

And many of our other strange, yet wonderful places:


Our Corpus-battlestation; currently waging war with our ancient enemies, the galactic phoenixes. 
Foreign places, provoking curiosity amidst serenity.
Icey paths lead to strange places in our Sky Lounges. 
What gets old will eventually go no more, though boldly we strive. 
A calling from the deep, singing evermore. 
Not every area should be entered happily & carefree...
...For when there is warmth before a straight path...
...alot may be happening behind the scenes. 

We hope you appreciated the sights & please don't hesitate to ask whenever you'd feel like taking a look inside for yourself, as there are many other rooms & features (such as our custom obstacle parkour) left out of these pictures. This is because they are either more functional than visually pleasing, or they are being worked on as this is written. A very special thanks to our many architects and their burning desire to re-create, improve or revamp. Without you all, it would look a lot more bland. 

Sincerely yours,

Komoris (Proud Founding Warlord)

PS: Mini Lapras Prime wishes you a splashin' day.




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Hello Tenno,

finally we proudly present our beautifully arranged Clan Dojo 🙂

Clan Name: The Holy Clan
Clan Tier: Storm Clan
Clan Platform: PC
Clan Role: General with Architect permissions

Involved architects: .Zato., Darknightmare24, DIRNE and me

Our Dojo is devided into 5 levels of which every one has its own theme and every room of that level is colored the same atmospheric way:
1 - Lobby with gardens, Loki and the Observatory (Orokin)
2 - Laboratories with all Labs (Tenno)
3 - Training Area with Duel Rooms and two Obstacle Courses (Mixed)
4 - Generators with the frozen Grineer army (Corpus)
5 - Baracks where the Grineer tried to activate a stargate (Grineer)

The whole Dojo, even the layout of its rooms, is created in a very structured way to provide an easy orientation and short distances to important rooms with a minimum amount of teleporters - one in every main hall per level (see the maps in the gallery). So the main hall is the center of every level where all other rooms of that level connect to and which defines the colors and style of the rooms. The Rooms themselves are decorated in a way which should tell you a story - not a defined story, but one of your own mind.

The 3rd level is decorated in a mixed theme, while we're waiting for infested decorations 😉

Even if the clan still exists for over four years, the whole Dojo was rebuilt about two years ago.

Pictures in gallery: https://imgur.com/a/MpvQZM2 (make sure to load all 111 pictures; best viewed in fullscreen)

Youtube-Tour (best viewed in 1080p and fullscreen):


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Clan name: FOAM

Clan tier: GHOST

Clan platform: PC




The idea when decorating this Dojo was to avoid suspension of disbelief, while exploring as many different types of environments as possible. No room limit breaks to build outside observatory. No giant spaceships built from benches or robots (well, one arguable robotic sculpture, because it was all the rage). I've also tried to go for variety of colours and atmospheres, with kudos to the new lighting customization. Each room has a story or an idea associated with it.

I wanted to build things that would have place in Warframe universe, that Tenno would conceivably put in their place of rest, research and restoration.

In a way, it's an almost roleplay dojo.

The screenshots are taken both from player and floating camera perspective.




A place for the Clan Tenno to gather, observe events in the system, and act on them.







A lush open market place, for relaxed interactions with other Tenno. Trading post itself is suspended on great golden arches from the ceiling, framed with an Orokin chandelier.







A misty temple to the Systems greatest deceiver. Quiet alcoves on the side provide a space to scheme and plot away from prying eyes and ears.






A midnight garden, to reflect on dreams.






Salvaged Grineer technology, used to grow rare species of plants from across the Origin System.

Two separate rooms, each growing different species.








A place built on the reflections of Umbra revelations. A somber, weird place, bathed in the depths of cosmos.






Rare Orokin technology, a secure lockbox for the Clans most valuable possessions. Suspended in midair by Orokin Void technology. Completely immovable and indestructible.






Reports of Corpus and Grineer destructive activity towards rare flora and fauna have spurred the Clan to preserve whatever Tenno can get their hands and tranquilizer rifles on. This hall features multiple enclosures, each with its own environment.







Each Clan needs a stable source of Credits to support their furniture-building needs. We have constructed a giant supercomputer from re-appropriated Corpus parts to mine us some Darvocoin. Don't tell Ordis. Or Darvo.

It's a pain keeping this thing cool enough.






An intersection point between multiple paths of the Dojo, Junction hall incorporates many building and design types. It is the crossroads of the Dojo, that provides several places to rest and talk.






Every Clan needs a place to celebrate their Ascension to a new Rank. This is ours. There's never too much gold and white when you celebrate.






A half-abandoned room, left to its own devices and plant growth.





A place of twilight meditations, the edge between day and night.






A forgotten place, for forgotten Tenno. Don't stay here long.






A place for meditations on flames of rage, and purity of growth.






Constructed shortly after the Apostasy, reflecting the grief of loss and the desire to be reconnected. Currently under the review due to the Chimera encounter.


...and that concludes this tour of our Dojo.

Thank you for visiting.

There are many more rooms to find.

And many more rooms currently being built.

We hope you had a relaxing time at our Dojo.








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Clan Name: Sanguine Reavers

Tier: Mountain

Platform: PS4

Clan Role: Founding Warlord/designer

Lots of donations where made by many clan members. Id place stuff and randomly go passed 1 day and see someone filled all the decoration resource cost so props to the reaver army for chipping in.

These are some pics of what we have so far.  http://imgur.com/a/YbnRP6j

Will continue to add stuff as we go along.. i might go all out bat cave.. who knows.

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Clan name: Remnants  of  the  Void
Clan tier: Moon
Clan platform: PC
Clan role: Founding Warlord

Dojo rooms decorated by multiple of our members.

Video tour of our dojo
          or if you prefer

Image album for our dojo.

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Clan Name: Fallen Remnants
Clan Tier: Ghost Clan
Clan Platform: Xbox One
Clan Role: Architect, Secondary Founding member

"Welcome to the Clan of the Fallen Remnants, the last home to the tenno. Here we have made living quarters for all. Visit the Courtyside cottages and the low-rise apartments. We've kept our theme simple to be the embodiement of an orokin village. We have many varying rooms such as the farmers market, the slums, club red, operation tree house, the day spa, the shipping yard, torsion beam room, and the castle fort. Unfinished projects include the art gallery, trophy room, tenno school house, the grand shopping mall,  and the obstecal course featuring the grand maze. And Thank you for being part of this grand adventure." 
Clan contributors and Alliances: L 5 7 9 15 14 (Leader), PurpleSprankles, CrashBurgess, and others not founding memebers. Alliances: (Bish you guessed it) (Kings of the Flaming Walnut)


If the link doesn't work the Video can be found on my Youtube channel at CrashBurgess.

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As the mad architect of our dojo, it's my obligation to post the final results of our creation.
- Clan Name: Whimsical Infantry
- Clan Tier Shadow clan
- Clan Platform: PC
- Clan Role Warlord (Named "INSANE ARCHITECT")







It took 2900 plat, 173 hours to make this. Video tour soon.


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Clan name:   Flatliners

Clan tier:   Shadow

Clan platform:   PC

Clan role:   Founding Warlord

Clan architect:   Onlythesoul


Hello Fellow Tenno!

Come and have a calming stroll through our Dojo. We like to keep it simple and serene at our home with colors and lighting being of importance in all the rooms.
Huge thumbs up our main architect Onlythesoul who has been creating this safe haven for us over time and continues to add more wonders to look at.
I myself have only helped with some of the coloring and lighting as well as the main layout.
Also a big thanks to all people from the clan who have donated resources to keep his creative flow going.
Not all the rooms are covered in this video since it was starting out to be a bit long, but it will give a good feel of what our Dojo is about.

Hope you Tenno's enjoy it as much as us Flatliners!



See you around!

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