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Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

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Clan Name: Astral Ethereum
Clan Tier: Storm
Platform: PC
Clan Role: Warlord & Architect

I hope you guys will enjoy this video and please leave a like if you of course enjoyed it! Good luck to the rest of the contestants and may the best looking dojos win!

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Clan name: - Arum
Clan tier: - Ghost
Clan platform: - PC
Clan role: - Founding Warlord

I did not make it... 

Well is not even close to be finish... The theme and idea is about a race originated beyond the constellation of cassiopeia, We managed to get a lot of the technology of
the Orokin following the precept of an entity... a god we call Arum.

I wanted to make it smaller (with no doors, only teleports) but the decoration donated took too much capacity space (many idea were destroyed)
We need like a move objects from the sims and select a point to appear in the rooms

The constellation


Sit to chat






Play on Ludoplex










Observatory and the presence of our god





Example of no doors




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Decorating the dojo has been a lot of fun for myself and I'm sure a lot of others. But surely the plastid cost is a bit high...

Much of the dojo was decorated after a usable mindset - like if this were a real castle/giant space dojo, is this what people would want to actually visit

  • Guns N Roses
  • Storm Clan
  • PC
  • Dragon (Warlord/Architect)

Imgur Album:


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Clan Name: Zer0 Squad Gaming

Clan Tier: Ghost

Platform: Xbox

Clan Role: Epoch (Architect permissions)

Video Tour of our Dojo

Photo album tour of Dojo




My personal favorite part of our dojo is the Hall of Abstraction where the clans personal quarters are located. After the big dojo update, leadership decided we could each have our own room to decorate to our hearts content. The overall theme of the dojo is Orokin but you’ll definitely see inspiration from different things as you go through it. Our Hall of the Merchant for example is very Corpus looking due to them being the money hungry faction, they fit very well in a trading room.

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Clan name:        Rhazerian
Clan tier:            Shadow clan (rank 9)
Clan platform:    PC
Your Clan role:   Warlord (has all permissions)

Special thanks to my fellow warlord JohnathanAngel (lead dojo designer) and all clanmembers that paticipated for their hard work on the dojo, only you guys made it possible.


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Liberators of the Galaxy

Shadow Clan


I am the Founding Warlord and build this together with Rem-Kun within 11 Days

I played alot of Warframe and there for I "had" alot of resources till this contest came up^^

Also the reason why we're not finished yet with what we still want to doin but we'll contiue this till it is done.

GL to everyone.



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 Clan name: Gli Untouchables

Clan tier: Shadow Clan

Clan platform: PS4

Your Clan role: Commander - Architect


Video made by YoZimmer4598

Special thanks to the Clan members that have contribuited to create rooms and donate resources:

Lanette89: Founding Warlord

YoZimmer4598: Leader - Architect

Shiriryokuu: Sage - Architect

G-D-S-L: Leader - Architect

JediofRedEye420: Counsellor - Architect 

ginoilmarocchino: Soldier - Dojo Decorator



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Weeeeeeeelp, here’s our Dojo! 


Clan Name: Draconian Vigil

Clan Tier: Mountain

Clan Platform: PS4

Role: Founding Warlord (Clan Leader)


This dojo is a creation from myself (toxin54) and one of the other Co-Founders, marinesareawesom. Thanks to our clan members who suffered with us on Ophelia to fund all this <3.



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Clan Name: Khorthon

Clan Tier: Storm Clan

Clan Platform: PC

Clan Role: Clan Architect

This is nothing impressive but it is a craft of love, a gift to every clan tenno throughout the good times they spend together, enjoy 🙂



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We Tried so hard and got so far. But in the end... Does it even matter?

Of course it does. we had fun doing it and if we don't win anything. we still have created a nice dojo imo.

Special thanks to MrHeolsen for most of the decorating and Keyos for contributing.

Clan name: GoldenDwarf

Clan tier: Ghost clan

Clan platform: PC

Clan role: Founding Warlord


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  •  Legion Of Fallen Gods
  •  Ghost Clan, Rank 9
  •  PC
  • General with all perks.

So this is the Legion Of Fallen Gods, not a name I'd pick but its my younger relative's clan which I semi took over since his parents keep catching him playing video games. Another striking factor of the Clan is the hierarchy which is the lyrics of Smashmouth's All Star, so I'm actually 'Somebody' and the next lower rank is 'Once' and so on, haha. Anyway the dojo had been latent until I took charge of pimping it out, which is something I love since I draw a lot too. So when the competition was announced I turbo charged my efforts but only got 70% through as the basement is not decorated and so is the Observatory. Now its not some of those dojos that have players clip out n build stuff in the void but rather just a decorated locale with interesting differences in each room(even its halls) with an emphasis on '1 of each' and room component layout. So here are pictures of our entry and hope you all enjoy it. Also we got a tank 🙂

EDIT: I suggest turning off dynamic lighting, since I used some of those orokin wall lights the beams they emit make things look a bit harsh.

Map Layout, regretfully with the time frame and solo farming for ingredients I couldn't do the basement and decorate the observatory.67tfCIf.jpg














 - BuggynXmTf25.jpgOdNLeZV.jpg

 - Tank.

left like that to make it look like its being built.1nLDGFX.jpgpiMjMvZ.jpgTJAIhgx.jpgnpoFBXG.jpg

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Some graphics options turned on might exaggerate the purpose of some decoration I used.
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Clan name:        -Made in Abyss-
Clan tier:            Shadow clan (Rank 10)
Clan platform:    PC
Your Clan role:   Clan Founder


Video Showing the Clan Dojo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fw9D0uhT1bs&amp;feature=youtu.be

It is worth noting that the recording of the video was done by a fellow warlord in the clan Adrenalyn451 


Special thanks for Adrenalyn451, ---Ovation--- and --MIA--EarlHawkins for contributing into the dojo decorations


Best of luck for everyone and thank u for the hardwork Devs ! ^^



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  • Clan name - Templars of the Lotus
  • Clan tier - Ghost Clan
  • Clan platform - PC
  • Your Clan role - Founding Warlord


So here is a quick look at our Dojo. We've taken a bit different approach in a way that we strived to preserve the original "Tenno Dojo theme" using the provided assets to improve upon what we already had, and add some background story in the process, in order to mix in some personality and character.

Collection of some of the "Main rooms" of our Dojo: https://imgur.com/a/f454lGX

Collection of various, differently themed gardens you can find in the dojo: https://imgur.com/a/iDzCuGF

And of course... if you are brave enough, explore some of the dark side of this, at first glance bright looking, home of our order: https://imgur.com/a/xERKjay


(Builders: @Jaffawer and @Rheorx )


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