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Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

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Hello, this is my clan’s dojo. I couldn’t have created such a fantastic dojo without the help of my clan’s artist ColdWillo as well as our other clan mates WoozyVibez, Last_Man221, and blastburn76. 

For those of you wondering the theme of our dojo is that of nature and the claiming of harsh unfriendly enviroments like space. Most of the designs done inside of our dojo were done by none other than ColdWillo, while I decided that our overall color scheme would include Leaf Red, Shard Black, and Anti Violet. While we have managed to complete much of the design of our dojo, we are nowhere near finished as we all consider it an ongoing project.

  • Clan name: Nexus Sigma
  • Clan tier: Ghost Clan
  • Clan platform: PS4
  • Clan Role: Founding Warlord


Hope you enjoy:


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Clan Name: Raeic Kin

Clan Tier: Shadow Clan

Platform: PC

My Clan Role: General/Architect. Credit also goes to fellow designer Coracrat (Founding Warlord)

Raeic Kin started out with three members who've played the game for years now and the first room on this tour, our Spawn hall, is an original clan hall model. All rooms were designed by Coracrat and Neonnova. We went with an aquatic theme here and used some of decorations as lights for the ceiling.


Following the Spawn Hall is the Ascension Room. For this one we wanted a Japanese garden during a blood moon vibe. With lighting we got the pillars to look like gigantic trees.


Continuing on, we have the Clan Distribution Hall where all trading and inventory takes place. The idea was to have an Autumn Plains of Eidolon. Coracrat had the great idea of making a cave system with a hidden camp inside. We also wanted a tree house here that holds some storage containers, lending to the rooms title/theme as a distribution center.





Next up is the Rooms of Honor. Initially we had something completely different in mind but it ending up becoming a rainforest. In each of the side halls are small greenhouse like enclosures. Each of which have a very distinct theme the corresponds with a type of garden room that they lead too.





Finally we have our Terminal. The grand concept was an Orokin Club complete with VIP seating, tea rooms, a stage and a very detailed bar. On first floor we have an entrance area with a kiosk to receive guests, the central bar, and multiple causal tables/seating with some more private booths off to the sides. Underneath each staircase you’ll find tea room gardens. Going on to Second floor we created more private seating areas with clear views of the stage. Floating between second and third floor are the VIP booths. On third Floor are the wall seats and what we’ve taken to calling the VipVip, an exclusive booth floating at the very top of the stairs. Fun fact it’s the perfect height of an upwards bullet jump. And to top it all off is The Stage which features a backstage area that’s closed of from the rest of the club. Backstage hides a staircase that leads up into a smoke wall and the DJ booth center stage.








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Clan name: Divine Order

Clan tier: Moon Clan

Clan platform: Playstation 4

Your Clan role: Kage (essentially second-in-command, with architect role). https://imgur.com/a/P9QGm8z

Note: What you're about to see is the creations of a true Moon Clan.  98% of what is in our dojo was built and funded at Moon Clan costs.  Our members farmed roughly 1.1 million polymer this last week alone in preparation for these videos.

Divine Order "Divine Pride" (Our home base / spawn point): Designed by warhero229, Mirai_Maku, and Ace_Alteon077.

Divine Order "Pirate Cove:" Designed by Peaj.

Divine Order "Fortuna Commerce Center:" Designed by Mirai_Maku, warhero229, and Ace_Alteon077

Divine Order "Path to Nature:" Designed by Mirai_Maku and Ace_Alteon077

Divine Order "Meditation Room:" Designed by Kikster997.

Divine Order "Divine Lounge:" Designed by Mirai_Maku

Divine Order "Navigation in Chaos:" Designed by Ace_Alteon077

(Close up of the constructs outside the window): Designed by Kikster997, Turbodart, Mirai_Maku, I_POOTED_MY_PANT, and jd31102

Divine Order "Gamer's Retreat:" Designed by Ace_Alteon077

Divine Order "Crystal Cavern:" Designed by jd31102 and Ace_Alteon077

Divine Order "Divine Phoenix:" Designed by KaiDragneel and Mirai_Maku.

Sorry for the potato quality videos.  I live in the middle of nowhere >>

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I messed up I_POOTED_MY_PANT's name. And it's an important name. He's our homebred meme in Discord.
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Clan Name: Lamina Umbra

Ghost Clan

Xbox One

My Clan Rank: Founding Warlord

 Warfare Dojo Screenshots https://imgur.com/a/CPhv8KO

Honestly, my dojo is pathetic compared to most of these other submissions, so I don't really expect to win, but I guess there''s no harm in trying.

The general theme of my dojo is Nature. I embed rocks into the walls whenever possible/appropriate and have an alarming amount of vines hanging in almost every room. The decoration process is far from finished, but I do intend to have every decent sized room finished. (Not reactors and small hallways, cause that''s just whack, yo)

I kinda wish my clan mates chimed in some more and decorated more like they said they would, but oh well.

Best of luck to everyone!

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  • Clan name: LGV
  • Clan tier: Storm
  • Clan platform: PC
  • Your Clan role: One of the generals of the clan and main decorator (I built most of the things you can see in the clan)

Here's a video of a tour/showcase of the different things we have in the clan at the moment:


Here's a link to a bunch of images for a better look at certain areas from the dojo/video. (there's a bonus sketched up version of the dragon when I was planning her out):


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Clan name: Iluminati

Clan tier: Ghost Clan

Clan platform: PC

Your Clan role: Founding warlord

movies and screens <sorry for the quality and lags, old computer> all constructions were made by me, thanks to the clan members for depositing raw materials for my projects 🙂

Part 1/2



  Part 2/2

The doors at the laboratories in the main hall are marked with decorations for a given fraction, to find them easily.

Screens main hall:


Better quality dojo:



All dojo it's done for style dark/lua/orokin and interesing secrets. I tried not to copy from other typical "robots" and other transformers 😃 on the recordings I showed 95% of the dojo area. The rest is not worth attention: energy / junks / no decorations.

I have 2 obstacle courses: a labyrinth and a tower <video nr.2>  and space ship in the observatory that will take you to the black hole! * tinted*

PS. I hope someone from [DE] will visit my clan before the verdict, the effect on the better computer is great



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Clan Name: Crusade For Virtue 

Clan Tier: Moon

Platform: Xbox One

Role: Founding Warlord 

   Hello! I am Crusader Robot, and I present to you the Crusade For Virtue clan dojo. As the designer of this dojo I tried to capture the essence of nature alongside highly cultured Orokin architecture. I’ve always loved those things in Warframe, so the idea was to combine them in a way that made a stunning and exciting dojo. This contest has brought Crusade For Virtues competitive nature back to life in ways I couldn’t be happier about. I’d like to thank my fellow Crusaders for donating resources, I especially thank DE for hosting this competition, and I wish my fellow Xbox One Moon clans good luck. 


The Main Hall 



















The Spooky Swamp






The Sacred Archway





The Midnight Spar




The Temple of RNG



Higher Dreams 





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- Clan name      :  Midgardian
- Clan tier          :  Shadow Clan
- Clan platform  :  PC
- Your Clan role :  Architect

The Clan currently has no active overlord so yeahh, the original theme was supposed to revolve around rock golems made by the orokin but I decided that it should be more of a trading central theme, I'm the only active clan member so the budget was scarce , so nothing over the top or fancy with a hectic work schedule I only decorated on my free time 

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5 hours ago, LokenEdrop said:

Clan name      The Grey Team
Clan tier          Shadow Clan
Clan platform  PC
Your Clan role Founding Warlord

Didnt have much time to have a proper walk through. If anyone wants to come have a walk around just pm Clan-Mom



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQ2Yh4FDr64&feature=youtu.be           a better vid 🙂


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Good evening fellow Tenno! Sorry for it being so close to the closing time, but we've only just finished it! (We're only small) Thank you for your consideration *Bows*


Clan name: Darkwreath Brethren

Clan tier: Ghost

Clan platform: PC

Your Clan role: Haemonculus (Architect)


I would LIKE to go into detail regarding interior design choices, but we all agreed we love the Orokin style. Thematically we all rejected the Lotus (BEFORE it was cool...) and wish to bring back an Orokin rule under Tenno guidance.


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Clan: Dyspessa
Tier: Ghost
Platform: PC

We're a bunch of nutcases who've known each other for years, over a decade in a couple cases. My younger brother (SparkeeLecaro) and I did the bulk of the design work, but we harassed our friends for resources and/or ideas, because that's what friends are for. 👍

Entryway: https://imgur.com/a/dNjnoe4 
Primary goal here was to give a friend with a riven-unveiling addiction a real easy place to trade. Using the starter hall was decided as a group, and then I brought Ikea. Clear floor means no weird spawns, and the trade terminal is right in your face. Upper level has the treasury on a platform closer to the ceiling. I have a habit of putting things in ceilings...

Oracle Hallway: https://imgur.com/a/NUA3HOU 
Hallway branching off to the Oracle, Energy Lab, and Chem Lab.

Oracle: https://imgur.com/a/bxkdgAa
Not really an Oracle anymore; houses the ascension altar. Covering up those little hologram things was an adventure. Not pictured: lua shards at the bottom of all those pits in the room. Also not pictured: the patience it took to place all that trim.

Energy Lab: https://imgur.com/a/MijeCbu
Favorite thing: Getting items on shelves above the holograms to hide the cylinders.

Chem Lab: https://imgur.com/a/lEihPZI
I learned ten new swear words getting the catwalk joints beneath the glass in the floor. Funny story: when a friend walked in after not setting foot in a chem lab for months, he said, "So what did you change?" Either I got the theme spot-on as far as he could tell, or his N64 graphics settings make this look identical to the original. Bit of a toss-up.

Tenno Hallway: https://imgur.com/a/Mv91JdG
Hallway branching off to the Tenno, Bio, and Orokin Labs.

Tenno Lab: https://imgur.com/a/MqNkiZF
I didn't make a panorama for this one. Between the size and the thing in the middle, you wouldn't see much. Notable: covered up the energy turbines in the walls. Take that, turbines.

Bio Lab: https://imgur.com/a/IBgs9jS
If I want to see Lephantis, I'll go visit.

Orokin Lab: https://imgur.com/a/0iczydQ
Full disclosure: the back is unfinished. I'm happy enough with the front to post screenshots, though.

Hallways to Obstacle Courses: https://imgur.com/a/QlotVaQ
We ran out of gallium supplying this mess, because each of those hallways is actually three or four hallways. No point in me giving y'all a bunch of samey screenshots though.

Junction: https://imgur.com/a/fQX4QBp
The only large garden on the tour. The labs and basement elevator are on one side of the entryway; this is the first room on the opposite side.

Small Garden "Peace": https://imgur.com/a/iXksUjn
First room on the right in the west wing. I see a lot of people using clan halls and large gardens, but I like the small ones more. It lets you give a room a "feeling" without having to pad it out and fill space. Blocked the other three doors, stuck a floor in, and used the buddha's rear end as a garden border, which is probably disrespectful.

Small Garden "Industry": https://imgur.com/a/UCiE1U5
First on the left in the west wing. Designed and built by SparkeeLecaro. It was his first. There was a lot of swearing.

Small Garden "Uniqueness": https://imgur.com/a/P1Imr64
Second on the right in the west wing. I wanted to try one mundane object being the center of attention, even with other stuff on/around it (plantlife).

Small Garden "Arena": https://imgur.com/a/yKDNAZ9
Second on the left in the west wing. Designed and built by SparkeeLecaro. Next room over is the dueling room.

Small Garden "Contrast": https://imgur.com/a/gEQ2Jk5
Connected to the back of "Uniqueness". Similar idea with the color, but on a "room" level: all cool colors on the bottom, then you notice the hole in the ceiling, and bam. This one was a lot of fun.

Small Garden "Impression": https://imgur.com/a/O14iQgN
Connected to the side of "Uniqueness". I just wanted to put stuff down in a grid, that's all. My brother said he wouldn't donate any more neurodes to the vault unless I could promise that I wasn't going to do something "excessive" again. Sorry kiddo, not a promise I can make.

Small Garden "Dragon": https://imgur.com/a/r4mmD4l
First on the left in the east wing. Designed and built by SparkeeLecaro, but 'belongs' to another friend of ours who chose the theme.

Small Garden "Campground": https://imgur.com/a/YdavR10
First on the right in the east wing. Designed and built by SparkeeLecaro.

Small Garden "Graveyard": https://imgur.com/a/FfEUfj3
Second on the left in the east wing. Designed and built by SparkeeLecaro.

Small Garden "Garden": https://imgur.com/a/ris5B3F
Second on the right in the east wing. Designed and built by SparkeeLecaro. This room serves as a tutorial on how to use a planter as a planter, which I apparently need as I keep using them for wall/ceiling/floor tiles...

Clan Hall "Tree": https://imgur.com/a/TGpneZL
Between Junction and the Observatory. The dragon wasn't a fan of fire-buddha.

That's all we've got at the moment. I like decorating so much that I'll probably keep tacking on rooms 'til I croak...

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Clan Name: Echoes of the Void

Clan Tier: Moon Clan

Clan Platform: PS4

Clan Role: Council (Has Architect Benefits)

Before we begin showing off our dojo, I personally want to give thanks to all of our members who donated countless amounts of Polymer Bundles and Plastids to help make our clan look how it is now, our amazing architects and decorators who spent countless hours to get our dojo prepped for this contest, our Founding Warlord Bentleymanzdad and all other council members who help keep this clan running, and our alliance Andromeda for giving us a bit of friendly competition that we used as incentive to do our best as a clan.


Our Clan's Grandest Hall



The Entrance to the Hall








Mechs located in the Clan Hall


Our Tea Party area


A few achievements we have throughout our years on Warframe


Our Treasury Room



Entrance to the Treasury


Guardian of the Treasury


Alternative Entrance to the Treasury


Our Forest of Trading



Entrance to the Forest




Different Angles of the Forest


Guardian of the Forest


The Calm Gardens



The Entrance to the Garden



Different Angles of the Garden


Ancient Seating Destroyed by Age


Destroyed Shrine



Entrance to the Shrine





Different Angles of the Shrine


The Remains of the Ancient Shrine


Our Space Building



Overall View of the Area



Inside the Building


The Creature from Space


The Cold Wastelands





Angles of the Area

The Monster of the Void







The Monster

Underground Grotto



Entrance to the Grotto


Corner of the Grotto


The Reservoir


The Observatory




The Observatory


The Donation Room



The Donation Room


Work-In-Progress Rooms





Outside the Observatory


The Turtle Room


The Swamp Room





The Rock Garden


I on behalf of our clan would like to applaud all clans who made a submission for this event and wish everyone the best of luck in the competition.

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Clan name: Vigilanti Eternas

Clan tier: Ghost

Clan Platform: PC

My Clan Role: Founding Warlord

All Labs except Tenno have been altered and every corridor that leads to a decorated room has also been decorated appropriately (I haven't put them here since they're nothing to brag about)



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