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Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

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Clan name: Civitas Shiloh
Clan tier: Shadow Clan
Clan platform: PC
Clan role: General (Co-Leader)











Verlängerung rechts


Verlängerung links










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  • Clan name : Roflstomp Heavyweights Intergalactic New Order
  • Clan tier : Ghost
  • Clan platform : PC
  • Your Clan role : Founding Warlord

i need more orokin type decorations 😐

still working on large portions of the dojo, however, not gonna let it stop me from submitting now.


more images including these at https://imgur.com/a/9AeEOb4








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  • Clan name : Shadow.Veil
  • Clan tier : Ghost Clan
  • Clan platform : Xbox1
  • Your Clan role: Founding Warlord


I didn't have a lot of time to edit so this is as good as i could get it within a couple hours.

Most of it has been build by me with the help of my 2 other clan members. 

all of this has been done in 2 weeks. if only we had more time.. 


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Clan name: The Celestial Shogunate

Clan tier: Storm

Clan Platform: PC

Clan role: Warlord


Full Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/yqebNLb


Here are a few notable screenshots:

4th Floor Main Briefing Hall/Court Room/Wedding Ceremony/Public Execution Chamber/Town Hall





1st Floor Donation Room SamuraixXMZsVV.jpg

4th Floor Brig/ThunderdomerqGgPM3.jpg

3rd Floor Air Lock and Escape PodsOavOMOD.jpg

1st Floor "Green Room" Obstacle CourseMKgSpUE.jpg

1st Floor Fitness CentervtHBWdk.jpg

4th Floor Library & Trophy RoomZS0jWzz.jpg

4th Floor Conference RoomgO6To4p.jpg

4th Floor Main Observation BridgepdWbgG5.jpg






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Clan: Elysian Guardians

Tier: Storm

Platform: PC

Role: Founding Warlord.

Dojo Builders: Mattman1226 , Azynoth ,RelativelySlimShady, Verathos , CuddlePrime , Joxeia. 

Honorable mention and huge shoutout to @ResonantStorm for the amazing Captura that really took this video a step up ! 

Our Submission, at literally the last absolute minute. : 


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IceFangs Entry in the Dojo Contest! :D

  • Clan Name: Icefangs
  • Clan Tier: Mountain Clan
  • Clan Platform: PC
  • Clan Role: Founding Warlord 

We love coming up with new ideas for the Dojo all the time and these are some of our best rooms thus far :)  The Icefangs Cave was obivioulsy inspired by our Clan Name :D We were super excited when the ice and snow decorations got added! We created the Event Hall for the different clan events that we host (for example Fashionshows) In addition we like to have some fun rooms, such as the Arcade or the Club and Diner for our members to hang out and have fun together! :) Since everybody has such unique taste, we added Personal Quarters to our Dojo for higher ranked members to have their own little creative space. 



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Clan Name: ThE TeNnO oF BuGfRaMe
Clan Tier: Ghost Clan
Clan Platform: PC
Clan Role: Founding Warlord

Abstract: Our clan was founded on the fundamentals of a bunch of great friends binding together to create one of the most awesome Clans and Dojo that any Tenno has ever seen. Our clan was founded just a few months ago, and all of our progress was done within the time frame of just a few weeks. Our name is not meant to be a pun towards DE or Warframe, but to highlight the perfection of a game being imperfect, no pun was ever intended 🙂 When anything happens in the game that isn’t intended we refer back to the basics of our clan xD

Video Tour:


The Oasis:



The Club:



The Cavern:



Jousting Arena:




Obstacle Course:



Trading Research:



Out of this world Garden:




The Bar:



The Falls:



Corpus Checkpoint:



Robot from a bygone pre orokin era (painstakingly being reconstructed, still searching for its arms xD):










Oberon’s Grove:


20181017170528_1.jpg?psid=1 20181017170551_1.jpg?psid=1

Orokin Era{or} :P:



20181017170644_1.jpg?psid=1 20181017170754_1.jpg?psid=1

The Temple:






Hotspring with Tiki bar:




The Ruined Observatory:



Grand Temple:



Secret Layer:




20181017171353_1.jpg?psid=1 20181016144820_1.jpg?psid=1


The Treasures:




There is so much more that these photos cant show. Even the Video doesn’t do it justice. Also, our dojo is in no way done, but an ever changing work in progress, I hope everyone can appreciate our effort 😅 We hope to see you in our Dojo Soon! 😄

I would like to also Personally Thank each and every one who helped and participated in the making of everything leading up to today. Without your efforts none of this would have ever been possible!

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Clan Name: Skylight Dawn
Clan Tier: Shadow clan
Clan Platform: PC
My Clan Role: Ruler with Architect permissions (not founding)

Late submission is late and video upload pending since I underestimated how long it would take to upload onto Youtube, I have some pictures to show. The last is also a hint at our 'garden maze' which is currently 15 rooms and not yet done but the room in the picture is.

When you guys get to this, since I won't be able to get to the video before the 1pm deadline... Could I have permission to post it (and the Garden maze tease video) when it's done uploading/if you guys allow it? I'm not editing this post to be safe. I'll me on all day, message me if I can.























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- Clan name      :  Flesh Wound
- Clan tier          :  Mountain Clan
- Clan platform  :  PC
- Your Clan role :  Warlord (Our Warlords have jobs-mine is Design and Architecture: I built everything ^_______^)

Welcome to the Flesh Wound Space Station~! Since the only real homes we have are lodged between our orbiters and our Dojos, we better make it a good place to live, right? :) Our station starts up at the bridge with an almost entirely unfettered view of the abyss: our servertrees and Forward Bridge Consoles don't take up much space, and the starlight is absolutely beautiful.

Just north is our Water Retention/Processing Plant: it's pretty hard to see in there because of the steam, but  without this facility our servertrees would die, so it's really the lifeblood of the station.

Just behind the Water facility are the rooms recruits visit first. We've got a throne room with an offering table wherein we conduct our interviews for citizenship: if accepted, you then swear fealty to the Independent State of Flesh Wound and head over to the sick bay across the hall for a checkup. Once you're cleared from quarantine, you can enter the station. :)

Past our hallways of barracks, we've got our first real impressive hall of three. Welcome to the Space Education/Adjustment Center~! Here you'll find the Education hall, a lecture hall/movie theatre, and several soothing lounges to use to relax or meet other members. Please carefully peruse the educational materials ❤️ It will make adjusting to life in the era we've woken up in much more easy for all of us. 

Now we hit the Oxygen Plant: Our Airtank, which features a town built up around our lifetree. We've lifted the town from the floor to avoid the room's condensation. The Lifetree contains four treehouses and one Treetop Lounge with teleporter. Airtank town has five houses on each street and all are made from different materials. They were built for different personalities and professions. Many of us here in our time don't really have professions anymore, but we do have a few craftsmen, scientists of various types and archivists. 

My house is Mars Rock, with spiral staircase and a kitchen:

We have a breach patch house for a pair of roommates:

Here is our Earth Scientist's barn-lab on the first floor, bedroom on the second:

This house made of pillars is the home of a collector of natural items:

Our meteor house is made from orokin walls we fished out of deep space that have become encrusted in stone out in space:

We do also have a basic orokin house, perfect house for a clean freak :)

We're pretty proud of this firefly-themed house made from grineer pillared walls :) a second story shrine is up over our kitchen with sink and barbecue.

This corpus catwalk house clearly belongs to a minimalist...

This unassuming pair of huts stacked together have owners that have come together to nurture a fairly large tree for a personal zone-otherwise it's just two teeny houses-

We also have a corpus wall house with a working fireplace with smoking chimney.

Our Ice treehouse has actually been claimed by another Warlord because he loves the upstairs bedroom/patio

Our lifetree treetop lounge gives a great view of the rooms from atop a few moonrocks, please disregard the plants growing wild:

The packed-snow treehouse has quite a bit of privacy despite the lack of walls

This treehouse-(my least favorite for some reason-)looks down over the entrance to our main hall... and has a shower ^_____^

and our final treehouse is a very simple hut built to make the owner feel as though he lives in the leaves of the tree.


:) our Main hall is a forest: the walks up through the forest to the Central Bridge are very pretty. Feel free to relax in the utility corners around the edges or to utilize the labs we carefully excised from enemy ships, environment and all, to give us access to high-level weaponry.

We've also got a series of carefully decorated meditation rooms. They come in varying levels of excitement and even in varying light settings, depending on how much one needs to relax. They're themed and very pleasant to visit. They include the Chamber of Riddles, the Warlord Council Chambers, an Antigrav room full of glacier chunks, and many more.


Ultimately at this point you'll end up in the Clan Apartments. They start with a bottom-floor courtyard and work their way up.

We have six penthouses: The upper penthouse in the light facility was built for our Founding Warlord TwistedPixel as a present, and is big enough for him to have visitors.

The other Penthouses are up two different staircases. Up one of the staircases we have our Clan Barracks for new members, complete with some computer consoles and a gorgeous little recruits' yard to relax in. 

Next to the Barracks we have the front doors of two penthouses and a bridge over to the third penthouse for greater privacy for meetings.... So.. the penthouses are themed as the houses are-first one is an Orokin Scientist(has patio):

The second is another collector of various bits of earth life(also has patio):

The third-across the bridge-is a Zen Master. He's got a very minimal living space and devoted most of his penthouse to a beautiful meditation garden around a really lovely cherry tree, complete with butterflies.

The last set of stairs in the apartments goes up to a Botanist's apartment, complete with bunk beds and a huge amount of plantered plants,

and the last penthouse is also a clean freak, back up a hallway for privacy.


Thank you very much for visiting our home. :) We hope it can become a hangout spot for others as well, we have a lot of facilities to share :)



Our member uploading a clan video to youtube says it's going to take a while for the video to complete the upload. Here is the URL for once it is done: https://youtu.be/6kLYw5Itqq8


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hace 15 horas, (PS4)cris_pintora dijo:

Hi, my name is Cristina. I am the founder of the KATAN clan. We are a Latin PS4 Storm Clan.

We try to merge the old with the new to give a new aesthetic to the dojo, creating rooms each one with a personal style.

Thank you to all the members of the clan who contributed a lot of resources with great effort.


And especially to the architects and decorators:





Clan name: KATAN

Clan rank: Storm

Clan platform: PS4

Clan role: Warlord founder 


Dojo Tour video:





































Link images: https://cristinagonzalezpinturas.blogspot.com/2018/10/blog-post.html


wonderful dojo! 🙂

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Greetings from the PC Mountain Tier Clan, Hands of the Void!

I (IGN klokwerkaos) am equivalent rank of Warlord and designed everything and farmed about 80% of the resources.  That said, special thanks to the clan mates for making this possible.

If the dojo looks a little familiar it's because we were VERY BRIEFLY featured in Prime Time 115 and honestly barely showed anything off, so I hope you take the time to get more intimate with the dojo.  I honestly recommend the video, the length will probably scare some people but I assure you it goes very quickly because there is so much detail to show.  

The key design principles at work here are making everything firstly accessible in game (ie trade is dead ahead when you spawn in, labs are right next to you, nav/arsenal too, transporters pretty much everywhere with a well organized list, etc.) while also creating a very nice aesthetic and something that is immersive and (mostly) lore friendly.  Granted we don't have mechs in the game but I kind of felt like people seem to really like the robots so I stuck one in that was loosely based on Khyron's Ship in the old Robotech Macross Series (dating myself).

In the video each "type" of frame (as of time of recording) shows up at least once (ie excal, khora, etc.) as a cameo.

I'll be doing a follow up post in the dojo section of the forums not too far away from now with some additional extensive feedback for the devs since I know I've spent several hundred hours using their dojo system so I feel like I may have some useful insights. 

In the interest of transparency, as noted in the video, one room (cephalon server room) was inspired by another clan (I honestly can't say which) so please take that into account for creativity.  Their room was different in some design elements but it bears mentioning it wasn't wholly my idea originally.

I hope you all enjoy!

Please be sure to like, subscribe, slap the bell, share, visit on twitch, mash face into keyboard... all the stuffs 🙂  I'm new content creator and I could really use the starting support (this is my first video and I'm planning on doing all the grind to work my way up the ranks of content creation as has been my plan for about three months now).

Video Walk-through (recommended):

Still Shots (for my fellow apes with no attention span/time to spare):


So with the new decorations we've been doing some massive upgrades to certain areas, and also there is insights here from the designer about the forms of inspiration for the breadth of the projects involved in the dojo.  I hope you guys enjoy some of the tiny details that help make the dojo what it is 😄


Stay tuned for a massive last minute reveal!!!

Editing NOW!!!

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Greetings to all and Thank you DE for giving builders this opportunity to show our work !

Clan Name : Valhalla Jaegers
Clan Tier :  Ghost
Clan Platform : PC
Clan Role : Founding Warlord
I am pretty much alone in my clan appart from two absent real life friends. I built and funded everything by myself, I hope you will enjoy this visit of my baby dojo !
-First hall is were guests arrive, this is a Pacific Rim-inspired scene, With The Jaeger "Ginger Megan" (Named after our dear giant robot enthusiat DE_Megan) fighting the Kaiju "Grineerian". First Constrution I ever made in Warframe shortly after I started playing. A transporter allows Tenno to get into the Jaeger's head in the fashion of pilots in the movie.
- The next room, "Tennology", is a derelict Tenno Lab. I felt inspired by the post apocalyptic vibe in Portal 2 where fallen pieces of gear meddle with Nature which took its right back. Red lights on console and windows denote old malfunctioning tech.
-Next is " All hail Clem !" . The Chem lab all decorated in Grineer walls and trophies, with a giant efiggy of Clem with his twin Grattakas, Towering the Room. Clem !
-We then move to "E1M1 The Gate of Doom", Tribute to the forefather of First person shooter games. This is the Bio lab, all gilded in Mars fashion, with the four Plaguestar trophies surrounding the console and a fully functioning Hell Gate, which is a transporter.
-Next is "The Repository of a Lost Knowledge". The Orokin Lab, fully guilded in Orokin gold, walls, stairs, plants and Ayatan Statues on Pedestals.
-We then move to "The Venus Research Center", An Iced Corpus Energy Lab. It was my very first work with the new Natural Decorations when they got released. It includes a Kdrive on the side.
-"The Cassandra Quandary", a Zen Garden style Oracle Room. Floating Islands and a small Bridge going through a 2 ways waterfall to a meditation platform.
- The TennOrokin Teralyst : A giant Mecha made of Orokin and Tenno Technology, designed as a counter-measure against the EIdolon Teralyst. The room is Decorated and lit after the Plains of Eidolon fashion.
-The Spacemom Boudoir : A Kiosque room in the woods where the Lotus goes to drink tea and meditate. It is protected by a Sentient Guardian. Several of the very new Atmospheric decorations are in use here.
-"Hey Kiddo"  A giant Statue of SpaceMom, aka "The Lotus", outside the Observatory Room. My biggest construction and a tribute to all the love I bear to Warframe, De and the amazing Community of Tenno.

Thank you all, hope you Enjoy the Visit !




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