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Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

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Dropping this in. Great to see all the talent! Good luck!

Clan Role: Founding Warlord

Name: STSR

Tier: Ghost 10

Platform: PC

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Clan: Name Jeff Corp.

Tier: Ghost

Platform: PC

Role: Founding Warlord 


Here's few gifs of my favortie parts of my dojo. Im not really into decorating till the last update for the dojo decorations came around. The waterfalls started it all

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Clan name: Leader Prime

Tier: Ghost Clan
Platform: PC
Role: Founding Warlord

probs wont win but why not give it a shot

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Clan name: Bath

Clan tier: Mountain

Clan platform: PC

Clan role: Architect

This is the video of our fantasy themed dojo design, make sure to turn on the music when watching, you won't regret it!

Introduction and screenshots below


The Four Divine Beasts

The four divine beasts are based on the four symbols from ancient Chinese culture.

The Azure Dragon- Guardian of the east, master of wood

The White Tiger- Guardian of the west, master of metal (i used ice here instead)

The Vermilion Bird- Guardian of the south, master of fire

The Black Tortoise- Guardian of the north, master of water

Screenshots link here:



The Azure Dragon - The Main Hall

Trade station and treasury in this hall, both decorated.




The White Tiger - The Lounge

A bar and arcade in this hall.




The Vermilion Bird - The Auditorium

Or you can call it Phoenix if you like.




The Black Tortoise - The Garden




The Hands of God

Observer decoration, all four hands in the same observer, also has a nice pavilion on one hand.

Screenshots link here:










Other Decorated Rooms:

More stuffs besides the main sculptures.

Screenshots link here:



The Butterfly Dining Hall

Ever wonder what your operator eats for lunch? Come have a meal Tenno, fish fresh from Cetus! 




The Cabin in the Woods

A mysterious cabin, come and see what's inside?




The Yard of Parrot

A mysterious white parrot who bring luck for the clan (won't increase drop rate haha)






P.S. have seen some imitation of our dragon and phoenix, i'm very glad how people love my works, but now i have to prove i designed the original ones.

the dragon is first posted on Reddit 3 months ago, link is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/8tf9rb/dojo_decoration_hall_of_the_dragon/

the phoenix is first posted on Reddit 2 months ago, link is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/92lkxo/dojo_decoration_phoenix/

Thank you all for liking my stuffs ^_^

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updated the new version of our video, added more screenshots
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13 hours ago, ImDaiz said:

Clan: Improved Primor

Tier: Ghost

Platform: PC

Role: Founding Warlord 


Note: I've been trying to decorate every single room in the dojo, here is some of the finished stuff, there is some stuff that i need to finish. 



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14 hours ago, Nerubian77 said:

Neat, but does the trophy have clan experience attatched to it much like previous event statues?


Says it doesn't give XP. Last section of post under Faq and its #2 right below #1 explaining how to post a video.

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I thought perhaps visiting clan dojos would be a bit more streamline or simplistic by  just having a Clan Search Interface/Menu Screen that resembles the market's interface and would have a dojo feature section.  

Simply type/search for the clan.  View their profile. And click on Visit Dojo button And you are there.  

Featured Dojos can be hand selected by DE or by community votes.  

Either way, good luck everyone.  🙂

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Well, impossible for us to etner this contest.
It's great for placing grand statues and robots.
But for more pinpoint acurate work...

When you're used to editing in 3D with Blender for example, this is a huge downgrade.



I lost count on how many times this topic has been adressed.
And I'm starting to feel this request is... *hangs shoulders*...
'Naive' as Konzu would say.

Hope can be a great thing. But it can also destroy and depress if it's not being heard.
Nevermind... guess I'm just having another down-day.
Ignore anything I mentioned.


Well, best of luck to all participants.
Much love :heart:

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Realy cool you guys do this contest , its our first time and we hope you will enjoy the looks of our Dojo



Shadowclan rank 9

Console :PS4

saintcruz: Warlord (Co-Founder/Architect/Decorator)

Location: Netherlands


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35 minutes ago, (PS4)drphilliplove said:

Questions <-> How To Send Warframe Dojo Pictures On PSN?

you can use the playstation app on your phone , by sending the pictures to a chat on your ps4 and download them on your phone from the same chat

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Clan name: Hunhow hunter

Clan tier: Mountain

Clan platform: PC

Clan role: Clan Architect


This is a preview of each room, more pictures please visit the imgur link: ↓↓↓



>>>Ruins of The forest<<<


>>>MSM07 Factory<<<


>>>Gears of War<<<


>>>The destroyer of Alf<<<


>>>Samurai's Room<<<


>>>Hunter Lounge<<<


I am sorry to take up the screen, hope u guys can enjoy it.  ❥(^_-)


—— See you in Dojo, Tenno ——

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10 hours ago, Sannleikur said:
  • Clan name: Athene 
  • Clan tier: Ghost
  • Clan platform: PC
  • Your Clan role: Warlord (I build rooms and decorate them)

    I'm just going to copy past  my old dojo threads here, will add stuff as I finish it. Let me know if I need to change how I present things to conform to contest rules.

     Currently working on 4 projects. I intended to take a break from the game till fortuna dropped but I guess I'll see if I can finish up some projects.

    War in Heaven Hall & Buddhist Shrine

    Spirit Garden

    Orokin Space Garden

    Rapture City (from bioshock)

    Ludoplex Gaming Arcade 


    Unlimited Blade Works

    Planet Sized Wasp Hive

    Waterfall Elevator

    I didn't make a thread for this one since it's hard to take screenshots of and would be better to show in a video. I may make a video of my dojo later.
      Reveal hidden contents




    Orokinized Tenno Lab
    I didn't make a post for this one by itself either. I had planned on fully decorating all the labs and sharing them together but that will have to wait as I've got a lot of things in the works.

      Reveal hidden contents


    Decorating this one was a pain. I had to come up with a few new ways of placing decorations in confined spaces, especially after I was an idiot and funded the top decorations in the glass cylinder before placing the lower stuff in it, which includes an orokin glass floor, and a stalker statue weiding a fireball in the center of the frame display.


    In my attempt to make the windows seem more orokin like, I used blue panels in patterns. Unfortunately, it blocks the displays partly, this one being an eyes of blight trophy cleverly placed where the pedestal of the original decoration is gone and is replaced with the energy field display basin that is part of the room.
    I have the same problem with this one. Unfortunately the panels make it harder to see the ayatan tornado I've got on display. Perhaps I'll just replace the blue panels with the orokin rounded glass instead.


    Planeta Origenem Hall
    I wanted to build a giant replica globe of earth and create a sort of ring around it that looked like asteroids. This was weeks before anything but old tenno decorations were available, and space and capacity were extremely limited. I did wind up making a replica of earth to my satisfaction after 3 major renovations, and settled on 4 floating platforms that were to my liking. Unfortunately shortly after I was done the dojo lighting update hit, and cast the entire thing into shadow and totally changed the look of it.

    I intend to eventually take the planet and floating platforms and place them into an observatory where I feel it would be better suited, and then use the hall they're currently in for a bunch of dinosaurs I'd like to build, since it is the best hall for such a thing. I likely won't get to this for months since I have other projects taking priority. 


      Reveal hidden contents






    The Grandest Hall Zen Beach Spa
    This is my oldest project that still has a lot of decorations in the same place they were pretty much 5 years ago. I love/hate it. The floating mirrored platforms with floating lanterns took ages to build back then because we had to place decorations on top of each other to make them float, and we couldn't bullet jump and didn't have the decoration menu we have now, so I had to fund scaffolding as well just so I could have something to stand on so I could place decorations higher.  Many of the ground floor red pieces I haven't had to move at all in 5 years. 

    The original concept was to just make it look kind of old style zen and make the biggest tree in warframe. The tree itself is made of several dozen maple trees and stands about 40m tall and branches out 40m in every direction. To this day I suspect I have the 2 biggest trees in warframe. This is not my biggest tree. I also wanted to add a bit of alice in wonderland to my dojo, so I made the reflecting floating platforms, the top one which you can fall thru. There used to be a transporter up there, back before bulletjump existed, so people could get the view from up there, and fall through  The Rabbit Hole.  I felt after building the Alice portion of the dojo that the song "Pure Imagination" was perfect for my dojo. I still feel the same way now.

    Every time there's been a dojo update to capacity I've added to this room. The beach effect I only figured out how to do in the last 6 months or so.

    This is another room that looks much better in person or in video than in screen shots. 

    But the room is old, and I feel it is outdated. I don't like how the lighting makes most of the decorations really dark, and I don't like how hundreds of the old style decorations and several dozen old maple trees drop my FPS to 12. I plan on eventually taking all the decorations out of this room and starting something much more... odd. Imagine if the Paris 1909 air show took place where magic and technology had coexisted openly for millennium. That's the basic concept of what I have planned for this room in the future. I hope to give it a Studio Ghibli +Alice in Wonderland +1909 Paris Air Show steampunk vibe. 

      Reveal hidden contents













    Communist Grineer Loki Mech Trophy Room.

    The communist part was mostly unintentional. My entire dojo was originally red themed to keep with the japanese zen theme. The clan logo I made was yellow partly to match the helm of Athena and partly because I felt yellow went with the red theme of the dojo at the time. For years the trophy room did not look communist at all, and the loki was bare.

    When the Grineer and Corpus and new Tenno decoration update dropped, I finally broke down and gave in to the clan founder's pestering of me to build a mech. I'd never built a mech before, nor anyting that resembled any sort of animal at that point in time. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I stuck to grineer parts and randomly pieced it together. I still feel I did a good job despite not knowing what I was doing. the day after I finished the grineer portion of it, the lighting and oroking decoration update dropped. The new lighting suddenly made the entire room feel vibrantly communist. I was very amused. I then proceeded to give the loki an orokin helm.

    Since there's a 100 room cap (that should be doubled Hint Hint DE) in dojos atm and I'm currently at 70+ with plans to save room for old orokin legacy tilesets (Hint Hint DE) if they ever come back, and several more observatories, I may not be able to build more of these rooms, but I would like to, because decorating loki statues is fun.


      Reveal hidden contents



    THE BLACK ( Originally THE BLACK, formerly Yggdrisil,  Currently THE BLACK once again, and soon to be Yggdrisil proper)
    Another one of My oldest projects. 5 years ago or more, I glitched out of the observatory, and spent a couple weeks building scaffolding to the furthest point the light would reach, and then built a very simple zen garden out of a yinyang gard and a maple tree since  that's all the room capacity would allow for back then. It had 0 lighting, hence the name THE BLACK.

    Fast forward a few years and the capacity get bumped up considerably. Then Corpus and Grineer decorations update drops. I take that tiny platform and say to myself "I'm going to build an even bigger tree, a WORLD TREE, Yggdrisil even, AND the 9 Realms!" I failed miserably. Yggdrisil and the 9 realms became just one very big normal looking  80m tall tree, and a space zen garden.  Then the lighting update hit, and made it so only the stuff on the sides and the back was black, so I had to farm vombalists in a rush so I could make the THE BLACK in proper again. 

    Then I saw Zar__'s dojo's tree made from pipes and platforms and tree decorations. You can see it in his post in this thread. I took one look at that and figured out exactly how I'd build Yggdrisil and the 9 realms properly. It's like #4 on my top Priority list. right behind 2 or 3 of the projects I'm currently in the middle of.


      Reveal hidden contents



    In this lat image, I'm sitting on the original yingyang platform from years ago. It's the only piece left besides the transporter from back then in this room. Looking upwards, you can see a million fireflies in the tree decorations above.

    Work In Progress: Tomb of the Great King
    I've set this project aside for months already, because it is hard. It originally started out as a 5th element triple scen project, which I still plan on doing in the distant future. I was going to do the opera scene in the inside of the observatory, the pyramid scene from the end of the movie, and the flying taxi chase thru the sky city scene.

    I got distracted once I completed the first pyramid. I decided I should build an EVEN BIGGER PYRAMID, as big as I could. 

    I did. 

    The pyramid is 50m tall and 100m Wide. Then I added to it. Shaped the idea of it. I wanted to add lots of Hyroglyphs, a spiral staircase, make it 3 or 4 floors. Viewing Windows. A Tomb. A sarcophogus. A 40m tall statue of Anubis. Then I wanted to add a statue of Ra surrounded by obylisks facing it. I got stuck on Anubis. I wanted to give him a lot of detail. This wound up eating a lot of capacity, so much so I had to move the idea of Ra and the obalisks across the dojo to another observatory. I've yet to finish Anubis. 

    The fact that lighting stops suddenly and makes one decoration light up and the one next to it pitch black has been a seriously discouraging factor, too. When I heard it was going to be fixed, I'd hoped it would be withing a couple months after the announcement. 

    This project is my #2 or #3 priority project. This contest may get me in gear to finish it.


      Reveal hidden contents

    The eye of horus. An entire warframe fits standing up in the pupil of the iris.


    The Ankh, The Djed, and the Was. 

    An old screenshot of when I first completed the first part of the spiral staircase. I used a trick to make it look like all the pieces were getting light. They are not.

    A scale model of one of the feet for anubis. 



    Currently trying to work on his back and abs. the abs are proving difficult. I would show you what I have, but due to weird spacing, I had to put in a filler piece before I start adding cloths after the body is done, and the filler piece looks like a very large NFSW thing. 

    Currently I got this room blocked off from visitors and clan members, mostly because it's unfinished and I don't want them funding the unfunded pieces yet since I have to use decorator mode inside them in order to properly place things. It's very tricky, and impossible to do with funded pieces.

    the platform Anubis is standing on will house the sarcophagus, which if I have the cap for, I will prop open and have a hand sticking out. 

    Anubis I feel will be cross armed, holding a was and Djed. He will have a skirt and a fancy necklace but not have a shirt. Behind him will be an enourmous 40m tall set of scales, one with a heart on it, the other with a feather.

    This project will take a while.

    Work in Progress Priority #1: The Citadel from Mass Effect. 

    I was inspired by this dudes video upload of an O'Niel Cylinder he made in his dojo. It was mind blowing. I had briefly considered making the Citadel in the past but it was put way way down on the priority list. I don't have much done now, but it will be the first of the unfinished projects to be done.


      Reveal hidden contents


    Other Works in Progress

    I've got 3 other works in progress laying around half finished or less, one is a giant jeweled and golden peacock which is priority #2 or 3, an Orokin Eldritch Monstrum which is my oldest incomplete project by far, but I need more experience building humanoid sculptures before I tackle it fully, and a giant chessboard with pieces getting knocked over by a pigeon, though I may remove the pigeon from the mix to simplify things.

    Planned Projects

    Dinosaur valley hall, Magical tech fair circa early 1900s, Demon dwelling in a creep old orokin clan hall, 3 5th element scenes, Vay Hek Raid with noggles, Sun God Ra statue+Karnak+ Obelisks, The Parthenon, A large really freaky looking angel, and several others I can't remember off the top of my head. 

    I will be lucky to finish 3 projects before the end of this event. 

We found the ghost 1st place. Your dojo blew my mind GG!

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Clan : Kubrow du Lotus

Support: ps4

Taille: lune

Rang: 10

Seigneur Fondateur: morganboris

Dojo remaster contest vidéo

Diaporama Dojo Tour... env. 3 min.


Depuis janvier 2017, le clan a connu plusieurs phases de décorations. En juillet 2017 le clan était déjà lune. De fait toutes les décorations actuelles ont été financées au tarif clan Lune.

La décoration est continue afin de permettre son financement.

En octobre 2018, le dojo compte plusieurs pièces à thème : avion, fantastique, nature, agricole, infirmerie, réserve, bar-lounge, montgolfière, F1, arbre lumineux, marché couvert ...


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màj 10/2018

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- Clan name      :  Homunkulus
- Clan tier          :  Ghost
- Clan platform  :  Xbox1
- Your Clan role :  Founding Warlord / Dojo Builder


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The vault plat prize is very generous, but we dont really need to rush things with plat, what we do need for building is a metric ton of resources. As a prize that would encourage building more than vault plat, like 5000 gallium and plastids etc. Maybe you could add it to the prizes, because we build with resources not plat.

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Clan Name: La tombe de Nazarick

Clan Tier: Rank 9 shadow clan

Clan Platform: PC

Clan Role/rank: Sage (Architect permission)


I joined an already well-established clan with a large dojo a while back, and I just wanted a room to call my own. I contacted one of the higher-ups, and they gave me architect permission (rather unwisely in hindsight). Once I'd built one room for myself, I couldn't stop.

I've always loved the crystalliine Orokin trees, they put me in mind of Eldar architecture from Warhammer 40,000, and that's what fuelled the first two rooms.

Then the natural decorations came out, and I thought "hang on Dan (that's my name), your lighting makes this place look like it's underwater." So I started adding the natural decorations. Here we are. 



All are welcome to visit, regardless of what how low I am scored. Just PM me and I'll point the way.

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