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Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]


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Clan Name: HaiBinDou

Clan Tier: Ghost Clan

Clan Platform: PC

Clan Role: Warlord (Architect Permission)

A little project to capture what a small portion of a cyberpunk city would feel like in warframe. Inspired by Blade Runner and Altered Carbon. The map is split into 2 sections (by flyovers). With one side containing social housing and back alleys while the other containing a tower for the warlords to look over their city.

Built by Optixal and bakchormee. Maxed decoration capacity.


















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  • Clan name: I Ho Chuan
  • Clan tier: Ghost
  • Clan platform: PC
  • Your Clan role: Founding Warlord


My dojo has been an evolving project over the past five years. The main goal was to create a dojo that was efficient for its members but still invoke creativity and wonder. It's always a joy to have new people explore the halls and I want everyone to have that chance.

Rewards would go towards expediting the construction of a space commune:




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15 hours ago, (PS4)YADEGAY said:

Clan Name: The Alpha Primes

Clan Tier: Rank 10 Mountain

Clan Platform: PS4

Clan Role: Architect

Entry video: 

Please enjoy our tour video, from all of the members of The Alpha Primes! Good luck to all the entries!


How did you make that blue mist in the duel ring around 8 minutes in if you don't mind me asking?

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32 minutes ago, TennoDekken said:

How did you make that blue mist in the duel ring around 8 minutes in if you don't mind me asking?

Don't mind it at all! Always amazed to see what people can do with their dojo. The "blue mist" is achieved by using the polychrome to tweak the lighting and fog settings. There are many colours to use once you've completed the research requirements. Have fun with it!

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Clan name:     Crui Speir
Clan tier:         Shadow
Clan platform:  PC
Your Clan role: High King (General)

Please enjoi this link : https://imgur.com/a/IikJuFA

Founding Warlord: Unole


First up, we have the Ark Commons. We typically use this for trades and such but once you enter you will feel yourself become submerged into a “Red Veil” environment.

Next you will sail the vast skies with our handmade airship. We call this beast the Valkyre XII. You can stay amongst the top level and feel the wind tingle your face or if you choose you can stay on the bottom floor and hide away. Of course there’s always the option to stick it up in the birds nest if you’re not afraid of the heights!

After that, we will take a break and show you our take on Iron Giant. He was crafted to look similar, but not to be the same. You can in fact sit on his hand and feel his eyes focused on you, and you alone! We also encourage you to check out our Game room. May not be the best decorated, but its just a place fellow tennos can go and relax with the ledoplex.

If you need full on restoration of the mind and body, we invite you to go to Yin Yang. It is a calming place centered with a weeping willow waterfall. Here you can get your zen back to 100%

After all of this, it all fails in comparison to our lovely Fashion Frame Stage. Our team worked very hard on this to bring the BEST place in all of warframe to get your fashion on. It has a stage, of course, along with a 2nd open floor to allow you to get some amazing pictures from the provided environment. We also feature a winners spot along with a trading post to give winners their rewards.

Across from that, we have “who knows” which is huge rock with waterfalls coming off the topside, giving you a hidden cavern of sort. From here you can astonishing pictures of your fashion frame with waterfall and the moon in the background. Sounds appeasing right?

We also have a member created hallways that will drive you in from its appearance alone. This dark floating tree hallways will have you pacing back and forth in amazement with just enough lighting to see what you need to see!

After that, if you will, you can travel to this rock beast of a dragon. With eyes of fire made from the rage of its capture. It is quite difficult to get the entire thing in one eye full as he is quite large. Hop on him, if you dare!



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  • Clan name: Serbian Ghost
  • Clan tier: Shadow Clan rank 9
  • Clan platform: PC
  • Your Clan role: Founding Warlord  (i create all alone its my CLAN)


in image 5 its inside big robot transport from game Anthem...

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·  Clan name               : Stonebrunt

·  Clan tier                   : Ghost

·  Clan platform          : PC

·  Your Clan role         : Founding Warlord


First time doing this. I’ve never really decorated any of the Clan / Guild Halls in the other games I’ve played; just threw resources at whatever someone else was building. This time though, I’m flying solo and since I got really bored one day, well, the results are below.

First up is Engineering. Where I first started small. Look up 😀




Second is Surefall Glade. The main Hall upon port in. I tried to go for a serene big garden sort of look. About the only thing I thought looked nice is the suspended meditation platform up top.



Third is The Collective. Every Clan / Guild needs a place where everyone can look important as they have meetings to plan all those raids which tend to fail whenever someone shouts “Leroy !!!” I tried to go for a ‘serious’ look without it looking like the conference room from work.


Fourth is Studio 54. A place where everyone can just hang out and chill. Drinks are on tap. Just don’t ask what they’re brewed from. Sadly I wanted to add more to this room but there’s only 18 capacity left. Not enough to add much of anything worthwhile. And DE, please add a disco ball to the decorations. Thanks.



I really haven’t done much work on the gardens. By the time I got to them I was kinda burned out. Just a few items thrown in here and there but there is a Man-Cave in one of the gardens. Just needs a pizza to complete it 😛


Special Thanks to a “Master of Matter” who posted a pic of his bar on Reddit. It would never have occurred to me to flip the shrine and the couches otherwise. Additionally, there is one room left that’s incomplete and I can’t really complete it until the Christmas decorations roll around.

Thanks for viewing everyone. Don’t think I have a chance to win anything but it was still a bit of fun to have this done and have someone see it.

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