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Warframe Synopsis; a complete roster review

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So, the single point of this is to have a single locus of discussion on various frames and their states. This will be more so about discussing the weak points of various frames, how their augments either perform as they should or not, and bring up several issues with several frames and the view point of players on what should be altered. 


My opinion on the matter is not something I cast as absolute truth, so I openly welcome other feedback to either refute a point or further explain something someone agrees with. 


The roster review will focus and expand if there is an issue on 3 main points that are vague enough not to make functional niche frames feel under appreciated, but focus on makes a warframe 'work'. These three points will be Sustainability of gameplay, survivability of the frame for longer content, and the price of power. Sustainability of gameplay is the general desire to play a frame in general; does it have a sense of identity that can at least garner fans in a healthy way, and can it at least feel impactful in content in it's own way. Survivability is how well a frames function allows it to stand on it's own in moderate duration content. This means a functional forma build without augments or arcanes, but will not factor in energy economy, as there are plenty of ways around it. Finally, the price of power is a bit more of a dissection of how the frame functions within it's own kit, and where its strong, weak, or fairly balanced. This includes cast times, the general level 9f influence an ability has, and how itbeithers aids or hampers the frame in general. With that out of the way, let's start from the top.



Ash is conceptually THE ninja frame, from smoke bomb stealth, and shuriken to assassination. With light armor but generous health pool, Ash manages to be a bit squishy from the bruiser class in terms of stats, but more than makes up for this with his kit. His stealth is unrestricted by movement, meaning he can use as needed in any situations he not being directly cc'd, and his shuriken and teleport move are both fantastic tools for singular target takedowns. His bladestorm is both a moderately well designed move and satisfying display of power. Ash's augments give him small variations of his innate playstyle while still holding true to his original identity. The only real quality of life issue is the moderate inconsistency of fatal teleport actually performing a finisher targets from time to time.



Atlas is a beat em up bruiser of a frame, meant to flourish in the thick of combat, seeking to smash and dash through the brawl of general combat. To that end, he is able to set walls to cut off choke points to a moderate degree and freeze enemies in place with his gaze. To a degree, atlas is a rather simple frame, and isnt really meant to serve some role in the higher 'meta' some people tend to follow, but still sees some love for essentially being a earth bending rock 'um sock 'um robot. For his general kit, his golems seem a bit out of the ordinary, but function fairly. The biggest issue that seems to come across is the dependance for synergy with his petrifying gaze. I dont dislike this ability or the effects it has, but more so the lack of mobility while using it. Many people will jump to keep moving while casting this, as the cast animation has a moderate length and it roots you for the duration of the ability cast. If this immobility were to be removed, this would not only streamline movement, but also allow for slight readjustment should enemies move during the cast wind up. While his augments aren't earth shattering (pun intended), they do compliment certain playstyles decently.



Banshee is a caster style frame with high damage amp capabilities and light cc on the fly. Her final ability, while locking her out of all other actions, does provide excellent mid to moderate range lock down. Banshee is a glass cannon styled frame, trading high survivability for high kill potential for herself and allies. She also helps maintain a lower profile in squad based gameplay through her passive. Where banshee struggles is through her survivability to a moderate degree. Her damage amp requires some precious to keep up the kill count individually, so she was given a light stun in her 3rd ability. While this ability is decent for shutting down targets at moderate range long enough for her to line up her shots, maps with overlaying topography of larger areas can easily 'eat' the stun long before banshee ever lays eyes on them. Take into account that this provides little benefit after the initial stun, and the high duration the ability, many feel the price for the cc isnt worth. Many ask for either recastability or some sort of impact from the ability during its duration past the initial stun. I feel an accuracy debuff for enemies still under the effect of the ability would be a nice compliment to the ability, and ties into the idea of being disoriented by lack of sound. As far as augments go, each complement a playstyle to a moderate degree. 



Chroma stands as the elemental punisher. He is able to both absorb a beating and dish out punishment with impunity. This is just half his kit however, and while the rest is rather showy, it lacks true impact. Both his 1st ability and his 4th ability simply pale in comparison to the utility and dps potential of his 2nd and 3rd abilities. Chroma's first ability simply does not have either the range or damage to warrant being locked out of the entirety of the rest of your loadout. This ability fails not for it's own right, but for its lack of allowing you the entirety of the rest of your toys. Combined with his fourth ability, which lacks both range and damage potential, Chroma has quickly become a 1 trick pony in the form of his damage amping potential. Chroma's first ability needs change in some way to either worth the loss of kit, or not interrupt the usage of it. His fourth feels rather underwhelming, so I would like to see a range buff, damage buff slightly, and the ability to be unleashed in the air to truly rule from above when deployed. His augments are rather bland, but see some small usage on occasion.



Ember, the fire caster frame, and a frame that has not transitioned through the years well. She has had multiple reworks and nerfs. Many use her simply to speed through singular objective content missions, such as captures and exterminatation missions. She has low survivability through her kit and her stats, and falls off damage wise after roughly level 30-40. Her ability to hog kills in low tier content combined with lack of impact in later content low hp base leaves her with little to be desired by the playerbase as a whole. While ember does feel like flame based frame, she doesn't sustain her gameplay well. I feel this is her lack of flexibility in her kit and poor impact overall. To solve this, her 2, 3, and 4, need to be redistributed to either more interactive dps potential or Cc. First off, I feel that the stun/blind from the 2 needs to have its durationeffected by mods. This brings up her survivability through light cc. Her 3 lacks impact past the initial cast, and even then, does a poor job of providing a meaningful impact. If flame blast was able to continue firing out blast wave for its duration, set to certain intervals, this would give more of a zone of influence for the duration, and give her dominance. Finally, interactive dps on her 4th ability. I feel like firequake needs a moderate adjustment to encourage more than simply activating this ability and walking around. One potential idea of my own is something like a volcano mechanic, combining the already present charge up mechanic with a small copy of Equinox's main mechanic. If the damage and intensity of the firequake increased as the charges reached one hundred, and paid off with an accumulation of damage per enemy ignited (possibly multiplied by accelerant?) being released in a great fiery nova, this would encourage ability management for large dps pay offs. While this might not discourage 4 and run in singular objective missions, it DOES offer a viable means of dps for higher end duration based content. Her augments do offer some nice gameplay alternative focuses. 



Equinox is a fantastic duality based frame that captures both an impactful kit design and conceptually identifiable playstyle. With day form enables great dps potential and power, night form plays a well designed controlling support style. Equinox is well designed after her Mend buff to shield rewards, and her day form has always been a nice aggressive playstyle. The only real weak part of equinox's kit is her pacify ability. This ability isnt so much weak, as its reach being dependent on enemies being in range just feels awkward. Altering this to simply affect allies instead of enemies in range would be an outstanding change to allow all abilities in night form to simply make sense seeing as provoke already buffs the squad directly as well. Equinox's augments all offer nice additions to an already impressive kit. 



Warframe's poster child and iconic starter; Excalibur is a well rounded bruiser capable of heavy dps and medium range zone control. As the largest occupier of the stage, Excalibur has been well implemented and balanced. Little more needs to be said for this beloved frame. His augments offer nice shifts that stay rooted to his original play style.



Frost is the defensive ice based frame. This frame is most well known for his zone domination through his iconic snow globes that shelter the players within from abuse, while still allowing players to fire on those without. Frost also packs moderate dps and control through the rest of his kit. The only weak point in this frame's kit is ice wave. With low damage and no really consistent control offered without using and augment (which he has better of), ice wave sees no real use other than the occasional lower tier damage wipe. I would rather see this turned into a better control ability, with the damage either lowered or removed entirely, and instead slowing enemies hit, as well as a small range buff. This would compliment the zone control playstyle frost seems built upon. His augments offer very nice utility. 



Gara is a decent yet slightly glass based caster frame. While Gara may not have the strongest following, she still offers a fairly powerful kit, with good zone control and high damage mitigation with moderate dps potential. The biggest issue I've seen for those who stick by Gara is the wonky verticality control for casting vitrify. This can seem to range from tower to mole hill in height. A way to better control the height of the glass walls would be a nice change to her kit. As far as augments, mending splinters lacks good scaling and would probably be better off with a low percentage base healing to help with higher end content where the heal seems underwhelming. 



Another well designed frame with a clear identity that serves well in both solo and squad play. Harrow is a great control support frame that both gives great defensive periods and high dps potential for good execution. A simple but well timed together kit encourages full kit utilization without seeming forced. Little needs to be done to this frame. Augments offer nice utility. 



This drowning victim wannabe packs a fun kit that be utilized for moderate utility and dps potential and a bit of fun. While not the most 'meta' of frames, our puffy pants frame friend does have an impactful kit with some fun utilization and a clear identity. The only real issue bubble boi suffers from is poor scaling. If this was tweaked, he would be a reliable asset in higher tier content. His augments offer some nice further utility. 



The king of the sands and a nigh immortal support packed with great utility. Boasting a great lockdown kit and one of the highest if not perhaps the highest potential for surviviabilty, Inaros is powerful frame able to deal with enemies and sustain himself as he absorbs high amounts of abuse without going down. This undying frame needs little in terms of improvements. His augments offer nice further utility.



One of the few true stealth based frames, Ivara is a powerful unseen force of the battle field. With great manipulation capabilities and a powerful exalted bow, Ivara is a forced to be reckoned with. The only lackluster ability in her kit is navigator, but this can still be a useful utility ability, or just a fun ability to steer around projectiles. Her augments offer both nice utility to an already impressive kit, and alternative play on her bow. 



This frame has struggled hard to hold her own after her initial identity was all but completely scrapped and redesigned from the ground up. As such, Khora has settled slightly into a rather weak identity. While her base kit has a recently rounded out arsenal, her 4th feels....off. While the rest of her kit is fairly aggressive, the 4th is very much a defensive ability for short range zone control. This ability, however, is reliant on ranged enemies getting close to deal taunt longer range enemies. This leaves the most impactful part of this ability, and its ability to protect you at longer range, out of your control almost completely. It is this disjointed influence that really prevents the ability from shining. Either some sort of rework to put more control over this ability in your hands, or a swap out to fit the rest of her aggressive style seems necessary at some point. Her augment so far augments her aggressive style fairly well. 



Limbo is a great control frame whos ability to tackle just about any challenge at his own pace can sometimes put him at odds with the rest of the game. Limbo is a very niche frame, who's stark contrast in terms of isolation play rather than pure forms of cc makes him feel out of place in the rest of the Wf roster. However, I dont feel that there is anything inherently wrong with Limbo as a whole. His kit has been moderately reworked to allow for healthier play in squads, and I believe that, while not for the masses, he is truly a unique frame that still works within the scope of wf. My only real issue with him is Banish's knock down. I really wish this was more of a Mez, or even a panic (such as a fire proc without the DoT), as the knockdown makes them a smaller target at range. His augments dont necessarily give him alternate playstyle, but do shift particular focuses of his gameplay.



Ah, Loki, the supposed master race of Warframe. There are few missions or challenges that a Loki cant triumph over simply by disappearing and never being seen again, coupled with his radical disarm. For being a stealth frame, Loki is surprisingly both simple but versatile. Loki may not be the flavor of the month anymore, but he still packs the utility and simplicity that many can rely on where other frames fail. Truly, a simple concept and execution that will forever be accessible to those in need. His augments offer greater utility, and a nice variety to an already strong utilitarian frame.



Ah, Mag, the must polarizing frame for opinionated individuals in the game (pun intended). At times, Mag is loved and adored, and at times, Mag is hated and belittled. This frame has long struggled with her identity, and remains a frame with people on both sides of the spectrum. As it currently sits, Mag seems to suffer from 2 issues with her kit. The first being general survivability. When it comes to Mag, she was originally supposed to fill this Magnet Dps wizard feel, and while some of this identity remains, she has become something of a Bard, if you will. She doesn't have a direct dps ability, but instead uses magnetized to lock down points and stack up potential dps, and debuff enemies with her polarize ability. In this way, Mag is a very fun frame conceptually, as she plays rather well and survived easily enough in lower tier content. However, in higher tier content, she struggles to survive without the use of specific augments, as she is largely shield dependent and shields struggle the higher tier the content is, being almost non-existsent past about lvl 80. On the side of dps, her 2 is a powerful tool, but without its augment, the power spikes that could make it punishing as more unwieldy, and out of her true control. Combine these two factors with her 4th ability being rather lackluster, Mag fails to hold up under all the points that make a frame viable for duration content. As it sits, Mag has a decent kit at base, but possibly needs a redesign on crush to make it more punishing, support oriented, or changed all together.  Further more, Magnetize having detonation control as part of its initial ability would help put Mag's only true Dps skill, outside of her 4th skill, directly in her control and still be skill based. Either that or the detonation range needs to be buffed fairly significantly, but that feels less skill oriented and rewarding. Outside of that, Mag does pack some great augments that give her some amazing utility inher kit.



Mesa is a strong frame, with a well loved kit and design that appeals to several types of players. While herbkit may not boast 'true synergy' her abilities are all useful in their own right, and make her a force to be reckoned with. Shooting gallery is both a good steroid and a surprisingly powerful midrange form of CC, and is a welcome buff in any team, with her shatter shield giving her deceptively high survivability. Both of these pale slightly in comparison, however, to the true display of Mesa's Peacemakers ability. The power of this ability is truly punishing, as even even tanky high tier enemies are shredded under a hailstorm of bullets. While her 1st ability barely ever sees true usage, it is still a decent ability with hisb single shot dps capabilities. While augments do not alter Mesa's playstyle, they do compliment her base style in different ways, and are a welcome addition in any build. 



Life through sleight of hand and misdirection, Mirage is a frame that lives and dies based on how well her durations are managed. When it comes to her kit, the dependance on lighting and darkness can feel odd and out of your control. While this mechanic might seem unique, the fact that such power is taken out of your hands on a reliable basis, and can be hard to punish properly with the damage amp, or survive with the damage reduction from shadows. Other than and despite this moderate lack of control, Mirage is a loved frame and boon to just about any squad she joins. She is a fun frame with abilities that allow her to stand strong on her own or in a squad. To that end, her augments fail to leave a strong impression, they can still offer some utility to an already strong kit. 



Big bone daddy himself. Nekros is a frame that is never truly out of place in a squad, seeing as how, in a loot based shooter, he can generate even more loot from defeated foes. The rest of his kit is slightly more eclectic, but still offers a unique and rewarding play style. The only real complaints about the spook boi I run into that merit mention are his 1st and 2nd skills. Specifically, some wish soul punch had a little bit more influence, as in the ability penetrate and launch any within the true range of the abilities influence per cast, and the 2nd skill having a hard number of targets cap. The second seems to be the more common I found and the more reasonable, as we have much more powerful CC in the game ecmven with abilities filling the same 'slot', essentially. Other than that, Nekros remains a viable, if not eccentric, addition to any team, with good augments to boot.


Ne zha-

After skater boy got his rework, there is very little that anyone can say about this frame that doesn't sing his praises. A power and concrete frame, there are few times a Ne zha isnt a great boon to any squad. Decent augments compliment this frame even further. 



Nidus is a victim of his own original success. On release, this frame was both a powerhouse and nigh immortal through great scaling damage, a free self revive passive, and extreme self regeneration. After his nerfs Nidus settled in a much more tame position. As it sits, his innate regeneration is fairly moderate, and his need to stay near his parasite targets for his damage reduction takes the mobility ability away from out infested friend. While I could ask for a revision to his previous state, Nidus simply does well if played more skillfully. I believe, however, that Nidus could do well with some small quality of life updates. The first of these being his Plink target following him, rather than plopping down for a camping session. Mobility is a huge factor in warframe, that its removal for a vital source of survivability in higher tier content doesn't play well in Nidus' favor. To that same degree, Nidus' 4 doesn't exactly scream area dominance as it should. Its innate regeneration spike is rather small, as Oberon's 3rd ability is FAR stronger AND offers flat armor increases if paired with another ability, and it doesn't have massive dps potential without a large amount of time for maggots to properly stack up. I would really like to either see the dps or the healing on this ability ramped up, although the small area for healing makes the dps portion much more appealing. Other than that, Nidus still does fairly well, and has some moderately decent augments to work with.



The queen of CC makes her appearance. If Nova had all of her kit removed except for her 4th ability, she would still be one of the strongest CC frames in the game, if not still holding that position. Our fair lady has a relatively simple kit design in execution, but that doesn't stop her from exerting EXTREME influence on the foes around her. While the isnt tremendous synergy in her kit, Nova dos boast 3 fairly deelfent abilities, and while the 1st isnt anything amazing, it still has some use for moderate damage. As such, it's really the only ability would need any doctoring, and Nova is fair from in need of a buff. Her augments offer some interesting alternative focus, but with her 4th being so strong, it usually remains the sole focus. 



One of our original frames, Nyx is a frame that hasn't aged as gracefully as other frames, but still offers a unique and effective enough style to continue seeing fans. DE has already illuminated the weakness in her kit and is working on a rework. Moving her chaos ability to her 2nd and giving her a new 3rd ability hopefully give Nyx the final push she needs to truly stand out on the roster. 



Deer king and Paladin wanna be supreme, Oberon is a support frame that truly brings our the best and survivability of those around him. With moderate cc and damage in both his 1st and 4th abilities, and great sustain in his 2nd and 3rd abilities, Oberon offers a great balance of all worlds through his kit. His augments offer shifts in all directions of focus for his kit. 



Depending on who's mixtape you are listening to, Octavia can be both the best and the worst frame in the game in the same session. Our battle bard offers immense amounts of utility through her kit, and classic misdirection gives her deceptively high survivability, lacking true CC or shear tankiness. Because of her broad spectrum utility, she is a great addition to any squad or for solo play. Unfortunately, her augments offer little in terms of better utility, but she does quite well, even without it. 



Rhino is a very simple frame, with each ability offering a simple but powerful effect at face value, and each able to stand apart. Rhino simply does as his kit was designed, and does it well enough to be viable enough long after his initial newbie introduction period. Augments offer nice synergy and utility to his otherwise fairly stand alone kit.



The mistress of maladies and miasma, Saryn is one of the most powerful Dps frames in the game. Her shear output, debuff potential, and range dwarf many other frames. Her reworks have left in better a place than ever, and little more needs to be done to this oppressive powerhouse. Augments further enable her slaughter of enemies.



Titania is a frame that has really struggled since her inception. Part of this stems from an overly ambitious design that was later simplified, and poor concerns for potential power. As it sits, the only ability that doesn't feel like it requires at least a QoL update in her kit is her 4th ability. Both the 1st and the 3rd ability SHOULD  be very powerful CC abilities, but suffer from cast animations with long cast times and locking animations. For a frame that be exploded in mere seconds in higher tier content, these cast animations can and often do prove fatal. Furthermore, the 3rd ability lacks true reliability, as it has a very often seen tendency to float off and be entirely useless. Add on top of that the 2nd ability being an odd bundle of buffs and debuffs, also with a long, locking animation when it needs to be used repeatedly to stack the buffs. Titania could truly shine as a powerful cc and dps frame if she simply had some polish on cast times. 



Lobster booty bounces right to the top of the support meta, as no one will ever, EVER complain about having a Trinity present. 



Valkyr is one who could use a small look at her kit. Paralysis is kinda odd in herbkit, but more so, I feel a small adjustment to her Hysteria cost might be in order. Other than that, a strong frame with fun kit. Augments offer some utility, if not slightly weak. 



If Nova is queen, than Vauban is the king of CC. His 3rd and 4th abilities are extremely powerful, and with his entire kit consisting of 1 handed abilities, he can always have an answer to his problems. The only real issue I have with booben is Mine layer. Concussion and Shred are very much good on paper, but because of the reliance of mine layer having them acting as mines, rather than grenades, they see limited usefulness. I would very much love to see these changed to make them an aggressive option in his kit. Although some claim his augments are decent, the fact that Tesla Link fails to link when tossed onto a Volt with stunning speed, meaning I cant turn my buddy with his volt into a supersonic cheese grater limits their potential.



Volt is a bit of a niche frame again, but not in a bad sense. The lightning hurler brings a fun kit and some decent utility in his 3rd and 4th abilities. The only part of this kit I feel odd about is the riot shield carrying cost for shield. The drain is pretty heavy, and while it is useful, not to the point of the cost it incurs while moving. I would really like to see the cost heavily reduced, if not removed altogether. One again, some decent utility can be found in his augments. 



Wukong is a surprisingly uninspiring inspired frame. While the frame itself takes interesting inspiration from wukong's seasoned lore, none of the abilities actually do anything that impacts play beyond himself. His first ability is similar to Nekros 1, but less intense knockback, his 2 is a slightly different spin on a survival ability not unlike rhino or Nezha, his 3 is an interesting movement/stealth ability, but seems at odds with his brawler style, and his 4 is a rather fun exalted weapon. While there is nothing wrong with these abilities, they aren't terribly iconic either. Almost every other frame has something unique, something that really sets them apart, but wukong just kinda exists. This is really the issue with wukong, as there isnt really a reason to play him outside of a few style points on his expanding pole. His augments only offer a few further style points without really being able to alter his kit too much. 



Zephyr is a bit of an awkward frame, as it doesn't do anything 'meta' astoundingly, but has a strong identity and a fun playstyle. My only real issue is the 2nd ability. The ability itself is fair on paper, however, as an offensive ability for an air frame, it's rather stiff. I would rather see a looping animation on it so you can launch this in quick succession. As for the rest, it functions well and captures the identity of the frame well. The augments fail to truly shine, but still offer nice utility.


So, what are your thoughts per frame? Do you think most of them are fine, and their augments help them shine? Or do you think something else is in order for them?

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I may not just yet have complete thoughts on all of these, so I might add more later on:

  • Chroma: could benefit from a rework, since not only is his current playstyle a shadow of its former glory, it's also simply not that interesting, with an overwhelming focus on timer management. He needs to be updated in a way that makes all of his abilities useful, makes him self-sufficient (he's currently too dependent on external sources of healing), and ideally removes the inconveniences that come with having his buffs routinely disappear. It'd be nice if he could switch elements on the fly, as well, and not be bound to fashionframe (tying gameplay to cosmetics in Warframe is not a good idea in general).
  • Mag: her 1 and 2 are fine, imo, but her 3 and 4 need some adjustments, as neither have aged all that well. Having her 3 reduce armor and shields by a percentage, while also stopping projectiles in its path, could help the ability fulfil its utility functions better. Having her 4 carry enemies and compress them into a single designated location I feel could make the ability far more useful beyond its damage/CC capabilities and lengthy channel, while also allowing for better synergy overall.
  • Nidus: I think he's fine for the most part, though Parasitic Link stands out like a sore thumb to me (it's clearly an afterthought on a self-synergistic kit that just needed to fill one more ability slot). His Energy costs I think also tend to demonstrate the inadequacy of Energy as a cover-all system. Making his 1 drain health instead of Energy, and having his 3 let him drain Mutation to self-heal/buff could potentially streamline him and give him the sustain he'd like, without having to branch into utility.
  • Octavia: I actually think she needs a rework. Her Mandachord is a great idea with some very awkward implementation (who thought it was a good idea to restrict her range to a D-minor pentatonic?), and her abilities are just four different deployables on a timer, generating little in the way of real interaction. What she does is fine, for the most part; how she does it I think could be made more engaging.
  • Rhino: could benefit from having Iron Shrapnel integrated into his base kit, as being able to pop then recast Iron Skin is extremely useful. Other than that, he's stronk, and his gameplay works well, so probably no need for much further work.
  • Saryn: her being able to kill enemies without even being aware of their existence is a problem. I feel her Spores should be able to reduce the maximum health of enemies in increasing amounts, but shouldn't be able to kill them on their own. With this, she'd be much more of a kill enabler for herself and her allies, rather than a map-wide kill-stealer.
  • Trinity: needs a nerf, simple as that, since she currently invalidates energy restrictions far too easily. She also could do with a rework to her 1 to make it less redundant relative to her 4. However, she could also stand to benefit from some significant QoL buffs, as many of her animations lock her out for a fair amount of time, and can't be performed in mid-air for some reason.
  • Wukong: great theme, utterly boring implementation. I feel he could stand to draw more from his lore, e.g. by having an ability that lets him clone himself. With a few adjustments, Defiance could work just fine as his passive. I also think his 1 should be more reactive depending on how he uses it: using it on the ground should do what its augment does and throw Wukong into the air, and using it on the ground while in the air should perform a slam.
  • Zephyr: her rework improved her, but I think she still needs a long way to go. Her 1 needs to be made much more responsive and controllable, and her crowd control shouldn't disperse enemies, as that's what makes her feel like she contributes negatively to fights. Having her 2 suck up enemies instead of spreading them out, and having her 4 suspend enemies more consistently inside her tornado could both help with that.

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You act like the nerf they gave Nidus changed him drastically. They changed literally nothing about how he’s used and his effectiveness.

Also, you’re comparing a DPS frame to a support frame with comparing Ravenous to renewal. Not all frames need to be performing a task at the highest degree especially if that task is not their primary purpose. Ravenous works just fine when tied with parasitic link where you become basically unkillable and get a faster health Regen. As well as getting a massive boost to your stack gaining.

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On 2018-09-29 at 4:17 AM, SquireAngel said:


Valkyr is one who could use a small look at her kit. Paralysis is kinda odd in herbkit, but more so, I feel a small adjustment to her Hysteria cost might be in order. Other than that, a strong frame with fun kit. Augments offer some utility, if not slightly weak. 

The only Augments i see Useless is Swing line and Hysterical Assault because of the current Parkour of this game. Eternal War and Prolonged Paralysis are nice Augments for her though. But with the rest of this Opinion, I would agree.

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