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A Polite Guide to Kubrow Breeding



I have been working the past few months on a guide to Kubrow breeding, buying, selling, etc. that I think is pretty comprehensive, alongside another breeder who is writing their own guide, though their's goes more in depth with regards to visuals. (It's also not released yet, so I sadly can't link to it.)


Anyway the past week or so I kicked into high gear and finished all the graphics, writing, and researching necessary, (I think.) I'm hoping this helps people with the subject, but also I'd love to get some feedback. Sadly, any links can't be clicked through easily if I make document commentable, (it's done in Google Docs.) And it's either/or, you can't make different links for commenting and viewing in this format.


When you get to the document in Google Docs, it is best read by first going to the "View" section of the top of the document, and unclicking "Print Layout." Otherwise you will get an annoying amount of page breaks and blank spaces, since some of the images make for odd formatting back to back, but can't be shrunk down without losing significant detail.


Keep in mind this is a somewhat long document, with a good number of images to load, but I've tried to separate out the various sections to make it less of a heavy read. 


Without further ado...




Polite Kubrow Breeding



Crossing my fingers like crazy in hopes I am posting in the right area and that I managed to use the right hyperlinks, etc. for each section.

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This is an awesome guide, I learned a lot about Kubrows that I didn’t know (and I suspect a lot of the community doesn’t either). 

Not sure I want to get into breeding for fun and grofit (that would require effort), but I may just try harder to get a better looking pupper to replace my uggo Huras  🙂

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