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Forum Upgrades ...or really lack thereof

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With this topic by @[DE]Drew now having been locked without really any positive improvements being made and a complete lack of transparency on what is being done, here's a new topic:


  • Clan Tab system is still poorly implemented
    • Cannot get to the second page of the clan list and maintain your sorting filter
    • Giant Newsletter column that only serves to waste space and is irrelevant to clans
    • No way to manage Clan Privacy settings
    • No way to report clans if it is one that is just trying to troll
    • No way to delete clans
    • When viewing a clan, hovering over the current / active tab will make the text invisible as it's given the same color as the background
  • Clan forums are still a mess
    • All platforms should not be mixed together for clans
    • Smaller / New clans are at a pretty significant disadvantage over larger / old ones
  • The Dark Theme isn't much of a "dark" theme anymore
    • Post Editor is still themed light
    • Numerous popus are themed light
    • Numerous buttons are themed light
    • Banners are themed light
    • Spoilers are themed light
    • Many areas using black text on dark grey backgrounds
    • Some topics have dark text on the dark grey background
    • Really the whole Dark Theme needs to be looked at fully
      • Revert the changes for now and create a "Work-In-Progress" theme and listen to the community for any suggestions and ideas
  • Lack of Attention to the forums and CSS
    • The background image for the forums does not fill the page width on higher resolutions
      • Easy to fix
    • Some topics apply borders where they shouldn't
      • Also easy to fix... though much like most of everything else
    • Profiles shouldn't be given an automatic banner that cannot be changed
      • These areas could also be trimmed down to not waste so much space
    • Profile avatars are PNGs and do not need to have backgrounds in the forums
    • Usernames that consist of the max character allowed for in-game names are forced to multiple lines
    • Lots of redundancies and clutter in the upper nav
    • Pre-Formatted text going off the page
  • Strange organization
    • "Latest Builds" is still this overly-giant block above "Latest Topics"
      • This could easily be trimmed down and then made to fit above the forums again
        • This section needs to be more easily accessible like how it was before
    • Feedback is below bug reports for some reason
    • Feedback forums are too limited
      • General covers too many areas and only buries topics
        • Forums/Website related topics should not be in the General forum for the entire game
      • "Missions and Levels" is not a good fit for dojo/clan-related topics


With how much time these issues have been around, they really shouldn't even exist at this point.

It does appear like (and could be wrong), the entire time the forums were "offline" seems to have been the amount of time that was spent on these "upgrades". Nothing was really fixed and only a new coat of paint was applied on already-skinned areas. This isn't helped by the complete silence in the matter as that really only worsens things.

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9 hours ago, GinKenshin said:

Don’t forget the abysmal moderator-to-user ratio, and the ridiculous lack of mods 

True, though that would require a bit "more" to find people that would be a decent fit.


Everything above is all extremely simple to implement as long as @[DE]Drew, or whomever is actually managing the forums, just feels like actually taking a real look at things to implement some real improvements. Hell, all of this could actually be fixed up in a matter of hours.

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I've had to create my own user stylesheet in Firefox using Stylish in order to fix and make the dark theme actually usable. Please, @[DE]Drew, consider having a look at making the dark theme dark and not have blinding white bits on the page.

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Here we are a few days onward and nothing has been changed.

Very disappointing that instead of actually responding to feedback and trying to make actual improvements, the only thing that appears to be done is to pretend it doesn't exist.


Like I've said before @[DE]Drew it's the lack of transparency that makes this worse as leaving things in the state they're in and avoiding criticism only looks unprofessional.

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Unfortunate that DE doesn't want to actually try and fix their forums.

Only thing that was really accomplished was that feedback is now too muddied and build information isn't very visible.

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Here we are, more than halfway through October, and DE refuses to even address any feedback.


Still nothing to address the build information despite this post:


...which even then isn't an accurate statement since the block doesn't need to be as big as it is since it's really just 4 short lines of text. Why not just discuss it and be transparent @[DE]Drew? Trying to be as opaque as possible only hurts civil discussion.

As it is, there does not appear to be a team handling the CSS and forum structure @[DE]Marcus, this is why I said that the individual should be pinged, and no, I never said to spam. Should only be done when relevant, in this case, it most certainly is.



....it's like pulling teeth when trying to give constructive feedback to DE. It's not like this takes up numerous people or even days of work, one person could get it all done within a matter of hours. 😕


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