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The Meaning of Mainline: Next Update ETA!


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Hi all!

Barring any Hotfix emergencies, the next Update you receive on PC will be a MAINLINE!

If you don't know what Mainlines are, it's the type of update where we send out everything we've been working on that's accumulated that isn't related to a bigger picture feature. So while no Fortuna stuff is coming in this Mainline, you will be getting an diverse roster of content + QoL including:

- Arbitrations: The Arbiters of Hexis have a challenge for you with some tricks up their sleeves - our codename 'Elite Alerts'! Single life, endless, with new rewards. Good luck, Tenno. A full feature write-up will come with the notes!
- Infinite Archwing Usage - no more consumables!
- Spiral Gear wheel - more than 12 slots!
- New Melee weapons!
- Daily Tribute Overhaul!
- A/B/C Configurations for Operator Customizations.
- + About 5 more pages of Changes and Fixes.

We expect the earliest this will ship is next week and we'll keep you updated on that goal.


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7 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

- Daily Tribute Overhaul!


Is the "flavor" that's being added to the daily tribute toggleable?

Hearing that everyday is going to get old fast, would honestly be better if it was reserved for major rewards like at every 50 or 100.

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