Hi all!

Barring any Hotfix emergencies, the next Update you receive on PC will be a MAINLINE!

If you don't know what Mainlines are, it's the type of update where we send out everything we've been working on that's accumulated that isn't related to a bigger picture feature. So while no Fortuna stuff is coming in this Mainline, you will be getting an diverse roster of content + QoL including:

- Arbitrations: The Arbiters of Hexis have a challenge for you with some tricks up their sleeves - our codename 'Elite Alerts'! Single life, endless, with new rewards. Good luck, Tenno. A full feature write-up will come with the notes!
- Infinite Archwing Usage - no more consumables!
- Spiral Gear wheel - more than 12 slots!
- New Melee weapons!
- Daily Tribute Overhaul!
- A/B/C Configurations for Operator Customizations.
- + About 5 more pages of Changes and Fixes.

We expect the earliest this will ship is next week and we'll keep you updated on that goal.