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The Meaning of Mainline: Next Update ETA!


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10 minutes ago, XxWarlord2017xX said:

this defeats the purpose of ABC configurations [...] and waiting for another 2-3 years to get another (same) warframe that is vaulted or pay plat for it is not the better solution to this

Not saying that the solution is good, just pointing out that it's possible.

11 minutes ago, XxWarlord2017xX said:

on a weapon you us A for corrosive, B for radiation, but polarities differ on both

Of the +90% elemental damage mods for primary/secondary/melee weapons, Cold is the only one with a different polarity - i.e. both Corrosive (Toxic + Electric) and Radiation (Electric + Heat) with those mods would in fact use the same polarities.

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3 hours ago, Peter said:

This seems more of a provocation than a joke ¬¬

So, in short, you can't take a joke.

It is not even like it's a new meme, nor was it directed at you. Ease off the hypertension, m'kaeh, or you'll be munching Zaroxolyn every time there's an update on the horizon.

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Quick ? i'm 15 days away from 300 as in logged in just about to hit 900 hrs play time, (just looked at my stats 899)  but I read or saw somewhere that with the upcoming log in changes what I was going to get at 300 wont be there anymore. or has this changed. 

Not that it matters that much as what will be will be, just wondering more than anything. 

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En 3/10/2018 a las 15:28, [DE]Rebecca dijo:

- Arbitrations: The Arbiters of Hexis have a challenge for you with some tricks up their sleeves - our codename 'Elite Alerts'! Single life, endless, with new rewards. Good luck, Tenno. A full feature write-up will come with the notes!

Lately you made a really great job with the reworks and the updates, and I really hope this new Arbiters alerts won't end like the "nuke warframe/whip" simulator (AKA sanctuary onslaught).
Please, please! give us a real challenge, something where we can test our skills instead of being forced to use one key warframes.

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Am 3.10.2018 um 22:28 schrieb [DE]Rebecca:

We expect the earliest this will ship is next week and we'll keep you updated on that goal.

Hi, are you guys going to be able to ship it this week or should we prepare our self's for next or the week after that?


Edith:  o.O  sorry for the tripple...

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