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PS4 Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.8.2 (+ hotfixes)


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Embody the grace of a falling star, and the terror of its impact, with this celestial collection for Nezha. Includes the Nezha Empyrean Skin, Buzhou Syandana, Teng Dagger Skin and the Nezha Empyrean Helmet.

Descend from the heavens like a burning star to smite all challengers.

The standard issue helmet for the Nezha Empyrean Skin.

The strength of the mountain; the grace of flowing water.

Doom in the sting of a serpent’s tooth. Converts any single Dagger Melee Weapon into a blade worthy of legends.


[DE]Pablo has been working hard on tweaks, with two primary goals in mind:

  • Making Nezha feel smoother and more fluid in gameplay
  • Increasing Nezha’s power overall by giving him added team support value and internal synergies

With that said, let’s break down the changes in order!

  • Increased max rank health from 225 to 375
  • Decreased max rank shields from 225 to 150


  • Changed from a channeling ability to duration-based.
    • Why? As a channeled ability, keeping Firewalker active would block all energy regeneration. Making the ability a single cast with a long moddable duration solves that problem, encouraging more frequent use.
  • Cast animation changed to a small hop that doesn’t restrict movement.




  • Cast animation has been sped up, and no longer restricts movement.
  • Enemies hit by the disc are “marked” for a moddable duration, greatly increasing the damage they take from all sources. Marked enemies have a chance to drop energy orbs.
    • Why? Adds great team value to Nezha’s kit - increasing damage taken helps all allies, and energy orb drops enable frequent recasting.


  • Killing enemies while they are marked will now produce healing orbs, instead of the current healing pulse.
    • Why? The current radial heal is invisible and very small, usually only benefitting players in melee range - most players don’t even know it’s there! Health orbs make the result more visible, while introducing other mod synergies.
  • Increased the number of targets the disc will try to hit before recalling, and improved some cases of faulty lock-on targeting.
  • Added a charged throw, causing the Chakram to fly straight forwards and backwards, dealing extra damage to enemies in its path.
    • Why? For a consistent flight path unaffected by lock-on targeting, use the new charged throw. Great for hallways!


  • Teleporting will no longer cancel Fire Walker.


  • HUD now shows a custom counter, indicating how much damage absorption is left, instead of a simple numeric percentage


  • Warding Halo now only blocks 90% of damage taken. Will still block status effects and other procs.
    • Why? When considering Nezha’s revamped kit, he is excellent at mitigating enemy damage - Firewalker and Divine Spears offer great area/crowd control, Blazing Chakram offers healing and self-sustain, and his outstanding movement can make the player a hard target to hit. In this context, Warding Halo’s 100% damage resistance was completely overshadowing his other options - why heal or CC when I never take any damage?
      With 90% damage resistance, Nezha is still very capable of tanking, but encouraged to rely on his other tools to avoid getting overwhelmed. Taking minimal health damage allows for synergy with Blazing Chakram’s health orbs, not to mention new modding avenues like Equilibrium, Health Conversion and various Arcanes. The change also allows us to improve survivability in other ways, such as the increased health pool, and major Warding Halo quality-of-life buffs listed below.
  • Damage absorption invulnerability phase now begins as soon as you cast the ability. Cast animation also sped up.


  • Increased incoming damage multiplier during invulnerability. Damage absorption multiplier also now scales with power strength.
  • When the health of the Warding Halo runs out, it will do an AoE heat status effect and give you a short period of invulnerability.
    • Why? This gives the player precious time to react, helping survivability while controlling the enemies immediately around you. Your next Warding Halo can be recast during this window to ensure you’re always protected!


(Brief aside: as a Nezha main, I was originally skeptical of the 90% damage resistance change, and I suspect many readers will be skeptical too. However, playing the rework myself quickly changed my mind. The various buffs really outweigh the negatives, making Nezha much more capable in a supporting crowd-controller role. If you doubt just how potent 90% damage resistance can be, try out Gara’s Splinter Storm at 130% or more power strength!)


  • Sped up the casting/slamming animations, while removing the mandatory slam at the end of the Spears’ duration. (slam can still be triggered manually)
  • Hitting a speared enemy with Blazing Chakram produces a second Chakram, which fires at a nearby enemy.

On top of all that, Nezha’s sounds have been remastered, adding new auditory cues for important moments, like Blazing Chakrams returning to the player, or Warding Halos running out of health!


  • Slight improvements to Blazing Chakram’s enemy tracking.
  • Players will receive a HUD icon indicating the Health of a Safeguard Halo they received from Nezha.



The following Bundles feature Round 13 Syandanas, Weapon skins, and a Liset skin from incredible community artists. These complete the releases of TennoGen Round 13 on PS4!  


TennoGen Bundle XXXI
Icarius Syandana by malayu, Scharkie, and Jadie 
Kunshu Syandana by BeastBuster 
Seraphim Syandana by led2012 and jaeon009 
Shurihoshi Syandana by led2012 and daemonstar 
Sildarg Syandana by led2012 and daemonstar 
Sydeko Syandana by led2012 and daemonstar 




TennoGen Bundle XXXII
Nekros Ion Helmet by Yatus
Aphria Polearm Skin by Arsenal 
Eisen Sword Skin by Rekkou 
Ogun Hammer Skin by Stenchfury 
Protege Liset Skin by MaceMadunusus

THE PYRUS PROJECT (October 4th - 18th)

Almost four years ago, Vay Hek launched an unprecedented attack on our Relays. We defeated his Fomorians, but not before several of our Relays were destroyed.

Now it's time to rebuild.

Cressa Tal and Steel Meridian are marshaling the reconstruction efforts. Tal is in dire need of valuable resources to rebuild the Larunda Relay on Mercury. Find them, deliver them, and she will reward you for your efforts. Be warned: Sargas Ruk and the Grineer will not make things easy for you, Tenno. Show them that we will not be intimidated.

The Pyrus Project will begin at 1:00 PM EDT! at 12:10 PM EDT! 

Once the update goes live, there will be a bit of a delay before the event starts while everyone is downloading the update. Red Text will appear in-game to prepare you for the start of The Pyrus Project!


Visit our detailed guide on how to play that will also include specifics, rewards, and an FAQ:

Plague Star’s re-run was released with this Hotfix on PC, but seeing as The Pyrus Project has been long anticipated and was released before hand it will go live first. Plague Star will follow sometime after The Pyrus Project has completed. Thank you!  



Gara - Mending Splinters (Splinter Storm Augment):
For each target affected, Splinter Storm heals 3 Health/s.

Khora - Accumulating Whipclaw (Whipclaw Augment):
Hitting 3 enemies will grant a 35% stacking Damage Bonus to subsequent Whipclaws. Bonus will decay after 10s.

Octavia - Conductor (Resonator Augment):
Reactivate the ability to command Resonator to move to your aim point at 150% Speed.

Wukong - Enveloping Cloud (Cloud Walker Augment):
Allies within 4 meters of the cloud become invisible to enemies for 14s.

Please note: The stats shown are for Augment Mods at Max Rank.

General Additions:

  • The Tenno II Color Palette is now available in the in-game Market!
  • A Search bar has been added to the Friends and Clan screen!
  • Added a new timer animation to the Mission Voting UI.

Oxium Osprey Changes:

As a result of a review from the Capture Mission changes that affected Oxium acquisition (Galatea, Neptune) and Oxium acquisition as a whole, we have made tweaks to better benefit your Oxium grofit:

  • Oxium Ospreys now appear within the first 5 Waves/Rounds of all Corpus Defense/Interception missions.
  • Slightly increased the spawn chance of Oxium Ospreys in all Corpus Defense/Interception missions at higher Waves/Rounds.

Dojo/Clan Changes:

  • A ‘Founding Warlord’ Role has been added to the Clan hierarchy! This hierarchy is above ‘Warlord’ and there can only be one. Founding Warlord has all the permissions of a Warlord, but can also freely change the rank of any member. They also have the option of promoting any Warlord to Founding Warlord. This uses the new type of confirmation where you must enter a keyword (in this case "PROMOTE") to go through with the change. The Founding Warlord now becomes visible to others and cannot leave the Clan unless they are the only member or promotes another Warlord to Founding Warlord. If a Founding Warlord wishes to be demoted, they must promote another Warlord, thus switching the Roles. If a Clan has a Founder already set (via Support), that person is automatically given the Founding Warlord Role (even if they weren't Warlord), otherwise the Warlord with oldest join date is made Founding Warlord.
    • This also alleviates a longstanding issue where the Founder of a Clan can leave, but they are still considered the Founder if they come back (and if they don't, the Clan has no member with Founder status).
  • A new Clan Role of Herald has also been added! This Role is to solely allow a member to edit the MOTD. Previously only the Role of Ruler could change the MOTD (which they still can).
  • You can now Donate MULTIPLE Resources and Decorations to your Clan Vault (Alliance remains Credits only)! An input message box will appear requesting that you enter the word ‘DONATE’ to confirm your donation.

  • Reworked the Vault contribution screen to reduce the number of steps you must take to contribute. You can also now browse the Resources and Decorations in the Vault! Previously you could only Donate and never knew what was already in there.
    • Dojo Decoration/Resource donating screen displays the max number of items you can donate at a time.
    • Be warned that you cannot retrieve these back to your Inventory once Donated.
  • Clans will now ignore players who have been inactive for more than 30 days when automatically choosing a Founding Warlord (Note: this is not retroactive for Clans that have already selected one).
  • Removed special Warframe HUDs (Nidus, etc) from being displayed in the Dojo.

General Changes:

  • Revenant Mesmer smoke effect is now only seen on yourself, not other players, to improve performance and visibility.
    A Mastery Rank of 8+ is now required to Trade Rivens. This echoes the minimum possible Mastery Rank requirement of Rivens overall as well as generally follows our trading rules with restricted gear.
  • Rhino now has a HUD buff indicator for his Iron Skin!
  • Reduced numerous costs of required items for various quantity locked activities. Less grind more grofit:
    • Reduced the cost of Nav Coordinates required to craft the Mutalist Alad V Assassinate Key from 3 to 1.
    • Reduced the cost of Animo Beacons required to fight Ambulas on Pluto, Hades from 40 to 20.
    • Reduced the cost of Vestan Moss scans required to craft the Sunrise Apothic from 25 to 12.
  • Changed Health Conversion to only remove stacks on Health damage. Previously it removed stacks on any damage, which was counterproductive when the damage was on Shields as they are not affected by Armor.
  • Increased the Anspatha Brace recharge from 30/s to 45/s.
  • The emissive on Operator Facial Accessories is now controlled by suit Energy colour.
  • Removed ability to unintentionally equip Hydraulic Crosshairs and Sharpened Bullets on Mesa’s Regulators. Although the buff appeared to trigger, it never actually applied due to the "on aim" criteria not being fulfilled (unless you had a very specific loadout with the Mesa Waltz Augment equipped).
  • When Consigning a Pet to the Lotus, an input message box will appear requesting that you enter the name of the Pet you’re consigning to confirm. This extra step ensures you’re absolute confirmation on sending the desired Pet on a permanent vacation.


  • Removed Grineer Commanders from Simaris’ possible daily Synthesis Targets as it never functioned properly.
  • Improved AI pathing in the Corpus Gas City tileset to reduce enemy crowding in certain areas.
  • Changed Inventory sell list to show total sell price for each row, instead of price for just one item, even when multiple were selected.
  • Resource descriptions now indicate their "Locations/where to find" list to aid new players.
  • The pause menu UI now automatically displays the first 3 loadout items (Warframe, Aura, etc). Aura has also been moved to always be the second line under your Warframe.
  • Changed GPU Particles low/medium/high quality preset from disabled/low/medium to disabled/low/high.
  • Improved squad info dropdown to better fit long player names, Warframe names (Trinity Prime, etc) and long Aura names (Corrosive Projection, etc).
  • Focus Conversion now uses chosen themed UI for Eidolon Shard selection.
  • Input message boxes have received a new stylized look that matches your chosen UI theme!


  • Tweaked Mastery Icon shadow in dropdown panel to increase visibility in certain UI themes.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to host performance in the replication system.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to the level zoning and visibility system.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to particle system recycling and initialization.
  • Made some micro-optimizations in the dynamic music system.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to ragdoll setup.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to AI path-finding.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to some core math routines used by Visibility and Zoning.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to Zoning code used by Sound Effects, Cameras, and Weather Effects.
  • Made a micro-optimization to runtime object creation.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to Visibility and Zoning.

Expand spoilers below for full list! 


Revenant Fixes:

  • Fixed Revenant’s Reave using the wrong value (Health) for Shield gain.
  • Fixed inability to damage Revenant’s Enthralled enemies with the Arca Plasmor.
  • Fixed Revenant’s Enthralled enemies still attempting to hack terminals during Interception missions.
  • Fixed Revenant’s Danse Macabre and Strangledome names being in ALL CAPS.
  • Fixed Revenant Mesmer Skin charges given to allies not being removed by Nullifiers.
  • Fixed wisp from the Revenant Enthrall Energy Pillars not reflecting chosen Energy color.
  • Fixed a performance hitch that would occur when using Danse Macabre on some tile sets.
  • Fixed Clients Transferring to Operator and back resulting in Revenant’s Mesmer Skin charge indicator being removed on the ability UI.
  • Fixed an issue with lingering FX resulting from Revenant frequently using Reave and Danse Macabre.
  • Fixed Revenant Reave being capable of flying.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Revenant’s Enthrall.

General Fixes: 

  • Fixed spawning issue with Defense missions when playing as Revenant and Enthralling enemies with Radiation Status Effects as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1010472-enthrall-stopping-defense-investigating/?tab=comments#comment-10163505
  • Fixed issue of the Valkyr Ion TennoGen Helmet being removed from player inventories as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1009407-valkyr-ion-tennogen-helmet-disappeared/
    • The helmet has been returned to inventories now that the update is live! 
  • Fixed a progression stopper in the Sands of Inaros quest as a result of the first phase of the boss fight being skipped and Inaros becoming invulnerable. Also fixed the Tomb Protector in Sands of Inaros attacking while invisible and having floating weapons instead of being entombed while you fight the Golems.
  • Fixed inability to equip Sinister Reach on the Phantasma.
  • Fixed ability to trigger Exodia Arcanes on Exalted Melee weapons. Exodia Arcanes still apply to Zaws, just not in Exalted Melee (Excalibur, Valkyr, etc) form.
  • Fixed Exodia Valor applying to Excalibur’s Exalted Blade.
  • Fixed Operators inability to use Void Blast or Guardian Shell while sprinting when Guardian Shell is active.
  • Fixed ability to spawn an infinite amount of Corrupted Heavy Gunner Specters instead of the new Corrupted Heavy Gunner replacing the old one.
  • Fixed issue where when Donating Decorations/Resources, it would also donate 1 Credit to Vault as well.
  • Fixed John Prodman spawning but is nowhere to be found in The Index.
  • Fixed Clients scanning their last Frame Fighter Fragment, getting the poster locally, but then losing it after a Host migration.
  • Fixed inability to see how many Stars are in your Ayatan Sculptures when trading them to another player.
  • Fixed accessing the Menu within the Ayatan Treasures screen resulting in the Menu being displaying in the background.
  • Fixed rare cases where Capture Targets would die instead of being incapacitated by a blast from a high-multi-shot weapon (usually a shotgun).
  • Fixed Splinter Storm not renewing if Mass Vitrify ends just as it touches them.
  • Fixed breaking Gara’s Mass Vitrify by standing on an incline not always increasing your Splinter Storm timer/damage (when both active).
  • Fixed Melee weapon not appearing in Chroma’s hands after casting Vex Armor.
  • Fixed the Host not receiving confirmation that they have invited someone into a Captura session.
  • Fixed a Capture Target that could not be captured in the Plains.
  • Fixed a soft lock when manually skipping the ‘Riven Capacity Reached’ message.
  • Fixed Man of Few Words showing a replay button in the quest screen before being completing for the first time.
  • Fixed issues with Umbra going invisible after transferring back to him from Operator mode.
  • Fixed issue with Operator appearing invisible in The Sacrifice’s final cinematic if you have not yet visited The Quills.
  • Fixed Golden Maw appearing blurry after it dies.
  • Fixed Golden Maw not staying burrowed if you’re holding/toggle Sprint.
  • Fixed a bug that let you get outside the level during The War Within.
  • Fixed Large Shard quantities sometimes producing an error message saying that a connection cannot be made to the Focus Tree. The Shards disappear (but not consumed) but the Focus is not awarded.
  • Fixed Rushing a Dojo Decoration completion temporarily setting the Synthetic Clan XP to a lower amount.
  • Fixed not being able to use certain actions (e.g. Reviving Allies, hacking consoles) shortly after Transferring to/from your Operator.
  • Fixed Helios’ Simaris Skin indicating it is for an item which you do not own if you only own Helios Prime.
  • Fixed having a negative Mod capacity as a result of equipping an unranked Mod on a weapon that is close to max Mod capacity then switching to the Modding station and ranking a different unranked version of the Mod (not the one equipped on the weapon).
  • Fixed Prod Crewman lunge attack dealing no damage.
  • Fixed volume discrepancies of the Grineer Dropship during Vor’s Prize.
  • Fixed voice sounds for Rana Del (Index).
  • Fixed Chat links for Rivens, Mandachord songs, Zaws, and Amps potentially being broken if profanity filter is enabled.
  • Fixed Transferring to Operator in a Void Fissure mission overwriting squadmates' Reactant counter UI.
  • Fixed being able to use purchasable UI Themes that you did not purchase.
  • Fixed Warframe Ability banner showing even with the ‘Show Ability Banner On Cast’ setting is disabled.
  • Fixed some UI menus (Market, Foundry, etc) not displaying your Mastery Rank.
  • Fixed Clients having the voting UI stuck on their screen upon entering the Plains if they entered Cetus first.
  • Fixed Extractor’s missing their Health UI.
  • Fixed spending Focus before using Focus Conversion resetting your total Focus (UI error only).
  • Fixed very small squares remaining in the Map UI areas where Mask of the Revenant quest took place when returning to the Plains.
  • Fixed inability to switch Matchmaking options upon returning to the Orbiter after a mission.
  • Fixed navigating the cursor over the search field in the Market blocking other inputs.
  • Fixed excessive flickering on surfaces while flying in Archwing through the Plains.
  • Fixed Zephyr Prime left wings clipping into her arm.
  • Fixed Low particle quality setting stopping Warding Halo effect from spinning.
  • Fixed Ordis' glass material used in Octavia's Anthem boss battle.
  • Fixed excessive bloom on the tubes in Orokin Engine Room.
  • Fixed lighting in Natah quest diorama.
  • Fixed diorama for nunchaku weapons using improper animations.
  • Fixed Kasha armor not using Energy colors.
  • Fixed Mag’s Crush FX and animation timing.
  • Fixed Mag Prime’s mesh not using her accent color.
  • Fixed being able to spawn more enemies/crash the game by spamming the 'Simulate' button in the Simulacrum.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if two people managed to tether themselves together (Nyx Chaos or Radiation Status Effect on two Grineer Scorpions, two M-W.A.M. Brokers in the Index, etc).
  • Fixed a crash when casting Rhino’s Roar ability.
  • Fixed a crash when loading into certain levels.
  • Fixed a crash when hijacking a Dargyn.
  • Fixes towards crashes caused by input repeating from held-down buttons (Spearfishing wheel, etc).
  • Fixed a possible crash when your Sentinel died.
  • Potential fix for crash on host migration in Onslaught.
  • Potential fix for crashes when transitioning between Cetus and the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Fixed a script error when trying to join a squad that had already disbanded.
  • Fixed a script error when using Octavia’s Conductor Augment.
  • Fixed a script error when joining a squad.
  • Fixed a script error when using Octavia’s Conductor Augment.
  • Fixed a script error with Divine Spears.
  • Fixed a script error with Warding Halo.
  • Fixed a script error with Danse Macabre.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur while trading.
  • Fixed a script error with Enthrall.
  • Fixed edge case script error that could occur if you received a game invite while loading into a mission.
  • Fixed script error in when joining a Dojo Duel if the Duel had been cancelled while the join was in-progress.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Nezha’s Divine Spears ability.
  • Fixed a script error when using a Glaive or Glaive type ability (Nezha’s Blazing Chakram).
  • Fixed the Anspatha Brace recharge rate not showing up in the Operator Arsenal stats.
  • Fixed Archwing Arsenal Abilities screen showing an unnecessary ‘Passive’ section.
  • Fixed Riven Challenge descriptions containing incorrect icons.
  • Fixed blank characters in Set Mod descriptions.
  • Fixed Squad info panel displaying filepaths when accepting a Bounty.
  • Fixed broken code in text when Consigning a pet in Spanish.
  • Fixed some LOC typos.

Conclave Fixes:

  • Fixed Glaive FX sometimes being unnecessarily duplicated in Conclave.

October 9th Hotfix #1:

October 11th Hotfix #2:

  • Fixed a rare crash that would occur in the Dojo. 
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3 minutes ago, (PS4)ShAdOw-moses6455 said:

WTF pyrus project not in game, still have to wait to have something to do... lack of content is true...

"The Pyrus Project will begin at 1:00 PM EDT !" - That is about an hour and 10 minutes from now.

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4 hours ago, [DE]Danielle said:

Warding Halo now only blocks 90% of damage taken. Will still block status effects and other procs.

  • Why? When considering Nezha’s revamped kit, he is excellent at mitigating enemy damage - Firewalker and Divine Spears offer great area/crowd control, Blazing Chakram offers healing and self-sustain, and his outstanding movement can make the player a hard target to hit. In this context, Warding Halo’s 100% damage resistance was completely overshadowing his other options - why heal or CC when I never take any damage?


This right here is how I feel in regards to Hysteria's Invincibility ...I would be happier with 90% Danage Reduction and Status immunity, then allow her high Armor to mitigate what remaining incoming damage.

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hace 1 hora, (PS4)luckams0109 dijo:

Ya no se que hacer....no puedo tener a revenant...un bug q no me dejo terminar la cues y no pude tener el plano......ayuda por fa


Saludos s


contriste todas las partes?

...visita Cetus de noche y usa la transferencia.

..de lo contrario escribe un ticket a soporte,siempre ayudan.

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How about fixing the broken Kuva missions with tenno-camera lock problems and frames like limbo, ash and loki getting one shot despite being cloaked, or in stasis+cataclysm? Speed drift challenge is severely broken where a player gets teleported to the beginning as soon as they cross the threshold or get locked in the hallways and must abandon.

read you bug sub forums. These problems are nearly 70-80% reproducible.

Farming kuva is about the only thing left to do these days. At least make it work.

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I’m having a problem in stat comparison while modding (in all areas, including Warframe, Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon, etc.). If you attempt to compare stats between configurations A, B, & C, it only compares to the last used configuration set. So if you have been using config B, you can not compare Config A with C, for example. This issue is present on both my, and my wife’s, account, and we are using 2 different PS4 Pro consoles.

Is anyone else having this problem? Thank you, DE, for working so hard on this game! You are appreciated!!

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