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Warframe Concept - Tempest

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Name: Tempest


Once you hear the thunder and chains striking the ground, you won't run far away.


Base stats:



MR: 9

Health: 250/600

Shield: 0

Armor: 550

Energy: 180/270

Sprint speed: 1,1





Passive: Restless storm



While any ability active/ Cyclone alive, gains base +0,2 sprint speed, +1% life steal on damage caused by electricity (and elemental combos using electricity) and 20% bonus electricity damage (which cannot be part of any elemental combo, but is added to existing electricity damage).

Hit does 500 electricity => 5 health

Hit does 500 radiation (312,5 heat and 187,5 electricity) => 1,875 health

Hit does 500 radiation (innate damage, aka no mods or buffs) => 2,5 health

Health is recieved on hit.

Amount of health revieved is counted from total weapon/ability damage (not affected by target‘s resistances), aka weapon with 500 electricity causes target‘s 35 damage but health recieved is not 0,35 but 5.



Ability 1: Typhoon Chain




Take out the power of thunder and release it with each swing of chains leaving only ruin behind.


Damage distribution: 35% slash/ 15%punture/ 50% electricity

Total damage: 100/170/200/250

Slash damage: 35/60/70/87,5

Puncture damage: 15/25/30/37,5

Electricity damage: 50/85/100/125

Slam attack: 300

Slam attack radius: 5m

Slide attack: 450

Wall attack: 300

Crit chance: 20%

Crit multiplier: 2.4x

Status chance: 15%

Attack speed: 1.2

Block resistance: 80%

Channeling: Doubles damage, doubles energy drain and and adds +2% life steal


base range: 3 m (increased by both melee and warframe range mods)


modifiers works this way:

basic range + basic range x (1+power range) + (basic range x melee range mods)

example 1: 40% power range and +160% melee range mod

3 + 3 x 1,40 + 3 x 1,60 = 3 + 4,2 + 4,8 = 12 m

example 2: 200% range and + no melee range mod

3 + 3 x 3 + 3 x 0 = 12 m

example 3: 150% range and +60% melee range mod

3 + 3 x 2,5 + 3 x 0,6 = 12,3m

Energy: cast 25 energy

Energy/s 15

Initial energy cost affected by efficiency mods, drain affected by both duration and efficiency mods



Cyclone: Heals Cyclone by 15% damage done, even if Cyclone is plundering/ assigned to anyone else than Tempest.

Storm Sphere: Does 2 times damage to Storm Sphere



Ability 2: Cyclone







Tempest summons his trusty sentinel to help him in battle.


Modes: Press to rotate, hold to select mode, hold again and aim at any ally

to assign Cyclone to them.

Attack mode:



Command Cyclone to attack any enemy on sight.

If aiming, Cyclone will attack the same target. (Same for Tempest and his allies if Cyclone is assigned to them.)

Holding while aiming at enemy will ressult in Cyclone only attacking that chosen target.

Holding while aiming at Storm Sphere will set Cyclone to fly around Storm Sphere and attacking it.


Guard mode:


Command Cyclone to protect Tempest or any ally.

Cyclone adds +150 armor and +40% damage reduction

If assigned target gets bellow 75% health doubles armor and

damage reduction (+300 armor and and 80% dr)

If assigned target gets bellow 45% health, adds 5% health regeneration per second for 10s.

Holding while aiming at Storm Sphere will set in Cyclone

to fly around Storm Sphere while healing anyone in it with damage accumulated by Storm Sphere.

Plunder mode:



Command Cyclone to leave you and act on its own.

Cyclone can dash through enemies to heal himself or through

Tempest or any damaged ally to heal his/their wounds

Dash does 350 slash damage + 5% of target‘s max health

Dash heals 350 health points + 5% of target‘s max health

10% of damage dealt is converted to Cyclone‘s health

Cyclone also collects items during plundering.


Master mode:


Hold to recall Cyclone back from plundering or from assigned targets.




Duration: Till Cyclone is destroyed

Health: 1000/1350/1600/2000

Shield: 0

Armor: 300

Energy: 50 (to summon) / 25 (to change mode or to assign)


Uses same mods as other sentinels, can use same mods as other active sentinel

Has 4 Percept and 1 Vazarin polarity




Cyclone rifle:



Accuracy: 100

Crit Chance: 20%

Crit Multiplier: 2,2x

Fire rate: 5

Magazine: 25

Noise: Alarming

Reload: 1,5

Status: 15%

Trigger: Auto

Damage: 40 electricity

Has 2 Madurai and 1 Naramon polarity



Typhoon Chain – Cyclone‘s presence adds 30 radiation damage to Typhoon Chain.

If assigned to ally, adds that damage bonus to the ally, till Typhoon Chian remains active. (Damage is added to abilites and weapons as base damage, doesn‘t change elemental combos, is olny boosted by „raw“ damage on normal mods and rivens)

Affected only by sentinel mods




Ability 3: Hurricane Mind





Tempest enhances his and his allies killing capabilities.

+3/5/8/10% crit chance

+0,3/0,5/0,8/1 crit multiplier

+6/8/9/10% status chance

All bonuses are applied before mods and are applied to all weapons/abilities.

Examples: weapon with 10% cc 2x cd and 15% sc

  • 20% cc 3,0x cd and 25% sc, then mods would be applied

8/10/12/15s duration

Energy: 70





Cyclone – Hurricane Mind adds Cyclone‘s assigned target (if Tempest or an ally) +2% life steal

Cyclone pistol – Enhancements are doubled


Affected by all mods




Ability 4: Storm Sphere



Press to create a sphere fueled by the raging storm, protecting any ally who steps in while blocking enemies on the outside.

Hold to release all absorbed damage in form of powerful beam of radiation.

Any ally who steps in is granted immunity to all damage (and status effects) while Storm Sphere is accumulating all incoming damage (ally can shoot sphere to increase its accumulated damage).

If Storm Sphere is not triggered manualy or is recasted, creates an explosion with double the range of speher itself and 1/3rd of accumulated damage as an explosion, rest of accumulated damage is stored for manual triggering.

Radius: 2/3,5/5/6m (from one side to another - 4/7/10/12m respectively)

Incoming damage block: 100% (not affected by ability strength)

Duration: 15/20/27,5/32s

Explosion damage: 200/300/400/500

Beam damage: 600/900/1200/1500

Beam range: length: 35m, thickness: 1m (wide) (beam can punch through any object)

Enemy damage multiplier: 2,5x

Ally damage multiplier: 1,5x

Energy cost: 100

Affected by all mods, only beam range is unaffected by range mods.











Typhoon Chain 






Will add Cyclone art later.

I'm not very good at drawing, but what I can do should be enough.

Sorry if you find some grammatical mistakes.


Would like to hear some feedback.

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