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Warframe Concept: Boom!


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:lotus: Codex: "How does one get rid of roaches! You BLOW them all up! Then BLOW them up some more!" - Grineer General, Kor Tallus

Quest: "Blast from the Past"

Obtain: Talk to Clem in any Relay after you have completed Vor's Prize, rescued Clem and Second Dream.

Clem: "Clem, Clem"

Darvo: "He says he's afraid of this Grineer General. You be careful now Tenno". 

And then you'll get the quest "Blast from the Past". 

Name: Kor Tallus

Rank: Boss

Faction: Grineer

Location: Saturn, New Tile Set: Phoebe: Grineer Asteroid 

Mission Type: Assassination 

Objective: Retrieve the parts of a warframe that Gen. Kor Tallus has taken before she can do anything else to it.


Gen. Kor Tallus is a female Grineer that relies on her body modifications and body preservation tank. She is known for her destructive power, love for bombs, and pretty much anything that blows up. She hangs from the ceiling in a tank as a cane like system moves her around the arena. She attacks with napalm missiles, bombs, homing missiles, mines, and etc. Gen. Kor Tallus has 4 modified Elite Bombard units that are level 50,60,70, and 80. She also has rollers that self destruct on contact. Enemies that you're going to need to expect are: Bombards, explosive Rollers, Hellion, Napalm, Flameblades, and fodder units. Also expect for all lot of CC and AoE attacks from the enemies and her. 

Modded Elite Bombard: They can shoot 2 missiles at a time and hover. While hovering they can send a barrage of missiles out too. Their missiles all have napalm effects so be wary. Last but not least they can switch teleport with you when being damaged too much. 

Phase 1: "Come on Tenno, fight me to the death, and when you die you'll at least go out with a BANG! HAHAHAHAHA! 

1st thing Gen. Kor Tallus does when battle begins is immediately deploy homing missiles. 1 volley every 90sec. Each volley consist of 20 homing missiles so 5 per player. Each missile does 100 damage. She'll deploy her 1st Elite bombard and other small units to attack as she sends more smaller non homing missiles and drop bombs from above as she passes by. Oh also the whole arena is surrounded in hot molten so dont fall. It'll do continuous damage to you until you get out.

Phase 2: "Is this all you've got! I expected more from this pile of metal! I'll blast you right back into the void where you belong!

After her health has dropped to 75% she'll deploy her 2nd Elite Bombard along side it suicide rollers and other units. Kill her Elite Bombard to enable 2 stationary missile turrets. The turret is one of the main source of damage that can be done to her. Note: Dont let the enemies get to it. They will use it against you. 

Phase 3: No no no! Help me you stupid maggots! Kill them! Tenno eat this!

Once at 50% health she sends the 3rd elite bombard and more units. She'll this time drop a large scale AoE attack that covers the entire battlefield that kills everything instantly excluding enemies of coarse. This attack can be mitigated with Warframe abilities ex. Limbo's Ult. She'll do this attack once every 90s. Just prepare when she goes to the center of the room and opens the tank to release the MOAB.

Phase 4: "At last my reign ends here. I'll make sure you all die here with MEEEEEEEEEEE! AHHHAHHAHAHAAAAHA!

At 25% health the last Elite Bombard comes out with even more enemies with him. Landmines are shot out from ground and explodes on proximity. Defeat all of them and rain hell on Gen. Kor Tallus. At this point of the fight its all or nothing.

Defeat: " Oh no this hurts to much this HURTS TO MUCH!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!! NO ONE IS LEAVING HERE!

Ordis: " Oh my she has gone completely mad Operator! I'm coming to get you out now. Head to extraction.

Once she dies her tank opens up and goes into self destruct mode. You'll get 3 minutes to escape the ship and go to extraction. If you fail to extract the Grineer Asteroid blows up with you inside of it resulting in a mission failed.


At the end of the fight you'll be rewarded with one random BP part. No duplicates. Repeat battle two more times and all parts are yours. She'll drop 3 random rare or higher mods and 300 endo as a reward.


WIP: Not final but a sense of wat I imagined he looked like.


Color variant: 



Health: 175 (425 at rank 30)

Shield: 75 (250 at rank 30)

Armor: 400

Energy: 125 (188 at rank 30)

Sprint Speed: 0.900



1. Bomb Shell: [Tap]: Create explosive spheres that can be sent flying dealing Blast damage to all enemies in a small area. [Hold]: Create explosive spheres, but instead of firing them they will linger around you until activating the ability again via tapping the button or key releasing them all at once in the targeted direction.

  • Blast Damage: 175/250/325/475
  • Range: 80m before exploding 
  • Blast Range: 5/6/7/8m
  • Number of Shells: 3/4/5/6
  • Energy Consumption: 25 per sphere


Augment: Fragmented Casing: Upon Bomb Shell exploding mini bombs will appear aswell dealing damage. 

  • Damage: 100 per bomb
  • Mini bombs: 3/4/5 bombs
  • Range: 7m


2: Blast Powder: Release a black explosive substance in the air that can be detonated by your abilities or explosive weapons increasing their damage output. 

  • Damage Multiplier Increase: ×2.2
  • Range: 6m
  • Blind Duration: 2s
  • Duration: 10s 
  • Energy Consumption: 25


Augment: Volatile Ash: Upon enemy death enemies have a chance to spawn more Black Powder which are even more deadlier.    

  • Spawn Chance: 75%
  • Damage Multiplier Increase: ×3.6 


3: Kinetic Combustion: Quickly dash forward and stop at the first enemy hit sending a single target flying forward in the direction you face. The enemy explodes on contact with any surface or reaching max distance.

  • Damage: 75/175/275/375
  • Blast Damage: 100/200/300/400
  • Dash Range: 8m
  • Explosion Range: 7m 
  • Ragdolling Distance: 20m 
  • Energy Consumption: 30


Augment: Kinetic Cluster: Dashing forward now hits multiple enemies, but damage is split into per enemy hit.

  • Blast Damage: Split into x amount of enemies hit 


4: Self Destruct: Sacrifice a portion of your health and explode violently damaging all enemies in the vicinity. Enemies near the epicenter of the blast will receive bonus damage and the farthest targets will receive less.  *NOTE: The ability will kill you if your health is insufficient. The ability will still activate, but allies will not be able to revive you.

  • Damage: 400/600/800/1000 Blast Damage
  • Range: 15/20/25/30m (Caps at 50m)
  • Damage Scale: 10m = 50% increased damage, 20m = 25% increased damage, 30m = 0% increased damage, 40m = 15% decreased damage, 50m = 25% decreased damage
  • Self Damage: 25% of max Health
  • Energy Consumption: 50


Passive: Enemies that suffer from blast proc receive 25% more damage from your abilities, and gain 10 energy per sec when blast procs onto you.

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Yea i like it but as someone said we have a frame with this theme.

We have two frame themes tho that dont exist yet and i think could fit this explosion theme you want wich is a lava or magma warframe and a explosive/ blast damage themed warframe. 

Perhaps you could rework some of the abilities to make them fit these two more, just some

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