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[PC][Clan][Casual][All Regions] ZER0 TW0 is recruiting! Are you tired of not being in a clan? Tired of not having a girlfriend/boyfriend? We can help you with the first one! XD


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Heyo :PP  Do you long for teammates who actually talk with you and don't run Limbo with range mods on? So do we XD ! Our main focus is to emphasize communication, and teamwork. We are looking to expand upwards into a Mountain Clan full of  peeps who are here to have fun, but first here's a few ground rules:

1.) Research is done ( Exceptions include Hema & Ignis Wraith). Members will be expected to contribute towards the dojo builds and colors. Everyone here does their part and we work together to reach our goals. 

2.) MR 8+ requirement, just so we know that you've been playing for awhile and will continue. We communicate primarily through our discord server, link will be provided upon acceptance to the family.

3.) Act mature, respect each other, you should know what you can and can't say by now, be a generally good person and have fun.

4.) If you couldnt tell by the clan's name, or my profile pic, we basically worship 02 here, she is best girl and if you can't accept it no harsh feelings, we can teach you the ways and help you obtain the higher knowledge like us. The first step is letting yourself get the help you deserve.

5.) We are also part of the Aetherium Alliance! So on top of the 02 emblem you can obtain, there is a pretty nifty one for them too, along with the link to their discord upon request.

6.) Last but certainly not least, we ask that you come armed with your best memes, we are a people of culture here, and normies are frowned upon in this community. 😉

If this interests you, and sounds like your kind of community, feel free to contact us here with your ingame name & MR, or message us ingame @dandyb0y & @-Apocalypto- for NA inquiries or @T2k5 & @COOCHIE-DETECTED for EU. For direct results pm us on discord @Dandy#7519, Apocalypto#0089, T2k5#3407, pierce#559. There we can talk privately if you have any questions or concerns and we can send you the server invite in one go.

One last thing, if you do message us here on the forums we ask that you remain patient because we will get to you as soon as we can, usually check every 1-2 hours, for best results try messaging us ingame and we'll see it right there while we're playing and get to you quickly or if we are asleep then it might not get seen right away, thanks for understanding 😜

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