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[Warframe Concept] Daedalus, the Mad Inventor


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Mysterious Scientist:"Project Daedalus seems to be going well." Ballas: "I see. Let's hope this one stay in our control long enough, otherwise, we would need to abandon this altogether." Scientist: "What do you mean long enough? The Tenno have been serving us well since the execution of Margulis." Ballas: "Do you truly believe they would not have an ulterior motive? You're more foolish than I thought." Scientist: "A fool I may be but I believe we can convince them to abandon their plots against us. We are the powerful and noble Orokin, there is no chance a bunch of kids are overthrow the strongest race in the galaxy." Ballas: "Yet, we've been beaten by our own technology and is currently waging war against that very technology. The Tenno will uprise eventually." "Make sure that this is the first of many "Warframes" that has a weakness we can exploit, one that no one will notice as long as they serve us."

End Transmission

About Daedalus' Lore

This contains actual spoilers of the plot.


Daedalus was one of the first to fall during the Tenno Rebellion. He had the greatest influence over other Tenno and valiantly lead others into battle. However, out of nowhere, his transference link was severed completely. Stuck in his pod, the resourceful Tenno took apart his pod and reconfigured it as a suit for him to devastate the battlefield. While in the suit, he was eventually able to regain control of his Warframe and fought to the very end. However, his Operator was still at risk and no longer had the age preserving effects of the Transference Pods. Incapable of creating a way to preserve his life, he scavaged the Orokin Ruins desperately trying to live. Eventually, he realised that his death was inevitable and reconstructed a blueprint of his Warframe with minor improvements. He ripped the blueprint and scatter the fragments into the Void before jumping in himself; forever destroying the evidence of its existence... until now. A great labyrinth has suddenly appeared out of nowhere and it is suspected that the blueprint fragments lie within parts of the maze.

Description of Daedalus

The image does not belong to me. It's only used as an example.


He would look time gears and steam engines. Preferably with a gear coat and an actual monocle (but no top hat). He's a mechanic that invents stuff. He always has spare parts to create stuff with. This is further emphasised by the fact that all of his abilities involve making something before being capable of casting it. Whenever he casts an ability, his appearance changes while casting the ability. However, his abilities grow stronger the more time he has to build them. He shouldn't look like a train like Vauban's deluxe though. Here are some examples:Steampunk-Robots-steampunk-24187685-1400


Shield/HP Max: 100/100 (300/300)

Energy Max: 150 (225)

Armor: 100

Sprint Speed: 1.0

*Values in parenthesis denote the values at rank 30



Passive: Overdrive

Daedalus will improve his abilities over time when he doesn't cast them. The amount of time takes to charge an ability is affected by cast time. After 2 seconds of not casting an ability, every 2 second, the ability's power will grow by 1 tier. Abilities can be upgraded 3 times (6 seconds). When all his abilities are tier 3, he gains 30% damage reduction. Abilities will still charge while the ability is still active.

This is basically incentivising not spamming abilities. His abilities are not as spammable to begin with due to the cost all being high. However, he can hold his own without having to spam abilities. 30% damage reduction just for not using an ability for 8 seconds is pretty powerful.



Deploy a small device that will disrupt enemies around it. All enemies affected will have their shields destroyed and will not be able to regenerate them while in the disruptor’s range. All ranged weapons and technology are also disabled (robots will be completely stunned, Infested will not be able to receive Ancient Auras). At tier 1, allies in the aura will have their shields drained at 2 shield per second but have energy returned instead. Allies without shields will just gain energy but at the cost of a temporary 100 armor debuff. At tier 2, allies within the area gains power strength. At tier 3, 25 health will be restored at the cost of 25 energy when interacting with the device.

  • Power Strength will affect the Energy gained and the Power Strength gained. Grants 100/150/200/250% Energy of the shields drained per second and 15/20/25/30% Power Strength.
  • Power Duration will affect the duration of the disruption on enemies. Disruption lasts 10/12/15/18 seconds.
  • Power Range will affect the range of the disruption aura. The disruption affects all allies and enemies within 9/10/11/12m.
  • This ability costs 25 Energy.

This ability is kind of a troll ability. It turns enemies into melee attackers and makes the Infested completely vulnerable. However, this costs shields and maybe even energy. Whoever plays this frame needs to understand what each abilities does to fully utilize this frame’s potentially.


Dash forwards with his wings. Enemies in his path are encased in wax. Waxed enemies take heat damage over time and become slower and slower until they can not move. At tier 1, this ability does 15% of the enemies' max HP when the wax solidifies as heat damage. At tier 2, this ability 6m (3m per side) more width. At tier 3, enemies take double damage while solidified in wax. Enemies can take status effects while in the wax.

  • Power Strength will affect the damage enemies take. Enemies take 100/150/200/250 damage per second. The slow is not affected by Power Strength. Enemies are slowed by 10% per second.
  • Power Duration will affect the solidified time. Enemies are encased for 4/6/8/10 seconds.
  • Power Range will affect the travel distance but not the width. Daedalus travels 10/12/15/18m and covers all enemies within 6m beside him (3m per side).
  • This ability costs 50 Energy.

A quick CC ability that has a lot of potential. It can turn fights in your favor and make enemies your dolls. Despite what the duration says, it actually lasts longer than it shows. With a 10% slow per second that is always consistent, it always has a 10 second slow. Along with that, it's useful especially with the tier 3 damage boost and the bonus damage from tier 1. It's very consistent regardless of enemy levels so it should be a good ability.


Punch the ground with void energy and causes ruptures of void energy around him. Enemies in area will not attack and wander around randomly. At tier 1, enemies inside are slowed. At tier 2, unaffected enemies within 5m of enemies affect become affected for the remaining duration. At tier 3, enemies will become unalerted as well (allowing finishers and stealth bonuses). Touching enemies and making loud sounds (such as shooting) will alert them but walking in front of them won't.

  • Power Strength will affect the slow at tier 1. Slows enemies by 25/30/35/40%.
  • Power Duration will affect the duration of the labyrinth. Enemies are "misdirected" for 15/20/25/30 seconds.
  • Power Range will affect the range of the labyrinth. The quake will hit all enemies within 11/14/17/20m.
  • This ability cost 75 Energy.

A new type of CC I call misdirection. This will trap enemies inside their own minds. While the slow is kinda redundant, this ability isn't suppose to synergise well with Icarus. In fact, it's supposed to be the completely opposite of Icarus. This ability may not seem to be as strong as Icarus CC wise, it lasts 3x as long and exposes enemies to finishers for a really long time. This along with the stealth bonuses make this ability really powerful.

Living Armor

Daedalus has made his suit fight for him during battle. While this ability is active, his suit will follow him (and will not go beyond 20m). He can command the suit by aiming at targets he wants the suit to attack. The suit fires a powerful laser that takes 0.7 seconds to charge. The laser deal radiation damage and can be modded with rifle and launcher mods. The suit can not be damaged but can be commanded to destroy itself. Enemies hit by the suit's blast take void damage and guarantees a status effect on an enemies hit. Enemies hit are also staggered and have some armor removed. It takes 1 second for the suit to charge a self destruct blast. At tier 1, the lasers can fire at two targets. At tier 2, the blast of the suit deals double damage. At tier 3, the suit lasts 50% longer. This ability can be recast at a target to make the suit self destruct early.

  • Power Strength will affect the initial damage of the laser cannon and the self destruct damage. The laser deals 700/800/900/1000 radiation damage. The self destruct deals 250/300/350/400 void damage.
  • Power Duration will affect the suit's lifetime on the field. The suit will last 15/18/21/24 seconds before self destructing automatically.
  • Power Range will affect the blast range of the self destruct. The blast will hit all enemies within 10/15/20/25m.
  • This ability costs 100 Energy.

Ever thought having your very own mech would be cool? Well, this is kinda like that but it's temporary and will blow up in your face. While this doesn't directly hurt you, it does destroy the chances of you forming a sentimental bond with it. This ability does void damage. That means it can deal damage Eidolon shields! Although, it may not be that valuable considering it cost 100 Energy to use, it can be with a Trinity. However, if this idea was to made into a reality, the devs might just remove the ability to damage Eidolon shields with anything other than the Operator. Can't hurt to try.


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10 hours ago, Sc10n0fD4rksp0r3 said:

Can’t wait for that experiment to go clichè.

Well, I changed the first ability completely, it’s now a shield drain and grants Energy when shields are drained. The tiers for his first ability has also completely changed. This makes the cost of his abilities less consequential and more proactive to other players spamming abilities.

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2 hours ago, (PS4)godlysparta said:

Well, I changed the first ability completely, it’s now a shield drain and grants Energy when shields are drained. The tiers for his first ability has also completely changed. This makes the cost of his abilities less consequential and more proactive to other players spamming abilities.

I meant that the experiment would go terribly wrong.

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