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Unable to shoot, reload, use ability, transference etc.

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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Not sure if this goes here, performance, or mission - should be a "General" category like before. 


self reviving while getting revived is an almost guaranteed glitch state of not being able to do anything once you are back on your feet other than move around. Cant shoot, reload, switch weapons, use warframe abilities, do transference, etc.


The only fix is to get killed.  And really die - not get revived - which is annoying when your teammates are either trolls and ignore or are illiterate and can't read your constant flood of messages in squad chat begging to not be revived.  The bug also means that if you go down again, you don't even have the option of pressing "X" to self revive immediately - you HAVE to wait for bleedout timer - giving your uneducated troll teammates more time to revive you and thus leaving you in the glitched state.


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