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I have a trading problem


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Trades reset with the server reset at 00:00 GMT (static time) and do not depend on local clocks or time spent in game.
Exploits, account issues, technical problems and problems with fellow players to support. We can assume that your problem is an account-related one.
When writing a Support ticket, be sure you have primarily read the Support FAQ regarding the category your problem falls under.
If it is not covered, follow the protocol in the table below and make sure the content of your ticket is written in a very detailed, coherent manner, so that the people expected to deal with your report could manage to follow the steps and assist with the problem in the most efficient manner. Supply every detail regarding the problem, from build number to methods of replication, additional software status and visual evidence, as well as the game's log files in which you've encountered this problem.

1. Sign into the zendesk domain.
2. Click on "Submit a request" in the upper right corner
3. Click on the Logs and Metadata button
4. Write the topic of the issue in the Subject field (writing this field is necessary and try to include the main reason of the report in it)
5. Write a very detailed description of the issue in the Description field. Write absolutely everything you can remember about the problem and circumstances in which it appeared
6. Click on the Category drop-down menu and select Files/Logs requested in Forums
7. Add your EE.log (If the game has a default installation, it can be found in C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Warframe) in the attachment field by clicking on the Add file option
8. Finally, click on the Submit button and wait for the ticket to be sent.

After this, you just wait.
Do not send more tickets, as sending more will hinder the efforts of support to respond as quickly as possible.
They will get to your ticket eventually. Be patient.

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