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Titania tweaks+quality of life


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As title says just a few tweaks and changes to make titania good

Frame stats

  • increase base Armor from 65 to 150 
  • increase energy capacity at rank 30 from 150 to 200 


1. Spellbind.

Keep stats the same but, when you cast at an enemy or ally  the status immunity is automatically applied to yourself

( just applied to self if no one is in range without looking at floor)



Dust currently gives a 30m aura that reduces enemy accuracy by 10% that can stack to 50% for 120 seconds that is not effected by any mods keep this exactly as it is and remove thorns,entangle and full moon

(tribute would only give one buff but I personally think this is much better)



keep all stats the same but tether effected enemy, when you cast lantern hit enemy will float 3m above current position and remain there

(static lantern would give reliable cc)



  • keep weapon stats as they are 
  • increase movement speed while in razor wing

          (current speed feels sluggish and the augment is a band aid so you shouldn't need a band aid if ability is fixed  )

  • Allow players to transition into operator form from razorwing

          (easy fix so players can interact with fallen team mates, consoles, kuva and friendship doors)

  • when downed in solo play kick player out of razorwing back to normal form 
  • Allow sentinels to remain when in razorwing

          (or give butterflies your equipped sentinels mods ie vacuum guardian, mediray, sacrifice, regen ) 

  •  Doors...…. doors open to slowly when in razorwing you either have to stop to let them fully open or face plant against them

           ( increase range of doors detection when in razorwing)


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On ‎2018‎-‎10‎-‎09 at 7:24 PM, Endrian said:

Why would you want to remove the other buffs for Tribute?

Thorns damage reflection is just bad, the damage does not scale and titania is not a tank or able to take sustained damage to make it of any use. 

Entangles slow is ok but very weak compared to other slows in the game, being tied to getting souls from heavy's and such a low range and starting % is just super bad

Full moon, I mean companion buff? it really isn't needed 

my idea or focus behind post was simple quick fixes to make titania good rather than a complete rework and I really think if u kept thorns,entangle and full moon they would need  complete over hall. Dust is by far the best ability out of the 4 buffs/debuffs her 2 has and limiting the pool you acquire souls just hinders how good it is 

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