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Riven Roll not correctly counted


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Hello there,

I have a courious bug.
It happened that i had over 1 million kuva, and then decided that i would spent all the kuva in one specific riven.
Basically i started from a 4 times rerolled riven up to a 292 times reroll.
This is the final result:

Then the day after i looked at the riven and this happened:

Basically the number of rolls changed from 292 down to 36!
That's a shame, because it doesn't show how many times I rerolled it and how much i farmed for this specific riven.

Also i am afraid that if a bug like that can change the number of rolls, it could be that other stats get changed for no apparent reason.
Because such thing of spending 1 milion kuva doesn't happen quite often, i recorded all the rerolls.
it is a 2 hour recording, so it might take a while to upload, and when i'll upload i'll edit this post.

I'm looking to hearing from you some response.

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