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Take the Corpus Arcane Codices: Tips for Young Tenno


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If you are having trouble with this mission, you have probably read other posts that say you need special gear to do this mission.  Not true.  I will set out the strategy & tactics that worked for me.  🙂

Loadout:  MR 4.5  -  Basic Excalibur warframe. Paris Bow.  Dual Ether Swords.  Kunai.  Basically a silent kill setup.  Basic common and uncommon mods, nothing special.

Mission Goal:  Get the three data packets from the three vaults.  It is not to loot stuff.  Not to level up 'frames and/or weapons.  Not to kill enemies.  Not to get exp.  Just to get the data, and only that.  Stay focused and on point.

Strategy:  Get to the vaults as fast and quietly as possible.  Don't go out of your way to engage or loot.  If you get into a fight, finish it ASAP and move on.

If you trigger an alarm on your way to the vaults, clear it IMMEDIATELY! Ignore the mobs, CLEAR THE ALARM!  If you do not, you have an increasing chance to spawn a Bursa, which is a mini-boss with huge shields and auto-cannon.  He will probably kill you.  If you do spawn a Bursa, leap behind him and attack from behind.

Once you get to the vault, take out any guards and sensors before planning your approach to the final point.  Be VERY careful and LISTEN for sensor hum!  These sensors are MUCH more capable than the normal sensors; you must take them out from a far range, so look for a way to get an angle on them from maximum distance.

After taking out the guards and sensors, make your way to the vault lock and get the data.

That being said, you really want to know how to handle the vault BEFORE you get there.  How do you do that?  The best way is to practice.  On Phobos, there is a Corpus spy mission that has the same potential vaults as you will find in this mission.  It is on the Shkovsky node.  Run that a few times to learn the layouts as best you can, it will really help.

In order to quickly clear the alarms and get into the vaults, you will want to use Ciphers.  These are gear items you make with a reusable blueprint that don't cost a lot of materials to make.  You will want to start the run with at least 20 of them.  Don't try to cheap out and skip using these things to clear alarms and open the vault.  Wasted time here is a sure road to failure.  Just get the single Cypher blueprint and make 20; it will take a minute each time, but the 10x blueprint is expensive and so is the build.  To use the Cypher, simply press the 'Y' key to solve the puzzle.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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