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weapon concept: Prisma Phaedra


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here's my proposed stats:

  • higher crit
    • 30% base crit chance
    • 3x base crit multiplier
  • special gimmick: status on crit
    • each crit has a 15% chance of applying forced magnetic status
    • each crit has 15% chance of applying forced corrosive status
    • each crit has 30% chance of applying forced slash status
    • these are independent of weapon's actual damage types
  • possible increase in stats regarding how fast it can shoot
    • larger magazine
    • faster fire rate
    • faster reload
  • slightly higher status chance
    • 35% at base
  • same total damage but with a more even distribution
    • 20 puncture damage
    • 15 impact damage
    • 10 slash damage
  • lower accuracy
    • approximately 8
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