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Confused Foundry


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So, this is honestly a really minor bug all things considered, but as you can see here, there's a bit of a discrepancy between what I have cooking in the foundry, and what the game thinks has been cooking in the foundry:


Despite the fact that all that I've got in here is the Hirudo and Kavasa Prime, the...in-game representation of the foundry? Whatever it's called, it seems to think that one of these things is the Mire.

I can think of a couple possibilities for this:

A) One or both of these things has no model set up for this display thing, and it defaults to the Mire for some reason when it can't find one (I'd bet on the Kavasa Prime in this scenario)

B) The Hirudo in particular has nothing, but since it's an Infested melee weapon, it decided that the Mire is close enough

C) A while back, I started on building the Mire but cancelled it (needed the credits back for something more critical), and maybe the game got confused or something??


Either way, it's not exactly an error of critical importance, but any bug deserves reporting, I suppose.

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If you are submitting a bug report, despite this being an online forum and seemingly more casual, it is still the only official location for bug submissions, so it would be wise to define your experience coherently, supply every detail regarding the problem, from build number to methods of replication, additional software status and visual evidence, as well as logs to Support if requested.
It is also advised to inspect the bug report section of the forums for existing threads that may already address the issue at hand. The search bar in the upper right corner of the Forums' inner header has some extra options in addition to keyword searching.


When writing, be sure to follow the reporting protocol written in the first post most recent megathread titled with the build name and please do it in a very detailed, coherent manner, so that people dealing with issues would manage to follow the steps and assist with the problem.

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Same issue here. Foundry displaying a Mire as I had Smelter Apparel, Smelter Helmet, Battacor and a Forma crafting. The Mire model appeared unfinished and when I claimed both finished Smelter pieces it reset itself back to the unfinished Battacor model.

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