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(PS4) WTS various rivens

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(Posting here as it won't let me post on the PS4 trading post. Admins help!)

WTS the following rivens:

Despair (+corpus dmg, +toxin, -recoil, -reload spd) 2roll 20pl

Astilla (+heat, +impact, +grineer dmg, -corpus dmg) 0roll 20pl

Hek (+status dur, + status chnc) 1roll 150pl

Euphona prime (+CC, +mag size, -fire rate) 200pl 4roll

Knell (+puncture, +CD) 50pl 10roll

Grakata (+multishot, +heat) 0roll 40pl

Staticor (+toxin, +elec, +status chance, -infstd dmg) 2roll 160pl

Kohm (+stat chnc, +projectile flight speed lol, +ammo max) 4roll 100pl

Thanks for reading all that! 🙂

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