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A couple augment ideas for Nidus


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I have a couple ideas for Nidus. He doesn’t have augments for his 1 or 3 yet, so I figured I’d give my ideas! I’m absolutely in love with nidus, and as such, he’s my all time favorite. He’s just so fun to play, and is surprisingly good on a team! He’s super strong already, and I don’t want to beef him up too much because of these suggestions, but I can’t help but share them! Anyway, here’s my ideas for my main man, Nidus!


Parasitic link augments:

1. Leeching link: Parasitic link mimics the effects of special units when linked to them, such as Eximi and ancients.

2. Neural link: Nidus hijacks an enemy’s nervous system, turning them into an ally for half of link’s duration. Linked enemy will draw aggro from Nidus. Enemy damage is multiplied by Nidus’ mutation stack count.


Virulence augment

Divergence: When Virulence hits an enemy, it branches in two directions from its target. Targets hit by the branching attack will create smaller branches from them as well.


Well, that’s all I got. Let me know what you think!

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Would be nice if linking to a player caused you to gained a bit more range instead of 2 infested trails with first ability. Would benefit players too with their abilities. Some may say “OP” but I haven’t come across a team nidus at all. It’s like I’m the only one. But mainly I use him to link to a roaring rhino to increase damage by 400%, but the increase in range(say 50%?) would allow other players the benefit of roar also. Allow/motivate more teamwork.

For the first ability I could see it having a life steal effect. Maybe the more enemies hit, the further it goes. Like gains an extra 10% range per enemy hit. 

Augment mods, from my experience, add small additions or slight change to how it is usually used(banshee). So your ideas may be a little op for augment mods. 

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