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Prime Quest Lines?


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Out of curiosity, has DE ever done a quest line for prime Warframes? 

For example:

Mess Prime comes out, a new quest appears, you play the quest, at the end you get a key. You equip the key in order to farm the parts or if the Prime Access has been purchased, you get the frame right away. 

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I think a lot of people would feel like it would reduce the value of that Prime frame. If it's easier to get in any capacity, people simply aren't going to be able to justify spending as much plat/cash to acquire it. If it were just like other quest frames, such as Titania or Mirage (where you get everything simply for doing the quest), then no one would get Prime Access or trade with other players to get that frame. 

I think it'd be interesting to have it be an event, like the Fomorian or Razorback thing, that is only active during Prime Access. Instead of opening relics, you'd have to spend some resources crafting a "key", then get the random drop(s) at the end of the mission. Similar to spending Void Traces, the drop table chances would be improved based on your performance in that mission, both on the main objective, and completing side objectives like resources caches or hidden data vaults. The speed of completion, damage dealt/taken, stealthiness, and objective completion could all come together to get you a better chance at the good stuff. 

Overall, grinding for parts would be more fun. Instead of mindlessly throwing yourself into Void Fissure missions hoping to get a good drop, you could challenge yourself, play better, and get better rewards for doing so. 

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