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Warframe is pretty.

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Warframe is visually beautiful. Sometimes this or that get messed up, but warframe's always been consistently gorgeous. In my opinion, ya'll done well with the visual and much of the auditory element of Warframe... It doesn't get said allot outside of fashion frame, despite most of the game being very good looking. So, amid the polarizing topics in the community right now, I think most of us can agree that the look of Warframe is a high point. That doesn't mean that I want only skins. If I'm gonna look good, I should have a reason to go out on the town.  So creative kudos to DE I guess. I like what my senses are telling me :). That's just as important to me as content and systems are. And I've got some sentiment mixed in there too, both from before I started and from the game its self. 

Do your best not to Don't get salty in this thread. I have many better threads for salty people. 



.... >.> ... <.< ... There should be a customization 2.0 at some point. Or whatever the next number is. 

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