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Eidolon Limb EHP



I've been searching around on the net for a long time now and couldn't for the life of me find out the EHP of the Eidolon Limbs, and also do they have a different amount of health of limbs per eidolon?


If there is, what level of maybe corrupted bombard has it's equivalent EHP to?

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There is a scaling slider which includes ehp calculation done, although this is probably for main body health

Honestly, idk where the synovia health can be found, but they share the same armor with the main body

To answer the later questions though, I'm not sure about these but
 - Synovia seems to have scaling health. This is from soloing and with consistent stripping with sarpa and 1cp I need 1 additional shot to kill gantu/hydrolist synovia. I'm sure not because of MS because mine is 210% ms, pretty low chance to proc 4th bullet.
 - According to a guy on discord's hunting junkie den, a lv95 grineer manic bombard has the same poportional health to synovias (aka % damage dealt to synovia = test subject). This I'm not really convinced due to the number will be altered with the use of pcr, which has different multiplier (i think)  I'm not exactly convinced, but it's because i'm just confused about this. If you want just numbers, any bursa at lv50 will have same armor, with robotics-alloy (same for synovias)

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