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Hi there!

I am new player. I noticed Warframe is very fast action game with a lot graphic effects - it gives huge information for eyes. Being within centre of fights it's hard to recognize who is enemy and who's not - many times I shoot to my mates or theirs pets (yup, I'm noob) 🤣

My proposal is: Add switchable option (on/off) that helps to recognize own team mates and their pets  (eg. border lines or specific aura or geometric figures above heads).

Sorry for my english,

Best regards!

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I suppose a bright indicator that can be toggled on and off would help a lot, sometime you are not sure if an enemy is dead or not 
have those arrows disappear when an enemy is killed.

Teammates will appear in green arrow

This is from really old games.

This isn't much issues on small maps, but PoE might see this very useful to spot enemies.

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