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Lockers and control pannels in dojo and dojo npcs concept


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perhaps add some unlocked/locked lockers from factions like corpus lockers to make it feel more alive perhaps and to give the illusion of storing stuff after battle in one ect ect..

dojo npcs for each faction

tenno operatives: should be able to pose them and set tasks like walk to a location and do a animation/job and go back like in relays

grenieer: saw-men/industrial grenieer set a task of saw-men to saw a wall/object to make the place seem like a busy/workplace

corpus: make crewmen be able to do a interaction near a console like typing in a terminal also add in control panels to make the dojo look like it has a alarm trigger

sentients: no idea

orokin: all above?

animal: make them roam around with set paths

and make the npcs have a special construction cost for a room instead of being room capacity instead npc capacity id say max limit for example are 30 npcs in greatest hall and small rooms are 5 npcs

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