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New content ideas, sorta


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So, we all feel the content drought, and yes I know DE is working hard on tons of new stuff, fortuna railjack new weapons and frames etc

But right now they're not dealing really well with the current situation, and that got even worse with baro's 100th which wasn't really what we were expecting  (no new mods and very underwhelming wares) and the not very good response to players' complaints

So why not give us some good stuff to enjoy farming and using until the new content drops?!

Some new primed mods (primed streamline and stretch would be much appreciated by most players)

Some new corrupted mods with interesting stats

A new set mods from a new bounty level (80-100) that are all actually useful and with a set buff that would make us really want to use the whole set

A comeback of the good old nightwatch (holy umbra I got goosebumps just mentioning their name)

Like for real, there are lots of ideas that would take literally minutes to make and would make most player base satisfied, and I really hope the devs make some before players start to leave the game

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my only problem with most of the ideas for "new content" is that they are simply "hey give us more things to farm" / "give us better prizes for doing endless"
that's just not fixing the problem that's just making a temporary delay until again people farmed everything.

Fortuna for sure well help, because it will probably have tons of stuff and reputation to farm,
but sooner or later it will happen the same that happened to cetus/ plains of eidolon, people will start to stop caring.
MY OPINION I'd prefer that they worked more on cetus/ plains of eidolon before moving onto Fortuna.

i also think they should revamp, or make pvp and lunaro look more interesting or important (not saying that it should force people to play it).
Create some way of competition that clans/alliances can engage against each other, because there's not single reason nowadays for keeping and managing large clans and alliances.
I would be a way to control that feeling of "there's nothing to do anymore" 
if someone come around stating "endgame is farming everything" just don't, i have everything, several players have everything. 
Farming even more for the sake of farming is not endgame.
And not everyone feels the urge, or the weird joy that some have, doing endless missions over level 500 for no reason.

41 minutes ago, Abdo_Ych said:

and I really hope the devs make some before players start to leave the game

hope so too, a good % of players only comes around during baro weekends or during events that they haven't done before

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Well I do agree with you that it's not the best solution, that's why I said "sorta" solution, but it would really help keep us busy for just a couple of months just until we get the next major update, and it would be also a good buff to get us ready for it lol

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