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Ability cosmetics?


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(A while back i had an idea of ember being able to have her same abilities but have them all be made of ice. So for example her world on fire would cause ice spikes to shoot up from the ground and harm enemies instead of fire. Some people liked this idea, but most didnt. Yes it takes away from her "fire theme" but not the way she is used. In my opinion it would have just opened up A LOT more customization and options for those not wanting to be a male looking warframe to use ice abilities and such. Its a video game after all, and ember would still be our fire warframe..)


So i was thinking, warframes seem to have nice control over their abilities, so much that i think if frost wanted to make a beautiful looking snowflake he could SOOO what if players could be able to change the way their abilities look?

For example Atlas coming out with winter themed abilities where instead of making his two rumblers look like piled brown dirt covered rocks he makes them look like a yeti! Give them rock horns on the side of their heads, rock claw like hands for their fist and atlas uses simply a different color rock thats all white to form the rumblers. Or perhaps create molten rock rumblers since lava is basically just liquefied rock that turns into igneous rock when cooled.

Another example for ember, though she wont be able to create ice, i think it would be cool if she could still be able to control the shape of the fire so that we can just choose light blue to make the fire look like ice spikes for a winter themed ability cosmetic for ember. When she uses world on fire the eruptions of fire have a more upside down cone looking shape to them. Her ring of fire ability could also do this except there are like 100s of these upiside down cones (or spikes) moving up and down and rotating around her just like her regular ability did. The big blast of fire is instead more smoke and fire like to give it a sirt of a short snow blizzard like feel to it. Enemies are all still set on fire. 

Last example could be nidus where some sort of mutation has happened to his maggots where instead of looking like infested maggots they look like small demonic creatures with glowing eyes. Something like hellhounds (puppys). Or maybe the hellhound looking crreatures could be the size of a small kubrow and run into enemies but instead of jumping on the enemies they explode into some sort of infested strings and lach onto the enemy, dealing the same damage maggots did as if youre still using them cause you basically are. The infested strings will explode and everything on death just like the maggots, no difference in the way they function just looks. Cosmetics.


Im thinking these cosmetics would have to be of course purchased with platinum, but known the lest if youre a player who loves the thought of controlling ice as much as i do and have every warframes energy color colored light blue becuase of it. I think this could be cool.


What do you think? Do you like it? And if so im curious to know if you have any kool ability cosmetic ideas.

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19 hours ago, (XB1)Architect Prime said:

Make a mod called inversion that's a "unique" exclusive to" elemental warframes" that inverts the warframe's element. Ice to fire and fire to ice. So fire frost and ice ember. Maybe it even changes the warframe's name. Ember doing cold damage would be extremely useful.

Yea i guess it could be useful for dealing damage to other enemy types. 

I love the idea of this so much ;-;

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