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Why do i have a star under ny profile icon or picture? I see blue and light gray circles under some peoples profile icons while some have blue or light gray stars, what do they mean? Im using the light version of fourms btw not dark themed. Nit sure if the color of stars and circles change their. I see the star or circle under peoples icons when scrolling through fourm posts.

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Ive found out.

Blue star= A post you have replied to or created that has recieved a reply from someone, or (this 2nd part of what im about to say im unsure of) when there has been an update to the post like a edit.

Gray star= you have clicked/viewed what was in the post you have replied to since the last reply that was added to it.

(Or since the post was updated but as i said before i am unsure if the star changed to blue to begin with if the owner of the post edited the post)

Blue circle= A post you have never clicked/viewed and have never commented on.

Gray or maybe just no circle= You have clicked/viewed the post it and have not replied to it.

Ive tested this like 10 tines and it seems to all be correct. May theres a bit of additional information these circles and stars give but for the most part this seems to be what they mean.

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