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One-sided Lunaro Bot Matches


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Since bots are hard to do, and since Lunaro would make it harder still (without being crazy boring or crazy unfair), I propose this:

Make one-sided Lunaro arenas. Bots are always on defending team, players are always on attacking team. Bots simply need to try to interrupt players where possible, and either hurl the ball back to the Tenno side, or have the ball simply teleport on enemy intercept or something. If people wanted you could even just make it a separate mode for Lunaro, letting teams rotate between Defense and Offense.

I feel like having 'goalie' AI and 'interceptor' AI would be amongst the easiest things you could do. They don't have to be good at their job, they don't have to worry about balancing the accuracy of their aim or anything. If they're too easy to get around, DE could just stack more of them against players (2:1 or 3:2 ratio of Bots:Players for instance) and/or reduce the amount of Conclave standing the match would be worth.

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