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Kubrow and Kavat Stasis


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I have three kubrows and another on the way. I would also like to get a kavat. However, I can only have one out of stasis at a time, which makes me a little sad since I love all my pets. Why don't we have it where we can have all of our pets out in the orbiter, but only one "active" pet, where they can be equipped for missions. To activate a pet would be much like taking them out of stasis, where it takes several hours, but we can at least see our pets all the time. 

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On 2018-10-09 at 8:26 PM, Linisti said:

maybe add like a kennel in the dojo or something. It'd probably drive ordis insane.

Another idea from a friend of mine was to just eliminate the whole one pet out of stasis (unless you want to put them in stasis), but still requiring dna for pets. If you can have taxon, helios, carrier, and others, why not with pets? Have them stay in your room. Add another room for them. idk.

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On 2018-10-10 at 12:38 AM, aurorawho said:

Why don't we have it where we can have all of our pets out in the orbiter, but only one "active" pet, where they can be equipped for missions.

That's the opposite of what I'd like 😞

Pets in the orbiter are nice and I definitely wouldn't say no to having more running around, but stasis is the real nightmare for me because of it's incompatibility with loadouts.

Currently I have:

  • A stealth loadout that uses Huras.
  • Rift and Kuva farming loadout with Smeeta
  • A Sahasa that I occasionally pair with Nekros for farming
  • An Adarza for crit boosting loadouts
  • A helminth, just because it looks cool in the new Nidus skins

Having to go through the rigmarole of: put in stasis, wait for animation, take out of stasis, wait for animation, rush stasis, every time I want to switch pet is just an annoyance that devalues the usefulness of pets when a sentinel is always ready.

It also leads to another minor niggle which is when you quick swap a loadout to save keeping your squad waiting and pick one with a pet that's currently in stasis you end up going it companion-free if you're not paying attention.

The 23.10 update on PC removes the stasis cooldown time now so at least one hurdle has been removed  but as I'm on Xbox I can't tell if this now lets you use your furry friends interchangeably or if we're still stuck with the stasis juggle... here's hoping 🤞

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2 hours ago, aurorawho said:

I just really want to see all of my children at the same time and be able to switch between them at leisure, instead of waiting hours upon hours.

you should get Nutrio Incubator Upgrade Segment...

I think the main reason that we are limited one active pet is to make managing them easier... 

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3 hours ago, aurorawho said:

I didn't know that was even a thing. Thanks!

Not only has it been a thing for a long time it was recently upgraded to compensate for changes to the pet system.  What used to be the benefits of the upgrade are now available by default but now the upgrade makes thawing them instant and gives a discount on stabilizer.


Teno lab of Dojo for the BP or it can be bought from the market with plat

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