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My idea on Nyx's rework or something


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Mind Control

1. Mind Controlled enemy allow to progress Defense mission without killing the controlled target.

2. Damage are scaled with

A. Primary weapon equipped OR

B. New "weapon" slot for Mind Control target (like Valkyr's Talon and Excalibur's Exalted Blade)

Psychic Bolts

1. When enemies are hit by the bolt, they will take extra damage from Elemental damage. The effect will stay on the enemy until they are killed.


1. Chaos affected target now deal more damage to other chaos affected target and scale damage through the new "weapon" slot.

A. The extra damage given to them will not trigger when against Nyx's or any allied to her including Cryopod and objectives.


B. Enemies that affected by Chaos won't attack Nyx and her allies.


1. Absorb now take any elemental damage and return as a burst of the elemental status proc for 100%.

2. Range increased to double.

3. Remove energy cost of enemy damaging the Absorb.

4. Change the base energy cost to activate the ability to 100.

5. Chaos affected target will forced to shoot Nyx's Absorb state if she activate it, their new "weapon" slot allow Nyx to absorb if there is any elemental damage in the mod build.

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