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Simple easy to implement ESO change using dark sector systems


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I like ESO, it is a great way to farm focus,  but....

The current 8 waves "meta" with Equinox, Volt, Trinity, Rhino and Saryn is very dull, you push 1 button every 10 seconds for 20 mins.   that is it.  if you want to push leaderboards you do exactly the same thing and just hope this week you get spawns... (yes ok you can use 4x kubrow and 4x equinox but the same effect) 


I suggest that, Using the old Dark sector bonus affinity multipliers which I assume still exist;

-Bonus affinity when using a pistol

-Bonus affinity when using a primary weapon

-Bonus affinity when using a Melee weapon


Reduce current affinity gain by 200% then apply one of these as a 400% bonus affinity boost each week in a rotation.

Could even mix in a week of the current normal ESO

This would mix up the current ESO play, with a week focused on a specific weapon type, making room for new frame combinations and different Meta farms each week.


This seems like a very easy change that would add more interest and complexity to ESO.  Chroma, Mirage, banshee and harrow meta... 


it would also be in keeping with the game mode.   "I am interesting in watching you use Pistols tenno!"



It could also be taken a step further by adding in nightmare and sortie modifiers at random in each zone.

I would also be nice to see new modifiers like Bonus affinity when targets are killed under a controlling effect, to make the old control frames feel more useful in the current game.


ps you would also gain some dirty plat as players would be forced to put focus Lenses on a pistol, a primary and a melee.. but I know making money is the farthest thing from your mind 🙂

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