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Mirage Hall of Mirrors clones do not contributing to kill count or dmg dealt (PS4)


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hi guys as the title says i have just built mirage prime recently and after tinkering around with her abilities and hall of malevolence i discovered how awesome this frame is however i find it quite frustrating that my clones dmg is not added up along with total dmg dealt it only counts in total enemy kills ( for example i did defence mission with a friend just the 2 of us 5 waves) after it ended i looked at mission rewards sheet to find out my total kills was 200+ while dmg dealt was 5% while my friend had 70 kills and 95% dmg dealt ?


this also happens in the index were once i killed over 75 enemies yet in the first page of points V kills count only 4 kills were counted to me and on the next page progress rewards my to total kill count 75 kills with only 3% dmg dealt


now i know this might not be the most important bug that needs immediate attention but it would surely make much more happy and enjoy playing with mirage again 

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