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[Compilation] Kavat - What skins did you get?


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Hey there everybody.


I got my first Kavat (yea, just now, since I've not played this game for a long time), and it is kinda ... shiny. Like a shiny Pokémon, but I am not sure, if its rare or just "as it is" for an Adarza.

What do you think about it? It kinda has pretty gold arms-paws, a gorgeous prisma base, and no clue about its 3rd pink-ish think nor 4th skin part (if it has that one at all).



Also, post your Kavat origin skins here, so we can have a glimpse about the diversity of this whole mess 😄

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On 2018-10-10 at 4:16 PM, Mr.SpookSpook said:

It's still a kitten. You cannot even see its final form yet.

It didn't even change that much. Still has the same color types and structures at the respective regions... So I don't get what you were trying to tell me...



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