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16 minutes ago, TTSkyHammer said:

why those players keep failing on spy missions?

and if i`m not playing, sucsess

me joining - fail!



I have so many answers, but 90% of them could get me a punishment from the "neutral" moderators.

But the most friendly is because they dont care to practice hack consoles and refuse to Git Gud, reason why my conspirative theory of DE program Spy sorties to have more chance to spawn every day. The last week we got 1 spy mission 80% of the time. Sadly i dont have a concrete data but jesus christ today i bet we will get another Spy for sure.

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Because not everyone is good at spy missions.

and that's ok, if you're not good- say so. if You don't know the vault you end up with- day so.

people will forgive inexperience and often help teach. They'll get mad if you just blindly run in and trip a laser. 

So please just be open about where you are at, and everything will go fine. 

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